October 13, 2016


 A morning is like a golden light ray ,shining our darkness , a pathfinder of glorious destiny
Hell In The Morning Is A Brother Of Planlessness,of The Protrusive Morning And All Men Are The Architects Of Their Destiny Wherein They Bargain What The Future Holds.That Coat Of Frail Deeds That Ends A Ghasly Lurk Of Nebulous night,cannot Guarrantee Nor SalvageThe Docking Of An Unfolding Morning.When Blind Eyes Flashes Forth Like A Meteor,Glorious Night And Glorious Morn Vamoose With Its Goodier Art And We Cannot Praise A Golden Morn To Leaden The Craft Of Yonder Nights,that Grief For Ages Cannot Seek.Yet,OneSoft Morning Glow,banishesInto Eternity,its Virago Of Relentless Storms.On A Bare Platform,we Wail For The Nirvana,knoweth Not Where The Gauntlet IsFallen,and InAmple Rotund,We Alarm In The Midst Of Wallows,biles And Billows Of Dreamland,left As Indellible Footpr ontInThe Forgotten Sands Of Time.Morning AsThe Oracle Of Time,OnItsTrojan Horse,slips Away Morning Hell As Sweet And Sad Tales OfThe Morning Of NoReturn.That Morningthat Slips Not By Like A Sloth Seems Justified,I Am The Bliss Before My Time ..


But Is Blessed By Nobody.When You Are Awakened In Thy Damn Dead Gorgeous Summerhouse,still Cannot Find A Shade Elsewhere In The Milky Way,to Coax Thy Galazy And The Grave Cannot Contain Thee,in Thy Embelished Ogre-hunting Of The Day.How Many Of These Slippery Birds,could Encircle,And Outwit Thy Eagles-in-flight And Overturns This Hewn Of Haggard Frail Nature,Tangled In A Dog Eat Dog Pontoon Of Terrestrial Fleeting Species,incarcerated By Its Virtual Cycle,that Blazes,Above The Sky And Starry Nights?Damned On Its Shabby Art,overwhelms These Birds Of Passage And Ontologies, Who Kick UpThe Daisies,many Times,BeforeTheirTime.Morning As A Glorious Oracle Of Time,IsPrecariously Unknown,Due To Its Cultism,a Trenchant Horse,with Its Wolves,glaring AsTact And The Past And The Future,cannot Contain Them.Do Not Gloat Over Forgotten But Gentlenight,to Rollick Its Gaiety,but A Violent Night That Ends Ghastly Lurks And Keeps Men On Their Toes As Chef Of A Pending But Tumultuos,glorious Morning.That Coat Of Nebulous Ados..


Over Its Waiting Pools,rivers,seas And Lakes,to calf its young,beyond the depth and height of what a soul can Create Nor Felt, And Spurred By Amazing Grace , That Marvels Upon Which This Shore Of Teleology, Is Encrusted On The Golden Sands Of Time. Smiles,Joys, Sorrows , Tears ,relief,grief , Do Not Meet To Ignite More Than They Know , Care A Hoot , Do And When The Knight Of Old Is Dead- Known , The Morning Flies Away Eternities With Fury Of Hell. The Sky Drops Back ,like A Waiting Servant , Waiting Upon His Master , Drops Back Like Stones ,upon The Earth And The Seaswings Tossed Up By Storms Are Its Pinions Above Its Ordinary Gybes. Stress Not Thy Varicose Of Macho Nerves,for Morning ,the King Of The Day , Is Plaited Not With Such Applique Nor Clothed With Such Foul-Apparel. Providence By Charters Is Granted,to Her Once And Everyone Morning ,Is Like A Bird In Transit,that Flies And Never Returns,on The Same Circuit. Thou, O Morning , The Divinity Of Benediction, Thou Blesses Omnibus Bird Of Passage But Is...


