September 15, 2020


resolved no longer to seek any other science that the knowledge of myself or of the great book of the world." That".......our senses sometimes deceive us,i was willing to suppose that there existed nothing really such as they presented to us...,.,..i supposed that all the objects that had ever entered into my mind when awake had in them no more truth than the illusions of my dreams.But immediately upon this i observed that whilst i thus wished to think that all was false,it was absolutely necessary that i who thus thought should be somewhat;and as i observed this truth i think therefore i am,was so certain....".In the principles of knowledge"


Yet both quite independent,share no contact with each other.To theorise this independence or freedom of the material processes and the intangible made Descartes a diehard dualist that depicts their sharp division.To arrive at a conclusion that only man has a mind and not the animal,the latter been seen as complicated automaton does not too logical of a mature mordern philosophical,given that they posess soul atoms too.Just like St.Augustine and Thomas Aquinas,he also sees man as a dual creature with both a mind and extended body.Our mind is perfect machine that can operate independently of the body.