March 14, 2019


"Luckily enough,i have made more money than i have lost and i have been to leverage that money into investments,in the apartment complexes,.com companies,the stockmarket,hedge funds,brick and mortal businesses,venture capital funds...".His recent articles on like previous ones and the depth of analysis,together with the ability to drive insane traffic,certainly placed him among the world top best bloggers. Having since moved onto Perhaps,,he claimed he no longer managed kissmetric anymore.His estimated networth maybe hard to guess as there are no real figure anywhere.On Quora,Salil Jha,a polymath and multipotentialite was bold to rate his estimated networth.He concluded that Neil first successful company CrazyEgg,a profitable firm was rated $10m.The second big succesful had the same,including Quicksprout.Com,rated $10m.In total substracting the expenses,overheads,and taxes,according to him,if he was the sole owner of the three companies,must certainly have made Between $7m-$10m.


They became popular and got massive interest from Fortune 1000companies.Managing the internet marketing company and succesful CrazyEgg was quite a transformative experience,at a period when Neil was attending college and making speeches at over 50 conferences per year.They learned how CrazyEgg suceeded,when juxtaposed with the failure of other software companies they had created.Now,realising that his dream of creating a billion dollar company which they believed may not be achieved with CrazyEgg,led to the birth of 'KissMetric'.With this discovery,they were able to raise a lot of funds from venture capital firms like True Ventures and few prominent angel investors in Silicon Valley.Hear him once again"i m currently spending all of my time on kissmetric,and am working on creating that billion dollar company."As one of the most influential digitalage investors to come from Asia,Neil has certainly made his mark,made himself and others extremely wealthy,at atender age.Being Concise,as laconic was fond of it too.