October 10, 2016


The Foundling Of The Youth Live We All A Lifelong ,a Precious Jewel Obliterated By Pious Hope,Whose Obsolecence Propensity Of Obloquy ,never Escaped Observation.That Interface With The Jungle Of This Sanddunes,teaches MyThreshold,to Hunt As Expedionist Of The Unbroken Stalemate.May We Not Be Banished By Pinwheel And Its Guillotine?The Foundling Of Hate Is Like The Foundling Of Love,and With One Garb Swift Glow Of Patience,outwits Them All. Behold,as Oddman,his Arm Is Stronger Than His Brother,And Wins Romance,so easily ,in The Field Of Contest,And As Occupancy Of The Storms,Traps By Deftly Birds,goof Not His Feathers. They Stretch Their Oddball Arms Of Invectives To Inveigle His Person And Therefore Ambush The Oestrus Cycle Of Resistance,to Ignite The Geometric Plains ailing Upon Which The Storms'humour Later Incarcerated Gallows Of Time.His Eyes Must Ever Glow,rising Above His Feet ,gently Upon His Toes,sharpening His Fast Like A Gazelle,eagerbeaver,to Sprint His Best.How Love Is Set To Weaken His Brother

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