May 26, 2015


Blackfazenaija -a ragga,raggae ,dancehall musician and one of the most
prolific songwriters the nation has ever seen like Bongos Ikwue and
Tuface Idibia is also an Idoma of the original extraction.He was born
in 1974 at the Creek Military Hospital ,in the Obalende area of lagos
to the extended family of Mr and Mrs Ahmedu Ocholi.He is from Ogwule
,Aghatu local government area of Benue state .He was a founding member
of the defunct Plantation Boiz group which was formed in 2000
comprising of Tuface Idibia and Chibuzor Orji popularly known as
Faze and his humble self.The band released two albums-Body and
Soul{2000}and Sold
Out{2003} and they broke apart in 2004 though briefly re-united in
2007 for a 3rd album-Plan B.While his rift with Tuface over the hit
song-African Queen escalated,he maintained however a cordial
relationship with faze
Despite the cover up for Tuface ,some music fans still believe
Blackfazenaija was responsible for the hit songs that redefined the
career of many musicians. Already the beans had been spilled that

he did not only singlehandedly wrote African Queen all alone-a
personal confession (published on} even
though he claimed otherwise cited synergy but it also included loads
of hit songs.Others include hit songs-my Car(Tetuila),African
Woman{Weird M. C.} .The MTV Europe Award Winner(2005) in the best
African Of the yearcategory.
After the break up of the group,he started a solo carreer,on May
 ,2007 ,he released the hiphop album ,` Ghetto Child'-a collabo with
several artists.The remaining albums include-evergreen,Jungle
Fever,Me,Music and I,including dancehall.In the latest interview with
the correspondent ,the late release of the new album-Defender is
linked to piracy issues and the prospect and optimism of the incoming
government coming to the rescue and saving the day.
Blackfaze was shortly married for 8years to Dayo with two
kids-Caroline and Sam prior to Divorce.
Though the lifestyle of Blackfaze has changed over the years and is poised to ruggedly promotes his new album-The Defender with 19 tracks according

 to him is the most challenging . In the words of his manager-Whenu  Ayomitunde

he noted blackfaze major problem is basically selection problem- what
type of track to

 publish or the kind of singles to be selected and put on air.With a good

management team and proper selection strategy the nightmare of obscurity

may soon be over.

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