The Forest With The Wooded Trees,pliant Plants And Docile Species,effervescence Of Nature's Ballistic Hewn,Like A Whole Caboodle OfTangled Bird Marooned In Its Bracket Of Conjugal Knot,relentlessly Cuddled To Its Breastplate,hanging Obstinately To Its Spring Of Breeches Buoy,waltzing Through The Spring,the Summer,the Autumn And The Winter,brazenly,bask Upon The Glitters Of Its Glamourous But Clamourous Wings Of Nature's Virtual Cycle.The Moving Creatures ,stuck As Delectable AsEver,Breach No Peace,In Their Ecosystem,and Sky Blazons,burning Life With The Biosynthesis Of Water,air,earth And Vapour,Flying Above The Sky And The Cosmos,with The Wings Of The Eagles Onflight,kicking The Ball In Their Eliptical Rigmarole And Hunted By The Conscience Of Nature,even Beyond Its Shores Of Imaginative Impulse.Amidst Still Waters,paddling The Cannoe Of Wildlife Biosynthetic Re-groove ,ferried By Companionable Drift,on Its Still Waters,breezes Of Air,breathing WithThe Mast Of Morning Glows,flying,dancing,birth And Breeding

October 12, 2016


The Hell Of A Woman  Scorned

An excerpt from the 'Dance Of The Macabre '

A new book of Poetry by the Blogger

With  scorching sun purpled crusted visage,it howls  ,
Garnished by weeping morn  and frenzied dusk ;
A rubicund ,twice fairer than its sallow and vile shadow,
Cast on the open mines of sick-thoughted gall;
With more brawls and brawn at her lilies
than the whole of surest villains and vilest summers  
And haunted by beguiling sport  at her beck .

Twice as short as trembling passion on a withering lawns
Enraged her pleading tongue; gan she not prone to ire
Derision-hood enveloped the pith of fair villains ;
Harrrowing the dunghill,
At her beckoning harvest canst not come where tillage
Had long withered ,
And where bickering trenches had long tarried as the
punny caisson of a starry and straining harp ,
Plead thou o legend ,let the fickle bid thee a farewell ,
Filthy cannons and virulent cannonade slammed,
 From the pleading tongue that banished tranquility .

Still blushing  hung on the brash tide of ire and
petulant –mean savage broth,
Thou o defacto  loud-scorned  Neanderthal  and Mongolian  fickle
Castrate dunghill to bid farewell,
Stuck gizzard didst not douse  storm adnauseam  with much ado ,
Feisty and feistier capped with feign garb to clown its vestige,
Fanatic and feckless  didst its filch of venerated cascade ?
The falconry cannot be falconed nor faulted and fait accompli itself
Betrays the betrayal .

Foul of esteem ,vacuous plainant, poof of pointificate and a  ghoul of macabre
Maverick sleeps again,
Thus blighted and knighted with plethora  foul  -dreams of a weeping
 morn ,
Drawn from the ridicule of the maddening season into the entangled
Nightmare of a quivering dawn,
And lo,they breathe again,
One calls him bitch and then calls him a clown  conjured her high
Fore head
Driven headlong with scarlet up and failing sport .
Her five foot stone aggressionlike frenzy looses pace  and
regaining steam

Fondled by strangers onboard to perk the quivering thigh
How so doped he speaks her love bait and frenzy hooks
To gait forward lever ,never drowned by indignities of the seasons,
And so she lends her brute delectably for its dementia  frenzy
Callowed by studded bridle and fain sport ferry of jocular vulgars
Her amazons  twice fairer than  her shadow throws and  face itself
A flower of self -esteem ,nimbled –shelled  enough to draw  abiding
affection .

That growing fire stunned by madness of acrimony
And quenched by waning pleading tongue tied to its
Rudder  and fired by its beacon  ,
But so soon as she was away  aproned them in lustful  rapture
And hounded by poisoned chalice for the golden dawn ,
And so she blamed not her  amiss for the burning cheeks  sewered
 by  gallivanting girth  ,
On a sobering turf, blown away by candlestick of candour  as canalized
 by its regalia,
Ebbed by capillarity of camaraderie ,cannoodled  and hung on- callowed
by salacity,

And love soaring like the eagle doth anew begin and feedeth on a
steam of heavenly moisture -
‘’Look how am tied to thee ,pure   resistance  canst not resist this
downpour ,
Now under  thy lustful  eyes ,am fatigued as rivers and seas flow into
Even thy worse is my delight  and flimsy intent cannot give until rapture
 is wooed at thy table
Lit with candles  and flames unbridled crest to tame my world ‘’
‘’Did he refute her  cross in fashion  ? Was I not servile at thy coy?
 But brawling brawn do  I detest  much fairy than  to give thee a contest till thou rein
them .
Then thou be mine even as thou  mine .

