November 17, 2016


Besides Aiyemi- Deinde Ft. Soundsultan , He Did Remix Of King Of My Country With W. Jean. Sound Sultan Like His Few Fellow Big Ticket Musicians In The Country , Whose Indellible Footprints Have Been In The Sands Of Time, Has Also Had His Own Fair Share Of Awards And Endorsements .In 2012, He Won Headies Award For His Album ; He Had Several Accolades With The Nigerian Entertainment Awards As Its Most Favourite Artist Among Other Awards ; He Signed Multimillion Naira Endorsement Deal With M.T.N. And Also Became A United Nation Peace Ambassador,in A Checkered Career That Is Scandal Free And A Tested Role Model For The Nigerian Youths.In 2015 , He Released Another Hit Single Entitled " Remember" After A Long Absence From The Music Scene , The Last Hit Prior To His Seventh Album. With A Career Spanning Close To Three Decades, He Has Had No Regret Whatsoever , For Venturing Into Music After All ,inspite Of Accelerating Proportion Of Piracy In The Industry ,Tearing The Country Apart ,We Say, Bravo Soundsultan.

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