February 22, 2011

The intents of the site.

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WWW.kunlemicrofinance.blogspot .com is  a news site that beams search light on every Sector of Nigerian economy , Africa and the rest Of the WORLD .The Site intends to focus on capacity building , sustainable capacity building , sustainable social development .It exhumes the challenges that  Nigerian economy is facing and also making reports and  voluminous references  around the world , with a view to proffer solution and is also open to comment or a sort of forum to visitors across the internet .
The site owner IBIKUNLE LANIYAN is a principal consultant at MICROFINANCE AFRICA and to a large extent a media writer and a online journalist is an author of two books and specifically focuses on the microfinance industry worldwide .He believes that capacity building  is the greatest predicament behind capital under development  existing in most developing countries as a  whole and the advanced  economies to some extent are not immune from  reform nor are they safe from  this malaise as they enter into post-industrial era .
 As  known to all  , but specifically ignored even by economists , field experts and policymakers around the world it is contended that microfinance is the sole panacea to the entire human misery and mass poverty and strategic tool to boost highly elusive befitting standard of living desired by the world poor people and poor nations  .We cannot get  any better unless we fully appraise the strategic impact and effect of the industry on world economy as a whole ..
Note that the entire articles to be posted or posted in this site do not derail from this focus besides special report , informative and educative approach , whether changes over time or reference to history .They cover from political ,  social to economic issues as may be relevant to changing trends .Its contents can  also  be monetized such as ebooks , audio books  , article marketing , article video ,banner ads  and other sources of revenue and information products etc.available for sale . List of articles so far posted are  hereby noted below :

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