What thou seest  and lends thy remorse ,abscond thy suitor ,
And what seest mine shall hold the ground ,
That thou mayest  ponder ,thy wrinkled traits ‘’
‘’They cost me not a nickel much coveted like a rash in the face
With ready hands and undissolving passions eagerbeaver  to
turn away and doth moment by moment  shalt grow ,
Chants in thine ears for mine avidity to witness the sportish heart
Thine own heart in mine heart ,thine own strength in mine legs
 and hands,’’
Narcissus so they trigger a willing grouse

‘’Fend not those torches to light the jewel of change overswayed
 by necessity  ,
Upon that seeds ,shalt the jewel be sown for a singing dawn ,
Now burning eyes not smitten by burning gallows with fair plunge
Carols the sky for the groping winds .
Thine arts and eye dart mine for the burning coy to relish immortal
 change ,
Indeed ,thy zealous impatience envelops thy screeching  passion ,
Weeping in vile to sow intendments ,
See, how mine wretched castrates  succulent body  -your  abiding forest
Even sagging stances  befuddled grouching smash hit’’ .

And so he saith unto her in a hordes of somewhat
sarcastic pranks

-‘’Fondling with pantomime and caricature do not pay ‘
Why love to live and love to  die even in the fury of a woman
not scorned .
O forlorn queen of love being mad at thy remorse ,salve thee not
Is love by scorn for the smoulder of unwary suitor brought  down by
unwary spouses?
Now what shall she say ? Her madness undone and fait accompli
Turns not away the  hands of the clock and fury of time
Vicariously ,she inveigles under her smitten garb ,that jewelry of
Peevish-girt  to hound wounds up unwary hoods.
Her nostrils and burning cheeks send out fire like hell to shoot  rashness
And immodest pride for slaughter of reckless art .
Sometimes ,she lies low and gully forth as sun falls and sun rises .
Nothing like hell of a woman scorned ,she veils her tents until she plunge
and strike  

But old folks ,gan she averted brashness,merry as were dead in the
 hell of a  scorned hell.
Household not knackered crested along and still yet ,they tell them
merrily ,
When thou lookest sad ,the bones that ache aches no more
Where lies the flower of esteem?
What a hell of taste dost thou excuse?
Look how my headaches and sick-thought dried up in the desert
With no oars
Make amends I entreat thee now.

Had thou not condescend   thy tremor  to steed 
And to lend chaste its headlong saddle-prowl
Till sobriety  and sobriquette alights to garner thee eulogy
A lifelong esteem  shalt thou not know and  sweating palms
Seized the pith of lifelong struggle ,
Bland and blandishment  ,bland and na├»ve so soon will thy chaste
No more thy trembling  bones ;
Wreathing brawn haunted in the wringing steam  that overflows
Its bank;
Hung over senile shafts ,profaned by filthy lucre and arts that coys ;
Can the unripe fruit be detached from the unripe harvest that yearly
grow to deplete?

O like a fairy tale ,impression is the taste of evidence even as evidence
 is the taste of facts;
Thou shouldst not think heavy  that thou mayest falter  and  vamoose
 from the earth’s increase;
From this increase thou shouldst feed  even as the surface thou shalt die
But the earth remains forever .

                                                 THE DIALOGUE
‘’I  ll’pay thee a price ,for thou lookest  no pale
And a ransom for the tranquil days
To let go the bimbo in this den of attrition
To fasten bleeding wounds before they sore so deeply
bone marrow
It is an honour  well deserved for tranquil days  and a
glorious dusk ‘’

The termagant  eavesdropping and enters ,with a  counterblast
‘’Chide thee first thy abode ,you sadistic lour  of a gully  and mole
 of a  machismo ;
A bothersome bough of a botched guile ,a bouquet of brassy
buffoon ;
Brash-necked and a break neck –a brusque buckler of  brouhaha ;
Thou bulletin of savagery ,restrain this bunkum  and be no
foundest whatsoever .

You cheeky bone of cholera restrain from this household’’
Still blush to banish ……contd
‘’Jewel of hell …….whose jewel of hell ? The bolthole is no
 hiding place ;
In this den , days of carteblanche are over and begone thou
bitch of hell ‘.
’Furiously baritoned for virago ejection and stampede she
 did stampede.

