October 14, 2014


                                Part 1
In this most elaborate piece ever written on Mr President –Dr. GoodluckEbele Jonathan  than  in any local magazines, tabloids,  broadsheets  and whatever –a product of intensive research is subdivided into five parts .The first part deals with the early childhood of Mr President ,and the venture into politics ,the  second touches the ascendancy of the nation’s new political order with the rise of GEJ administration ;the third elaborates a bit its heroism and checkered antecedence, the same with fourth and the last part of this treatise includes its critique.Enjoy the reading .
PART ONE ………Humble  Beginnings
GoodluckEbele Jonathan is a Nigerian like you and today is  the president of the federal  republic of Nigeria but his destiny and  past cannot be detached from his becoming today .Certainly ,every man’s  history is the foundry of his destiny and how well you manage this history would determine your golden place on the sands of time .Our  historical case study   is Mr President .
GEJ  by grace of destiny is the commander-in-chief of the most powerful black  nation on earth and the biggest economy in Africa .Growing up like every Nigerian child , he is a native of Otuoke in Ogbia local government area of Bayelsa .He was born  on November  20th ,1957 to the family of MrEbele Jonathan .A man of intelligence , who later become a quintessential democrat and a resolute  meritocrat in his selfless service to humanity with visionary leadership  that is  hard to find in this part of the world .
He  attended  St. Stephen primary School  now Osuoke State school  .He proceeded to  St.Michael  primary School in Oloibiri where oil was discovered in 1956.There,  he passed for the first time  in his first attempt  school leaving certificate .At Master  Dei high School in 1971-Imiringi he furthered his education and by 1975 had sat for the West African school certificate which ended with flying colours .At a tender age his rare disposition was quickly noted by his paternal grandmother .Little wonder he nicknamed him ‘Azikiwe’ as a striking similarity to the great Zik of Africa .In 1973 he was appointed class prefect at class 3 and also appointed secretary to the school  food committee due to uncommon brilliance and emerging visionary leadership .He became masterson house prefect  in Class 4 and 5 in addition to been appointed unanimously by his peers as the chairman of the committee of prefects .He soon  secured after school  the post of a preventive officer in the Customs and Excise Department  between 1975 -1977.
However , as a  result  of  academic brilliance ,ambition and yearnings for the neplusulstra ,he was admitted as a pioneer student in the Zoology department of the then newly founded University of Port Harcourt in 1977.In 1981 , he graduated with B.Sc.Hons second class upper division  and proceeded to serve at the Corps .Between 1981-82,he served in the community secondary school-Iresi  in the then Oyo State now Osun State .He was appointed by the old Rivers State civil Service commission in 1982 after youth service and became science inspector in the Ministry of education .After the civil service he went straight into academics to serve in a college of education on purely  academics in  the Biology department in November 1983 .He was appointed as representative of the congress  in the senior staff  appointment and promotion committee.After a decade of service went back to academics for the post graduate studies in the same University of Port Harcourt.He carted away and bagged every honourworthy of  highly educated classincluding Master of Science degree in hydrobiology and fisheries and later Doctor of Philosophy  in Zoology  in 1985 and 1995 respectively .
Dusting every previous achievement ,moved up an inch in the elite ladder of modern Nigerian society .This urge for legendary exploits began with the appointment  as an assistant  director in the defunct Oil  Mineral Producing Areas Development Commision-OMPADEC in March 1993 .He directed the affairs of the environmental protection  sub-department under the directorate of environmental protection  and pollution control  where he was posted .
He belong to numerous professional bodies such as fisheries society of Nigeria –FISON,fellow of international association of impact assessment –AIA,  awarded the prestigious  fellowship of the Nigerian Environmental Society and in terms of environmental management ,his scorecard was intimidating .He is also honorary fellowship of public administrators of Nigeria-PAN.He was  also awarded the best performing deputy governor in 2002 by institute of public administrators of Nigeria –IPAN and conferred with exemplary leadership Quality and Good Governance  Award  by the National Association Of Women In Education in July 2003 and the honorary  award  for Democracy  and Good Governance as conferred by NUJ Abuja Council .
