July 18, 2019


Neither the Einsteinian relativity,standard model and chaos theory,nor the Higgs Boson had any epistemological ballad to dumbfound the flotsam.Barmy bauble baulks not to brawl this oecumenical bathos on rampage,from the atavism to the medieval.And the bling bling meshed with bibliocractic hypothesis and innundated with the vicious circumference of the Hegelian dialectics.Thronged in comfied ballistics,comic strips exude,in clandestine horses strip and colts the coastguard and the octopus bard's cockscrow.And the coastline of sorcerers'stone'pedigree coats '

July 17, 2019


Nature's enamour rises in the morning where it falls in the morning.A gallantry of gait,furls up in the ecosystem of mothernature.Thereon,she gads majestically and exuberantly in her galaxy of galimaufry,decked with the subtle gale with which eternities tremble.A gaggle,gamboled by climber and loam of aristomagnetism.Clamorous league of bibliophiac gabblers,gaffing immanent enigma.Still they blunderbuss,gaffes galore galumphing the gallows humour.And i the octopus bard plays the gambit and plead errily to dissuade being taken to the gibbet,the gamied gentlefolk,gabblers of the old yore.And the millenia growls beneath this gritstone with the thumbprint of the ecosystem.And where the sorcerers stone oozes airy-fairy on a mystic travel,inquisitorial alamode thumping of the ages,still transcendentalism limbers unfashionable.There knight of old as plain as a lotus of alabaster clogs deeply,with arms akimbo,heart thumping and altruism faraway.Does nature on a gavotte avers Newtonian world machine ever holds fort?