‘’Cagey betrays thy nature ,in that nature thou art fouled ,what!’’
‘’Be not ashamed to welcome the unruly present to avert;
 Jungles of hell to come before they roost and here repel;
Come hither o Man salve now for tommorow’s gay and sell
Sell humour ,sell esteem ,save the fleeting vapours  for glorious

For more light to triumph over darkness and dark days to abate ;
Make no weary ,even then the battle line is drawn already.

October 10, 2016


to observe the caverns of the deep.No One Is Born To Pay This Price Of Chaos,and It Is By Fate ,That ,we Are Crossed,fully Wrought In The Marvel Of Darkness.It Is Bound In Mystery ,not What Eyes Can See,not What Ears Can Hear,not What The Mind Can Think,not What Nassal Passage Can Smell,and Not What Emotion Can Feel,shrouded In Everlasting Mystery And Opened Only To The Goddess Of Love.Back Into The Void,we Halo Of Humours For Gallantry Of Horses,willing To Explore The Mountains,the Price We Pay,begins On This Reckoning,to Reach The Sky,where Our Stars And Glory Are Burried.The Skywings Are Extended Over The Stars Beneath And Above,rising And Dwindling Many Moments Of Glory At Once,of The Bulging Behemoth To Be Humbled And Sheep Clothings Exalted,in One Flurry Of Persistent Flow,still Further Above The Heaven Bliss.This Price DiscernsThrough The Deep And Save Me From The Scorn Of The Earth.I Am Set For A Glorious Because I Am Not Loved ,lonely And Deserted .With My Iron Gong I Shall Soon Be Known Among The Stars And Be Saved For The Nirvana.


The Fragrance Of This  Island Is Overwhelming And All The Scents Of The Arabian Perfumes,that Clasped Attraction, Befriends Its Golden Morn. What Strange Fancy Holds Your Birth,that You Cannot Realise ,the Morning Glory Nor A Man Born With Silverpoon And Nest Eggs, Still play With The Morning.How Much Worse For The Guttersnipes!Old Age Shall Indeed Be His Hell On Earth.Because I Am Never Loved,morningTills And Morning Toils,never Fail And All The Colours Of Rainbow,with Its Royal Robe Of Metro Romance Under Sun,of Ambitious Lust,and Of Everest Dreams,outliving Its Boiling Point,setting River Thames On Fire. Permit Me To Explore Thee O Adventure Of The Gulf;Of Mortals Pounding Itself,of Rivers Draw Within And Not Yet Crossed,of Mountains,not Yet Climbed,of Roads ,not Yet Paved And Crossed,of Beautiful Babies Not Yet Born ,of Song Not Ye Sung,of Dreams, Not Yet Dreamt,of Failure Not Yet Failed,to Conjure And Catapult Success Not Yet Hatched, Teaches My Scorned Horn To Catalyse for trigger of Its Glory.We Are In This Sallowed Mess...


 Hathor-The Egyptian Goddess Of Love

How Love Is Set To Weaken His Brother And Hate Is Set To Stregthen His Misfortuned Arm ,in That Treasure Island,wherein We Are Born And Die,Rise And Fall.Though His Face Is Downward Bent,his Face Unnerved Is Equally Upward Bent,to Stay The Wishes Of The Urchins Of Glory And of Posterity,Yet To Be Reckoned With In An Undiscovered Galaxy.Amused With His Blood Brother's Surprise,He CameTo Be Loved,even Much More Better;for "Nothing" AccordingTo Otto Von Bismarck "Succeeds Like Success" And Nothing Fails Like Failure.Blushed WithTears And Sorrowful Eyes,hewn With Aspersion And Military Counterespionage,of Bleary Eyes That Grow Dim,handling Ridicule And Opprobrium everywhere.Does The Silver Beams Not Beam On Every Bowling And Boatracing To His Glory?And So LikeThe Medes And Persiasteeds Evermore On A Desert Sands.The Morning Is The Glory Of EveryMan And All The Rain Of Petals And Roses Bluff Not Even Its Prejudice,evidenced By Unceasing Torrents,filled With Forest Of Wooded Tree And Boundless Treasures That Nature