Goodluck Jonathan –a rare Nigerian , a quintessential humanist with simple minded egalitarian virtues later ventured  into muddy waters of the Nigerian politics .Given  the magnitude of the socioeconomic challenges plaguing the South South and the strategic interest of the larger Nigeria tortured by infrastructural inadequacies ,it did not  take him so long to realize his calling and fulfill his destiny and contribute his quota  to raise the quality of governance in this part of the world .He started politics with fourth republic and pitched tent with the people democratic party –PDP.He became a deputy to the party ‘s  flagbearer –DiepreyeAlamieyeseigha  and won together with him the polls in the election of  1999  .With this great privilege ,he became the first deputy governor  in the history of Bayelsa .They also secured the mandate and the ticket for the second tenure from the electorate in Bayelsa and Goodluck was fully in charge and control of the AlamieseighaCampaign train popularly known as ALAMCO .
His venture  into politics has brought a lot of peace and stability to the State and created an environment devoid of chaos and violence .Politics without rancor and acrimony  was rampant in the Ogbia area and political enterprise . As a happily married to Mrs Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan  and the Union is blessed with two siblings and as a family man with all sense of responsibilities , a technocrat ,and a bridge builder and a perfect gentle with all sense of extreme candour of humility ,of course the history of egalitarian and grassroot politics in the country can not be complete without him .Having done creditably well as historic deputy Governor  in the Alamco campaign machinery for the second ticket and serving faithfully Governor Alamieseigha in 2003 , the coast was clear to progress further abit  and providence smiled upon him once again to move closer towards fulfillment of his destiny especially with indictment of his boss-the State Governor by the economic  and financial  crime commission –EFCC on corruption charges in 2006 .He was later impeached  by the State house of Assembly legislators paving the way for deputy –Ebele Jonathan to become second  Governor of Bayelsa who was sworn in  on a platter of gold .How time flies  .Towards the end of his tenure Ebele shines again and moved closer to destiny ,when he was surprisingly chosen  and declared as the running mate to PDP Presidential candidate –Alhaji  Umar Musa Yar’adua for the 2007 general  elections . With this selection , the bookmarkers were confounded and the bliss of the State Governor later paved way for the rise of a new colossus .Between  December  2005 and May  2007  he was the official Governor  of  Bayelsa  and thereafter reached the acme or fortunate with the breath of apotheosis when he was sworn in on  May  29,2007 as the vice president of the federal republic of Nigeria ,and then on May 6, 2010 was also sworn in as acting President .
In the election of 2007 Ebele was unanimously  selected as the best out of the three Gubernatorial  candidates in the State and none of them could match him without boast as the aspirants to beat.Infact prior to December 12, 2005 ,Bayelsa State had suffered from ‘’environmental  degradation ,political marginalization  and  economic deprivation ‘’ as popularly coined by Dr Ken SaroWiwa –a period in which darkness  engulfed the State and rays of moral  optimism for better tomorrow difficult to come by and human and infrastructural development nonexistent in the region .Barely six months into the position of the Governor of the State from the deputy of a previous administration ,Bayelsa not only heaved a deep sigh of relief  but that a Daniel has come out at last out of the Lion’s den .During the embryonic period he proved critics wrong and through tireless infrastructural development projects opened up the rural areas linking  the three senatorial districts in the State  with construction of roads especially in the riverine parts of Bayelsa to the State capital in Yenagoa.They so much had  confidence in  him and having believed and convinced  he was a performer   the State house of Assembly passed a resolution urging Governor Ebeleto continue in office  beyond 2007 irrespective of the political implication and the cost involved  .The vote of confidence initiated  by  the 24 member of States  house  was passed on Ebele  in view of the unprecedented feats and  boon to governance in the State .The resolution passed on June 9 ,2006 by the legislature  noted the achievements of  Jonathan’s administration as evident in all sectors of the economy and the annals of the history of the State This was remarkable and  the lawmakers were overwhelmed  about the possibility of such feat in  6months .
