November 15, 2016


Socket,they Sport With Gauchy Clouds And Never Reach The Harvest ,Tending To Refrain From The Knuckles Of The Sun, Its Sullen State Cuts Deep The Broken Bones,Toppled By Droopy Sag Of Sordid Eyes And Fragile Feet,Supplanted In The Valley Of Indecision And Procrastination, All Dignity The Winds Slay,to Smite The Sunshine Of A New Day Even Before Its Shoots Its Radicle,Nightmare In Their Domains,Tentacle And Beyond,Saunters The Globe, When A Light Dims And Sparkle Go Off,Who Shall We Blame-a Leader Or The Follower?Who Shall They Blame- Passing The Buck?No One Is Exonerated But The Soil Upon Which Leadership Is Rottened Carry Heavier Brunt,For The Destiny Of A Nation Is Interred In The Hands Of Its People,This Shallow Countersink And Empty Space,Shall Tread To Hold Onto This Truth That Could Save Its Sinking Ship,This One Meaningful Split,Eternity Bargaining For Change,Should Not Betray,A Land With Gauchy Cloud,Venom Of The World,Sheol Of The Living,Tread The Mill! Let Thinkers Return And Gauchy Clouds Depart.

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