The Foundling Of The Youth Live We All A Lifelong ,a Precious Jewel Obliterated By Pious Hope,Whose Obsolecence Propensity Of Obloquy ,never Escaped Observation.That Interface With The Jungle Of This Sanddunes,teaches MyThreshold,to Hunt As Expedionist Of The Unbroken Stalemate.May We Not Be Banished By Pinwheel And Its Guillotine?The Foundling Of Hate Is Like The Foundling Of Love,and With One Garb Swift Glow Of Patience,outwits Them All. Behold,as Oddman,his Arm Is Stronger Than His Brother,And Wins Romance,so easily ,in The Field Of Contest,And As Occupancy Of The Storms,Traps By Deftly Birds,goof Not His Feathers. They Stretch Their Oddball Arms Of Invectives To Inveigle His Person And Therefore Ambush The Oestrus Cycle Of Resistance,to Ignite The Geometric Plains ailing Upon Which The Storms'humour Later Incarcerated Gallows Of Time.His Eyes Must Ever Glow,rising Above His Feet ,gently Upon His Toes,sharpening His Fast Like A Gazelle,eagerbeaver,to Sprint His Best.How Love Is Set To Weaken His Brother


Thy Golden Feets Of Gold Are Worth More Than The Dampener's Feet Of Moulting Clay,with Life Worthy Of Full Promises ,Never Explored And Nested Upon These Rays Of Sunshine ,resting In Their Enchanted Glory For The Vicissitude Of A New Dawn,wherein My Petals ,are Never Burnt,in Their Calm Of Eternal Bay,ambushed For Glorious Dawn.Strange Fancy Of Stranglehold Stanchion,withholds Not Me Away,because I Was Never Loved Nor Do I Vouchsafe Such Banality And The Stars That Burneth But Loved,burneth Not,to Trick My Glow Away.Strange Yearning Cometh Not Afar Off,but Within, And Around Him,they Struggle And Torn Apart By Spaces And Shallow Differences Burried In This Sanddunes.O Goddess Of Love,in This Knot,untie Me Not ,from My Celestial Birth And As The GladiatorOf The Sun,Calm Dearth From My Days.That I May Fly Over ThisKismet,of Fair Life,to Be Lived,of Fair Song To Be Played,of Fair RaceTo Be Run,of Fairbattle To Be Fought And of Fair Victory To Be Won.Indeed,That I Am NotLoved,inspires My Rabid Art To PolishItself


 Aphrodite -The Goddess Of Love

Whispers In My Ears Of Tainted Days,from Those Who Never Loved Me,Awakened My Person To Go ExtraMile And Beyond The Strange Fancy Of Darkness And Benighted Earth.Life Is A Mystery,interred On The Sand dunes Of Love And Hate,a Treasured Island Of The Goddess Of Love.The Unsung As The Unloved ,Clustered On This Field,And Every Golden Morn Does Rise InTheir Ambition And Resolve AboveThe Ordinary.Let Me Beyond Their Reach,Farthest Go. Come Down Not,From Thy Horse ,O MY Embellished Aspire Of The Subconscious Wills ! Let Me Rise Above This Sand dunes Of The Treasured Island,that I May Do The Damnedest And Climb Above The Sky Of No Return .Goddess Of Love,Teaches Me To Fast,to Fallow ,To Sacrifice And To Risk Everything Riskable,and To Plunge Into The Deep Of The Unplunged .In That Space Of Fair Clay,Let Me Climb Above Mt.Everest,wherein She Also Live And Higher,Tis The Earth Booties,my Lifelong Heritage. Because I Am Never Loved,teaches My Fury Of Scorned Horn,not To Gallivant A forth But To Toil Like The Trojan Horse


I Am Not Loved By Those,i Do Not Love.I Am Loved By Those I Do Not Love.And Heypresto,the Cockcrows,Only To Be Confined,Within Spaces,Most Undesirable.Do I Struggle To Be Loved And To Love Them That Struggle To Love Me?I Am The Equation Of Those Who Never Loved Me And A Barometer Of Those Who Wished To Be Loved But Were Never Loved.Love Is In The Risk Of Influence And Balanced By The Equation Of Subconscious Wills.Elope Me Not,this Fact Of Life And Save Me From The Struggle Of Being Loved,That I Might Build My Influence To CajoleThe Second And Third Persons'Subconscious Minds To Do My Biddings.I Am The Forest OfThose,waiting To Be Loved,And A Desert Of Those Love Unlimited Struggles.Struggle Not to Be Loved By Those Who Never Loved You,For He Struggled To Be Loved And Hellbent On Being Loved,Is A Vulture Of Love.To Be LovedAnd That We Shall Be Loved Is A Lifelong Song,That May Never Be Heard And Played. All The Cymbals And Drums Of The Hallowed ,may Be Ample rotund for the goddess of love .

