August 26, 2014


The claims that 480 Nigerian Soldiers fled to Cameroun has been denied by the Nigerian Defense headquarters.This rumour followed after a sustained battle with the BokoHaram earlier at Gamboru Ngala in Borno State
On the contrary they noted  due to sustained battle between the Nigerian troops and the terrorists tactically  charging through the porous borders with Cameroun ,the Nigerian Soldiers eventually found themselves on the Cameroonian soil.And as normal protocol being allies in term of managing such incident required  the troops to submit their weapons.This was basically done to assure the friendly Country that they were 'nt on hostile mission .
Consequently , these issues have been sorted out by various discussions and  consensus between the two nations'military authorities were reached as Nigerian troops found their back home .This nullifies any reasonable reference to defection claims considering various discussions and contacts within the Nigerian military that confirmed the safety of the Nigerian troops .
Though the insurgents first sacked and attacked an army barrack in Ngala before they proceeded to Gamboru three kilometers away. Meanwhile  new group of terrorists trying to enter the Nigerian borders including those especially through Gamboru-Ngala  that fizzled into towns are being repelled amidst the escalating anxiety of the porous borders and lackadaisical government approach  at mutiny control..

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