October 10, 2016


Thy Golden Feets Of Gold Are Worth More Than The Dampener's Feet Of Moulting Clay,with Life Worthy Of Full Promises ,Never Explored And Nested Upon These Rays Of Sunshine ,resting In Their Enchanted Glory For The Vicissitude Of A New Dawn,wherein My Petals ,are Never Burnt,in Their Calm Of Eternal Bay,ambushed For Glorious Dawn.Strange Fancy Of Stranglehold Stanchion,withholds Not Me Away,because I Was Never Loved Nor Do I Vouchsafe Such Banality And The Stars That Burneth But Loved,burneth Not,to Trick My Glow Away.Strange Yearning Cometh Not Afar Off,but Within, And Around Him,they Struggle And Torn Apart By Spaces And Shallow Differences Burried In This Sanddunes.O Goddess Of Love,in This Knot,untie Me Not ,from My Celestial Birth And As The GladiatorOf The Sun,Calm Dearth From My Days.That I May Fly Over ThisKismet,of Fair Life,to Be Lived,of Fair Song To Be Played,of Fair RaceTo Be Run,of Fairbattle To Be Fought And of Fair Victory To Be Won.Indeed,That I Am NotLoved,inspires My Rabid Art To PolishItself

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