According to The Source magazine, the Speaker of the legislature WerinipreSeibarugunoted that although there are some other governorship aspirants in the State the resolution however  in the best interest of the State and the generality of Bayelsansurging them to support and cooperate with the administration rather than dissipate energy on campaign rivalry and political rancor .The Speaker also debunked rumours or insinuations that the lawmakers were induced to adopt resolution .Chief Perekeme Richard –Kpodoh was a former gubernatorial aspirant of the All Nigeria People Congress-ANPP who later joined the PDP .He noted the adoption of the resolution  by the Assembly  singlehandedly paved for goodluck being elected unopposed or that the victory of the coming election was long sealed the moment the resolution was passed and swept the polls in the following election .Together with destiny and his unusual level of egalitarian propensity and extreme humility ,were responsible for the catapult into apotheosis .end of Part one

PART  TWO……The New Political Order

A couple of events had happened at this most critical period in the nation ‘s history   for this unprecedented feat  of a new political order basically power shift from the North  to occur  which ushered  in the first man from the minority tribes to rule Nigeria .When former President  Yar’adua   left the country on official medical trips to Saudi Arabia on November 2009 without official provision and order for his successor to undertake his duties .The federal high court on January 13 ,2010  handed over power to Good luck Jonathan  to assume duties of State affairs . Even the aftermath of nationwide altercation that followed the controversial medical trips gave him standing ovation from the Senate which on February 9, 2010 confirmed his legitimate power as President of federal republic of Nigeria and commander- in- chief of the armed forces . He was under mandate to act as President of federal republic with all the legitimate  powers  in control of State apparatus untilMrPresident returned  to  full health .Although  the constitution dictates that an official letter be written  stating Mr President incapability to serve ,however this provision was not enforced  and the constitutionality of the action taken was therefore interrogated .Little wonder ,the opposition  lawyers spotted the lacuna and described the  power  transfers as ‘’coup without word ‘’.This ended the 78 days of power vacuum  in the Africa ‘s largest nation and oil biggest economy .
By the time of the return of the valeditunarian President  to office on February 24,2010, ,his incapability to serve was more than proven  as  a true  hearty president  of federal republic of Nigeria .This was clear enough   for Ebele Jonathan to become the new face of governance- a landmark journey that began in 1998 when he ventured in to hardy climate of Nigerian politics .According to a media source ‘’As his name suggests ,Nigeria ‘s President Goodluck Jonathan  has a habbit  of being in the right place at the right time ‘’. Barely  12 hours after the death of President  Yar’adua ,the South Southerner gentleman’s gentleman  and a low key  former deputy Governor was sworn in as President of Federal  republic of Nigeria .He is easily  regarded as the luckiest politician ever in the history of the Nigerian politics .He is  also said to be the humblest man ever in the Nigerian politics or ever to rule Nigeria  and an unshakeable apologist in the unity of the modern day Nigeria .
……The Transformation Agenda
 The transformation agenda took the country by storm when mr President took oath of office on 29 May ,2011 .In realization of the magnitude of the nation’s predicaments and people’s expectation from him ,Mr President set up a research team  with a pledge and evolution  of policy  package tagged ‘Transformation Agenda ‘-A FIVE YEAR DEVELOPMENT PLAN-2011-2015 designed by 28 world class technocrats  headed by Mr President himself  and coordinated by DrNgozi-OkonjoNweala a renowned economist and minister of Finance .The Agenda is focused on three major key areas which include all encompassing and non-inflationary growth ,employment generation and poverty alleviation;andvalue reorientation of the people .With the 13 key sectors being used as the Springboard and a well thought  out policy  document ,arrays of rich political,financial and human resources , under a growing maturity of the governance institutions and a world class economic management team   ,Mr President hopes to transform the country .

Every economy is faced with a challenge which can make or mar the practice or professionalism of nation building depending on the tradition of existing leadership  and the artistic ingenuity of its followership.But it is the role of effective governance to surmount them as they come  .Nigeria  is not an exception  ,likewise Mr President and ever since he took the oath of office, most of the immediate challengesw surrounding the P residency were surmounted .
In 2011 as noted on his facebookMr President observed that ;
‘’Undoubtedly  2011 was a year laced with challenges .While we have made progress  and overcame most of the challenges on many fields ,there have been those amongst us who want to impose their will on the generality of most us ‘’He however concluded that the year inspite of the threat of some individuals to impose ntheir will on the majority will be a turning point in the history  of the nation.
Statistically ,to be candid ,many positive ratings both local and international were associated with the year .The year 2011 was described as watershed in the history of the nation and the most credible election ever held since the return to democraticor civil rule was associated with that year .Litttle wonder Mr President noted such monumental achievement ought to be celebrated There are empirircal evidence and solid data to support this axiom.TheOsun State election  conducted in 2014 which followed the Ekiti State election had broken record set by Ebele Jonathan in 2011-with the latter boasting of 47 percent voters turnout some earlier before the Osun State election  that paraded the highest voters turnout –about 54 percent of voters population in the State breaking the previous record.These are certainly historical landmark and undiluted pedigree of this administration
In the year 2011 , human development index –HDI according to united nation development programme—UNDP,life expectancy rose to 51.90 from 47.56 years in 2010 a 10 percent  surge and biggest margin ever recorded since records were kept in this regard .According to the presidency this affirmed the returns from massive investment in the health sectors by the administration.The international social security association also corroborated UNDP data by awarding the 2011 prize for the best infant reducing and maternal mortality intervention in Africa to the country .While the credit ratings of many countries were revised downward in October 2011.Fitch international rating agency –a competitor to Moody’s and Standard and Poor 500 revised upward the nation’s rating outlook  from negative to stable .Though some it was a fluke but certainly clearly unveiled the near prudent management of the nation’s cscarce resources and evidence of ongoing radical  economic reform of the administration.This was the same country that started the year 2011  with negative credit ratings from the same institution.