October 8, 2016


 Alfred Tomson Lord Denning,the greatest judge this century -the master of the Rolls

                                                                   CHAPTER   ONE
This novel teaches a willing student basic of  the law of contracts and we shall run several chapters for readers in a way to tell the story as well as the tutelage in this civil fields of the law.Ibikunle Laniyan blogger tells the story of how Alimat in an attempt to improve our trade decided to learn about the civil law and basic legal terminologies in sealing an agreement .We need this knowledge too in our various commercial transaction and such learning need not be exclusive preserve of the lawyers alone .Enjoy the reading.

Law is an interesting piece of study and people in the legal profession are the eyes of the society .Alimat took a special interest  in its study and desires to be a lawyer someday .But for the meantime had a booming business to take care of and she wanted to know ,what it takes to seal a basic contract and what are legal processes involved in sealing an agreement. She also wanted to know what it takes to identify a fake or genuine agreement and how would she able to read and handle genuine documents .And so,to avoid been cheated and unfortunately appending unnecessary signatures ,on receipts,she was bent to know and intended to learn but barely knew nothing on how to identify its hidden clauses .This pressure prompted her to look for her lawyer ,to teach her the basics first as far as the law of contract is concerned .She woke up one morning and headed to lawyer’s home and heypresto as agreed earlier , she started receiving basics of contract law such as sealing contracts and terminating contracts among others .
‘’Good morning ‘’She greeted with much ado on her bended knees
‘’How are  you and how is your family ?’’Lawyer Wale replied warmly .
‘’Oh,you did not forget about the tutorial and the classes , we earlier discussed ‘’she recollected
‘’Oh yes , I keep  a schedule for you and that is why I am around .I wanted to take a bath now ,so,go outside to the compound,there is a penthouse up there ,when you  get to  the Car park and you see the steps ,climb up ,enter the room and wait for me .I’ll be there after dressing  and there should be a class there every Friday or sometimes Saturday .’’
‘’Thank you Sir ‘’She headed towards  the class ,warmed by appreciation from this deservedly worthy personality .Lawyer Wale was fond formerly of lawyers in his chambers but not many of them gave him a rapturous attention,the way Alimat ,a busy street trader in Oshodi does and ever since he returned from England ,to set up local practice,three years ago  ,there has never been a time,when she did not complain of legal problems  and various denials from chamber lawyer in her attempt ,to see Wale .It was then that he was fond of her sheer determination and could have recommended fellow chamber lawyers to do the teaching but decided to do  it by himself , giving her special treatment ,than she might have thought off.He said ,passion was the secret of every success and had always liked to be associated with determined people .Never for once had fear pricked in search of the man who bought children toys from her exactly three years ago ,the same period ,he came from U.K. She became deft in her tart ,to maneuver her way to  the chamber   , be it for appointment or not .It finally ,after she closed the day trading at five pm and headed to the Wale chamber and was lucky ,that she was the only lawyer left in the chamber and so they clicked .She learned the virtues of managing disappointment and never feel ashamed to be  coarse on account of purpose and integrity .Alimat climbed upstairs to the penthouse and two hours later ,the class began .
‘’Alimat ,Legal profession is a broad area  and I can  you assure you,all the assistance you needed to climb above and achieve your ambition ,shall be freely given in my little power .I was a queen’s counsel  in the U.K. before I came down to the country and le me make it clear that every passionate people interested in the silk trade like you always get my attention ..Law is simple and can be known with clarity ,by every  tom,dick and harry .This is because gone are the days ,when only few opportuned lawyers ,ganged up to pyrate and get hold of law reports .Everything now is free and this is because the moment Gani Fawehimi started publishing Nigerian Weekly Law Report ,cases are thrown to the public and you can goggle for yourself both the old and the new cases ,free for public consumption.
So,let get down to the brass-tacks . What you needed now are the basics of commercial law or the law of  contracts as a form of civil law to be precise .’’Lawyer raised his lungpower and lowered them at will .
‘’So, you think that is what you need for now and I would have suggested that you get a decree in law but anyway , you must start somewhere ‘’
‘’Yes Sir , I just wanted to know how to enter into a contract or seal an agreement safely .I don’t want to  repeat my previous mistakes again’’
‘’Like what mistakes ,be specific ‘’he interrogated
