July 16, 2016


It is generally known that macroeconomic framework  is determinant of the level  of the unemployment and the rate of sustainable development in an economy .This often changes with the acceleration  and transition of diverse phases of industrial cycle and unemployment is expected to trend downward faster than four years after projected overproduction crisis eruption .Contrary to speculation ,it is wrong to assume the industrial cycle crisis would break out say in 2017 or 10  years after every crisis of the previous one .Any drop in unemployment  taking the United States as a case study ,if successful  is at best a guest work and a gamble .But anyway  the American Presidents are  known to take credit and the honour  for the outcome of the drive. 
Why would the crisis be charitable under current practice of global macroeconomic system ?Still yet economists-U.S.brutes do agree to do nothing .Why would they glorify the industrial cycle movement from  past crisis stagnation onward to moderate prosperity ,that precedes  a new boom and now forth and back to previous crisis or next crisis  ,yet they do nothing about it.
Economic figures hardly get better  hanging in a vicious cycle in which the whole messy patchwork revolves .This exudes structural inadequacy  prowling from boom to recession and back to boom or depression .So it is rational and empirical to assume that business cycle is inevitable and an integral part of modern macroeconomic instability .Still yet they perennially believed and concurred being inevitable solution can not be proffered and as holy as the gods in an irrationality that assumes there is no alternative –T.I.NA.and this they do nothing about.Sacrificing the public justice of the dying majority for their elusive comfort simply because they concurred  the mountain mole hill as the TINA .We cannot help but wonder about the place of economic balkanization of the destiny of dying mankind  and its universal progress.
Western economists have consistently most specifically since the emergence of modern age have ben in the drivers seat determining the absolute direction of world economy .In the same vein the miracles and the giant systems which they have helped devised now turning to a malediction and a threat to their own comfort and the public welfare that they swore to defend in their various and in most cases  superficial dissertations  .How long would the protection of the sectarian interest last? This threat could be met with aggression as endangered species recollect the most disturbed part and horror chapters of human history .
Gone are the days of colonialism  and now neocolonialism and globalization of universal destiny and society has taken hold of a new toga of expression .They are extremely imperial and so powerful  that booms and bursts across the world are distributed as they deem fit ,trading depression,recession and successive economic crisis as they desire to alter human destiny or promote it at will.They are sometimes distributed at a fair and unfair prices than they can control.The booms in China and SouthEast Asia or Persian gulf could easily be terminated at the ease of this comfort and manipulation of the counterpoise theories of the modern society .This chicanery does not spare recession bound --Europe itself –as an integral part of capitalist politics  and to a larger not spared of the good ,the bad and the ugly economic  climates in a volatile  era  .
The equal distribution of world wealth  as sole panacea of fighting against public injustice and  world poverty ,securing freedom of the majority of world population can be herald of this new dawn .Whether we like it or not ,controlled now or never or later ,brutal revolutions someday would come to the rescue –a bitter gospel that the hedonists often detest or hate to hear.It is far better for the buccaneer of justice to retrace their steps and exploitation of the dying souls rather than face the music.
Where do we begin our defence in our resolve to spread equality of wealth or near equality worldwide ?Frankly speaking attacking the dollar standard provides the cheapest templates for resolution ,soothing frayed nerves disjointed for ages and redressing free market imbalances of modern society.
                                               THE INTERNATIONAL DOLLAR STANDARD
Differences in the distribution of wealth worldwide are determined by variation of dollar standard ,rise and fall of dollar ,appreciation and depreciation of dollar standard across the world .The marginal differences recorded in the rise and fall of dollar standard results in the distribution and redistribution of wealth across America and Europe and then the world .In this context she is the world sole superpower based on this feat and dollar is the last lender and last wealth distribution card of global economy .Little wonder it was reported in 2001 that 70 percent of world economy is denominated in dollars usurping the previous glory of  an era dominated by gold exchange .So take away dollar and you risk the crash of that behemoth economy  and to a larger extent world economy – a reminiscent of the depression era that partly led to the outbreak of 2nd world war.

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