To make sure that the gains of this growth was sustainable and thus trickle down to the peopleand the unborn generation  ,Mr President launched the Nigerian Sovereign Wealth Fund –SWF with a seed capital of a billion dollars This was subdivided into three sections –the Nigerian infrastructure fund;the future generation fund;and the stabilization funds as the pillars of SWF.
On October 11,2011 Mr President launched the youth enterprise with innovation –YOUWIN initiative-a scheme designed to empower youths with entrepreneurial youths with technical  skills finance ,the need to start and grow business and be self employed and also employer of labour.Likewise on November 30,2011the President directed  that cassava flour bread be commercialized and with this programme the year 2012 was begun in earnest .Within 90 days in February 2012 ,commercialization was successfully attained with the introduction of cassava bread laced with 20 percent cassava flour substitution for wheat flour .It was introduced into the market by UTC the largest corporate bread baker in the country –an achievement that was documented by the regime in a 155 page report entitled SURE AND STAEDY TRANSFORMATION  which also chronicled the administration  various  achievements and the all the ministries parataals and agencies and the federal capital territory-FCT .
According to Oronto Douglas –the special adviser  on research and documentation ,Mr President took over the mantle of leadership ‘’at a time of considerable political  tension in the land ‘’He noted he was determined to leave the nation far better than he met it and therefore with that purpose of transformation’’ had managed to push  his vision in the subsequent years until now .Below we shall run a synopsis of the historical landmark of the GEJ administration sector by sector and milestones that were attained in less than four years that Obj did in 8 years of office.Turn to part three.Stay tuned .
PART THREE—Transformation Agenda And Sustainable Development --1

In the part two we examine the new political order but in this edition we shall look at the achievement of transformation agenda .
------The signing  of  freedom of information bill into law in May 2011 had been described as watershed in the nation’s  antigraft crusade .This was a bill that had been ignored since 1999 by successive administration giving the Nigerian a breathing space and making as well a truly democractic .Though this requires persistent enforcement .It is only the beginning .
In the midterm report , GEJ administration recorded some level of consistencies in the area  of policy and infrastructural development and project implementation .Breathtaking progress was made and  clarifies  the urge for policy consistencies  in the country .Others  include—
-------In the area of  power,the launching of power sector reform  roadmap with clear implementation framework  is a reaffirmation of the urge to resolve power crisis in the country.This also required or include a  reinstatement  of the Nigerian electricity  regulator commission –NERC .It was reincorporated and reinvigorated with efficient personel including its new chairmen ,and commissioners who took the oath of office for the purpose of execution and provision of  the appropriate regulatory  functions  to move the moribund sector forward .Power holding company or NEPA  was unbundled by this administration  and used to create 18 successor companies to promote efficiency in the generation and distribution of power in the country ;
---------In August 2011 ,Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Plc was formed including the appointment of its CEO and Board .With this enabling environment ,NBET PLC therefore become the offtaker of power  providing confidence to power generation  companies  that they will be paid for every power they produced .It is more or less a bulk market insurer and assurer.Moreover ,the administration promoted the use of energy efficient bulb and lighting system  under the so called energy efficiency and energy conservation lighting scheme.This was meant to create energy conservation culture .
