October 10, 2016


I Am Not Loved By Those,i Do Not Love.I Am Loved By Those I Do Not Love.And Heypresto,the Cockcrows,Only To Be Confined,Within Spaces,Most Undesirable.Do I Struggle To Be Loved And To Love Them That Struggle To Love Me?I Am The Equation Of Those Who Never Loved Me And A Barometer Of Those Who Wished To Be Loved But Were Never Loved.Love Is In The Risk Of Influence And Balanced By The Equation Of Subconscious Wills.Elope Me Not,this Fact Of Life And Save Me From The Struggle Of Being Loved,That I Might Build My Influence To CajoleThe Second And Third Persons'Subconscious Minds To Do My Biddings.I Am The Forest OfThose,waiting To Be Loved,And A Desert Of Those Love Unlimited Struggles.Struggle Not to Be Loved By Those Who Never Loved You,For He Struggled To Be Loved And Hellbent On Being Loved,Is A Vulture Of Love.To Be LovedAnd That We Shall Be Loved Is A Lifelong Song,That May Never Be Heard And Played. All The Cymbals And Drums Of The Hallowed ,may Be Ample rotund for the goddess of love .

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