‘’I sold four waistcoats  on credit to an undergraduate ,who hailed from rich home  in 2002 .You told me that I shouldn’t bother myself about this case and that there was no way ,I could recover my losses.So ,I didn’t quite understand you  and so, what do you mean ? Why wouldn’t I bother  myself , yet it cost me 200,000 naira .’’she was troubled
‘’How old was he then ‘’he retorted
‘’I didn’t know his age but later I complained to his sister only to find out ,he was just 17 and I was just surprised because he told me he was older than me ‘’
‘’Why the seniority fight ?’’
‘’It was because of the delay in making the payment and I so I threteaned him ,only for him to ask me how old are you self ?And so ,one day , I pressed charges ,located their house and reported to the sister ,who told me a lot about him .Like I said ,you warned not to press charges that it was due to my ignorance ‘’she remarked though rather regretfully
‘’Yea,I could remember , now ,it happened about 2 year ago ,you came to my office at island .I finally realize the kind of importance ,you place on the legal profession as you become adult and your  awareness  about the importance of contract in a  common transaction .Let me not cite cases , similar to that case but you would judge for yourself when we reach there and similar cases adjudicated  as appeared in the case laws .By then, you shall be able to answer that question yourself.Are you okay now?’’
‘’Am all ears now ‘’raising her brow on the board
‘’I would communicate to you also by mail teleconferencing , skyppe,webinars ,in case I travel abroad or migt even recommend you to my responsible chamber lawyers ..And so,that ‘s it .Now our focal point is the law of contract ,my dear Alimat ,I want you to pay attention  to every detail because they all matter.
There are certain agreements ,regarded by the courts sacrosanct , binding and enforceable as at when due in a court of law ,so that breacher or those who breach them  can be sued in .That is exactly, what the law of contract deals with .They can be found in business, transaction  like insurance , Banking ,employment ,buying and selling and services in general.
Now since contracts invariably involve in basic commercial transactions that can probably incur huge financial losses ,due to a possible default .Ordinarily ,they require legal proceedings to enforce such valuable agreements  .It is even better and for efficiency sake , that businessmen are legally protected and mandated to abide by ethical attitude and should understand that contracts freely entered into are contracts that should be or must be honoured and performed. ‘’
‘’That is interesting ‘’she said in a low cadence voice.
‘’The law of contract is classified under civil law and any breach leads to civil proceedings in the courts .Its main sources  like the general sources of law ,provides main template that governs the law of contract in the country .This includes statute of general application involving certain British Statutes ,still operating in the country .The received English law such as common law ,English Doctrine of equity and certain indigenous laws,such as the Companies and Allied Matter Act -1990.The judicial precedents of superior courts can also form sources of law popularly regarded as case law or judge made law.With the advent of modern laws ,and modern contracts with modern practices ,guiding transactions,alien or unknown to traditional communities and societies , there was limited application of customary laws .Now before I continue my lecture let me first and foremost define contract .What is contract?A contract can be defined as that thing enforceable at law and what is that thing enforceable at law ,Alimat ?’’
‘’Contract !’’she volleyed
‘’You said what ? think again!’’He bullied
‘’Agreement’’ with meandering voice  
‘’Fantastic  and fantabulous! Thank you ,you grease my elbow ,simple thing is as easy and difficult as the difficult thing.It is called agreement and often considered binding by the courts because failure by those who refuse to fulfill basic  agreement which is a contract may lead to a lawsuit or  be sued  in a court of law .In this case ,two essential requirement are involved and it include two or three parties or more for agreement to be sealed or entered into.Secondly , the legality issue  must be complied with and binding by the parties to an agreement .Business or commercial transactions are bound to involve two or thee or more parties to seal an agreement .It can involve not only human beings but also institutions ,corporate entities and companies are regarded popularly as a capable legal entities ,including nations can enter into binding agreements .On the other hand ,there must be consensus that what the law accepts is final ,non-negotiable and a binding agreement .A contract therefore is sealed after negotiation or bargaining over terms are ended.Simple! And when it is sealed ,it must include all the vital elements or essential requirements that must be found ,according to the law when forming a basic contract.That is why it must also be borne in mind not all agreements are binding but only those that comply with what the law says.And so ,what are the vital elements needed in a bonafide  contract that is for it to be binding ?