---------The federal government entered into agreement with General Electric and the MOU stipulates that the company will invest 15 percent equity in  power sector projects  and about 10,000MW will be generated 2020.The company also proposes to establish small aeroderivative turbine s local packaging facility to promote job creation opportunities in the country ;
---------The memorandum of understanding –MOU with the U.S,Exim Bank was initiated to  provide investment window and raised stake 1.5 billion dollars for interested investors in the sector .Power generation has doubled under the administration from a ,mere 2,000MW to 4,502 MW by December 2012 being reported to be the highest ever since 1999.It was expected to reach all-time high of 6,000MW by july 2013 and 10,000MW by December 2013 though it failed to materialized.By 2013 almost all 10 major  power plants  under the national integrated power project-NIPP had  95 percent completion.The declaration of emergency in gas power supply has heavily boosted  power supply situation  steadily in the country.Prior to the intervention the nation suffers from heavy inadequacies of of gas .We now produce more gas than ever needed for domestic consumption ;
-----------Under a transparent bidding process  ,the power sector was successfully privatized  mainly the DISCOs and the power distribution companies .  This was aimed at promoting efficiency in  national power supply.Excludingbureaucractic bottlenecks ,with smooth transmission ,some parts of the country are experiencing 14-16 hours of uninterrupted supply daily .
------In the area of agriculture , 14 new rice mills came on board in 2012 with capacity to process  240 metric tones of rice set up by the private sector and a sum of 1.2billion dollars secured by the FGN.This was meant to install large scale processing mill with capacity to produce 2.1million metric tones of rice per annum.Generally, with this initiative and  a host of other policy packages adopted  as projected and envisaged led  to creation of 4 million jobs in 2012 especially in the rural areas .Young Graduates Commercial Farmers Scheme took off in 2013 with the  goal to absorb 780,000 jobs for the graduates in the first phase and estimated 4 million jobs  in the agricultural sector .in its first year .Today the Nigerian nation has reached 60 percent  in rice production.The food and agricultural organisatiuon-FAO noted with this feat ,the Nigeria can contribute immensely to raise in a year to a record high .The new goal by the ministry  of finance with clear goal to make the nation 100 percent self sufficient in rice production by 2015 helped in this direction.This will also bridged against forex wastage of 356 billion naira being spent on rice importation annually as well as curbing 40 percent of wheat imports  which currently consumed 635 billion naira annually by 2015.
---------Dried cassava chips began in July 2012 .This represented a mile stone or a first time in which such commercial scale of dried chips will be exportedand earned 136 million dollars in foreign exchange .The production of cotton has been rejuvenated and resuscitated  particularly in the northeast  and north western zones with government distributing improved cotton seedlings and freely disposed to farmers. It would interest you to know that the scrapping of petroleum trust fund –PTF  set back the seedling sector in terms of finance due to insensitive government and vulnerable world bank politics .This is a good development that we are starting all over again .Self sufficiency in cotton production and high quality will make the nation a highly competitive textile market in the world market .Before the end of the 2015 will revive the downstream and upstream of  textile  market in the country .The textile market was formerly the largest employer of labour after government in the 70s and 80s .
--------As the largest  producer of cassava in the world with 34 million  metric tons  per annum , Nigeria is beginning to increasingly  pay more attention to its value  additive  agro allied output potentials and a host of other staples .The agricultural transformation agenda  of the ministry of agriculture according to the midterm report attracted over 8 billion dollars into crop production ,agribusiness and a host other  forms of value addition ;
--------In term of fertilizer  distribution ,corruption was massively  reduced and previously 11 percent of farmers had access  to fertilizer  and the rest sold to government cronies and exported overseas .The administration has dismantled and burst the syndicate that had existed for 40 years  ,making fertilizer freely available to the people especially farmers .Based on the growth enhancement scheme-GES  of the ministry was purposely launched for the empowerment of the peasant farmers .With this scheme ,farmers received 50 percent fertilizer subsidy for two bags maximum .Through e-wallet system making use of mobile phones in 120 days , over 1.2 million farmers bought their subsidized products through this system .The e-wallet system is the first of its kind in black Africa  and a total of 138, 802 .7 metric tonnes of fertilizer distributed including 10,974.78 m.t. of the seeds in  various -517 active redemption centres  out of total 804 centres nationwide were also distributed .Countries are beginning to emulate wallet system .
