October 13, 2016


The Forest With The Wooded Trees,pliant Plants And Docile Species,effervescence Of Nature's Ballistic Hewn,Like A Whole Caboodle OfTangled Bird Marooned In Its Bracket Of Conjugal Knot,relentlessly Cuddled To Its Breastplate,hanging Obstinately To Its Spring Of Breeches Buoy,waltzing Through The Spring,the Summer,the Autumn And The Winter,brazenly,bask Upon The Glitters Of Its Glamourous But Clamourous Wings Of Nature's Virtual Cycle.The Moving Creatures ,stuck As Delectable AsEver,Breach No Peace,In Their Ecosystem,and Sky Blazons,burning Life With The Biosynthesis Of Water,air,earth And Vapour,Flying Above The Sky And The Cosmos,with The Wings Of The Eagles Onflight,kicking The Ball In Their Eliptical Rigmarole And Hunted By The Conscience Of Nature,even Beyond Its Shores Of Imaginative Impulse.Amidst Still Waters,paddling The Cannoe Of Wildlife Biosynthetic Re-groove ,ferried By Companionable Drift,on Its Still Waters,breezes Of Air,breathing WithThe Mast Of Morning Glows,flying,dancing,birth And Breeding

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