June 27, 2014


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It can be contended that life as an endless voyage of tireless  passing streams would not have  survive its apparent oddity  without the profound influence of faith as a central manager of the cubicles and cruccibles of ontology .It has also been contended often times that the only thing that is permanent in life is change .This dissertationalist  disputation began from the times of Heraclitus one of the foremost presocratics philosophers who were bent on the study of cosmos during their period .
However it can also be proved that change immutability and the faith that change exuded in nature  ordinarily induces this sempiternality  .Without doubt the bath and breath of faith itself  to add this unfailing value to life that it invented has been made possible by passion- indisputably-the very breath of life that holds nature of faith on this immortal turf .
In the same way in which it can be proved that the secret of passion is faith ,so also can it be said that the secret of faith is passion -its very breath of life and the energy of natural activity .Virtually every mortal under sun is  engrossed in this downpour of cascade and rapture.
Are the most succesful minds under sun any better than mere mortals ? Of course not but their wealth lies in outstretched ideological convergence of vision ,ambition and passion and faith put together being scientifically  explored to corrode divestiture of thoughts during fermentation .I think here lies the magical charm of the world most successful adventurers.
In this hoopla ,we are fallen taking the onus upon ourselves to redefine  the strategic ethos and values that can turn your life around for the better .Every man i say are born equal to live equal and attain equal but the shirtless and sloven configuration of the minds is a defeatist of this unproven ideological  evidence in that some are gladiators while majority live without purpose to obey this charm and the miracle of success
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