There are certain components involved ,based on the two sides of offer and acceptance .first, that a contractual offer ,must be accepted by other party without condition;that the parties so intended ,to enter into binding agreement to create a legal relation;that they must have legal capacity to carry a contract ;And that such contract must be supported or endorsed by a consideration ;that a certain laid down formalities as prescribed must adhered to or strictly followed ;that it requires a genuine consent ,either given voluntarily or entered into freely by  contracting parties ; that a contractual object must be legal .They form elements of a valid contract in a synopsis namely offer and acceptance ,capacity ,intention  for formation of legal relations ,genuine consent, consideration , laid down formalities and legal objectives .
But before , we move on ,we shall consider ,types of contract available namely ,contract by seal , Unilateral,bilateral,void,valid , unenforceable  and simple contract.You see,when a contract is declared void ,it means it has no legal effect .For instance ,a criminal offense is a no-go-area ,cannot be enforced and under  such prevailing circumstances,it is void abinitio .The law considered that ,those rights cannot be created ,let alone formalized and ratified and as far as the state is concerned ,it barely exist and carry no force of law.When a bilateral contract happens,it must involve two parties ,with some mutual agreement ,assumed with reciprocal obligation as soon as the contract is sealed .Unilateral deals with certain contract that is initially binding on one’s party only.For instance , a proposal  by a rich man who offers reward for whoever his precious or luxurious item and that makes it binding on the promisor .Valid contract is truly binding on its parties and truly enforceable at law ,so that whosoever withdraws from it ,may be sued in a court of law,for a breach of contract .
Now ,let me treat void contract , a little precisely and cite samples or types.First and foremeost ,like I said ,such agreement is legal offence ,illegal and therefore void due to its criminal predilection .Such cannot be enforced be it an attempt to steal property ,,burn down a property ,a factory building or involved in libelous article .Such an agreement that calls for commission of civil wrong is therefore against the person and in  the eyes of the law criminal .So ,it is wrong to involved in damaging a person’s reputation, slander him ,damage his goods ,infringe the person’s right ,infringe his copyright ,patent ,trademark.An agreement to sell public offices ,procure pardons, by corrupt means ,or pay public officers ,more or less that the legal fees or salary ,or such an agreement that interferes with proper maintenance of the duties or roles of a public officer .They call this type an agreement injuring public service and one of the most commonest contract in this regard  and class is called illegal lobbying agreement .When a party  agrees to use bribery ,to intimidates opponent with threats of voters’ loss or maneuvered in an improper methods  to procure  or prevent  adoption of a specific legislation ,such agreement clearly contravenes public interest.This also impairs the sanity and the legal framework of  democratic process .Although devoid of improper methods , some courts endorse similar regulation based on such type of agreement without the need to sacrifice sanity .
Agreement involving conflicts of interest ,refers to a sordid scenario,when public  officials are personally interested directly or indirectly in the transaction entered into  on behalf of government in which they serve for profiteering purposes ,such agreement ,is technically void and wrong.For instance , a procurement officer buying trucks  from an automobile agency in which he holds a substantial blocks of shares .Any such violation imposes criminal liability on an erring officer ,therefore making  the contract unenforceable against the government .There are other agreements, those  obstructing legal processes and in this case , such agreement  perverts legal processes , contradicts public interest ,inept  and void .It is illegal to pay money for the abandonment of criminal case ,suppressing of evidence,in any legal proceedings  ,stirring up of litigations, for perpetration of fraud of any proportion, refraining from prosecution of fraud , or corrupt person of embezzlement ,can be regarded altogether as void and unenforceable by the court of law .Infact, should one agrees to pay a regular witness ,higher fee than a standard of regular fee as allowed by the law ,in the course of the victory  of the promisor in the lawsuit .This type is void by the law .This inordinately encourages the witness to lie to obtain reward ,help his party secure victory and later lead to a perjury and miscarriage of justice .
Alimat , I would rest my case under void contract with which we shall still continue in the next class,Next under this void contract shall be usury ,Now copy what is on the board .I’ll be having some clients at the chamber by 4pm.Are you satisfied with the class today ?’’
‘’Sir , I think it is interesting ‘’
‘’don’t worry you shall soon get used to ‘’And the phone rang
‘’Alimat see ,those are my clients,calling  .They ve been waiting .Just copy the notes on the board ,When you are done ,go downstairs and give the gateman the keys of the penthouse .I’ll be off .Take care ‘’ as he bang the doors and vamoosed .