--------World bodies including multilateral and bilateral agencies and donor institutions have expressed optimism at the broad based reforms and agricultural revolution taking the country by storm .They pumped  about 1billion dollars to agricultural transformation agenda of the administration .This include 500million dollar from World bank group  and another 250million dollars from African Development  Bank –ADB ,while the remnant flowed from Bill Gate foundation and international fund for agriculture development –IFAD ,united States Agency for international development –DFID in the U.K.,TonyElumelu  foundation ,Ford Foundation, United Nation Development programme-UNDPaccounted for the remainder and also provided technical support facilities ;
---------In the area of water  and water resources management ,the Presidential Summmit   organized in Feb.2013 on water was aimed to seek more ways  of effective usage and preservation of national water and to increase the availability of water .This is in line with United Nation  -U.N.July 2010 resolution on ‘’the right to water ‘’of 2013 .This formally acknowledges  every person’s right to water .The publication and the release of 2013 Annual  Flood Outlook report  for Nigeria’’was targeted  to the curbing of flooding menace and to prevent flood disaster repetition  according to the experience of 2012 .It evaluated flood mishap and scenarios ,analysed and cited highly affected places in 2013 .It also expected contribution from  members of the public on how to best control and anticipates flood disaster  especially with the increase of rainfall of 2013;
---------12 River Basins Development Authorities –RBDA were revitalized nationwide .They have contributed immensely to the growth in food production ,revival of equipment and facilities , revamp and rehabilitate  productions’ unit such as rice milling and bottling of water ,development of fisheries and fisheries production  etc.It enhanced redistribution and redevelopment of idle tools,improved water management, optimized technology use , within  basin catchment .For in the Chad and Hadejia –Jamara basins ,water resources ministry repaired Challawa Gates for water downstream flow .With nine dams completed in 2012 , about 125,000 jobs were created with ten irrigation projects deployed  for crop production and the completion of four other irrigation projects were commissioned .Sanitisation  Vs. Attitudinal Change Programmes for local residents were embarked upon in 125 local governments and 52,384 jobs created  in 2012 from the completed four irrigation projects  boosting farm productivity  and economic growth.;
---------OIL and gas is experiencing phenomenal facelift with a broadbased reform package of the administration.Mr President forwarded the national petroleum industry billto the national assembly  for passage into law.In line with global best practices and the Nigerian Extractive Industry  Transparency Initiatives-NEITI, it is vital that aproperly transformed oil  industry can singlehandedly turns the fate of the economy around.With this passage  and breaking the jinx of business sharp practices in the country ,Nigeria is expected to earn an historic and a whooping estimated 680billion dollars being contributed to the GDP  annually .Relentless efforts were made by the administration in battling against national treasury kleptocracy ,  crude oil siphoning  and subsidy theft in record numbers in addition to forensic scrutiny being undertaken by various agencies and national committees headed by Mr President ;
----------About 125 Almajiri schools and about three new additional public universities in the North  raising the total varsities established to 12 so far .About 352 laboratories  rehabilitated and 72 new libraries constructed in the unity federal schools . In all 51 federal and State  polytechnics ,existing libraries were also fully rehabilitated ;
---------About four  power generation companies  and 10 power distribution companies were fully privatized.While 10 power plants  under National Integrated  power projects –NIPP were planned for privitisation .The award of additional 1.5 billion dollars facility for upgrade of transmission network to stimulate and boost power generation and delivery above 18 hours daily .This was basically informed by the need for effective system evaluation and  solid distribution of power;
---------Even though it could have been drastically eradicated ,public waste and wastage of  public funds  especially on frivolous  foreign  travels had been heavily curtailed in all personnels ,government ministries ,departments and agencies .The deployment of three electronic platforms such as treasury single account –TSA ,Government Integratedfinancial management information system -GIFMIS.and the integrated payroll and personnel information system-IPPIS.
----------The population of private sector seed companies is growing exponentially from 10 to 70  in just one year .Over 7 billion dollars  have been invested in the expansion of  fertilizers  manufacturing  plants which will make the nation the largest  exporter of fertilizer in Africa like we did in cement .Agricultural lending as a share of bank lending rose to 6 percent  from 2 percent  in two years .

………….In the area of pension reforms  the administration has remained committed and problems of falsification of records,ghostpensioners,obsolete mechanism   and fraudulent siphoning of state pension funds .In this context , pension Reform Task team set up by MrPresident. The taskforce  has achieved the following;  the detection and deletion of  73 000 fake and ghost workers from head of service /police pension office ;monthly theft of 4billionaira stopped from national treasury ;the discovery of over 50,000unpaid pensioners in addittion to payment  of their entitlements ;200 properties seized and pension fraud suspects  were arrested by economic and financial crime commission –EFCC  ;and the introduction of foolproof pension management system .
Stay tuned  for Part four .
PART FOUR ---Transformation Agenda And Sustainable Development-2
………….In the rail sector  for  decades the Lagos-Kano train service prior to reactivation had been heavily moribund  which was ended by the inauguration of GEJ administration .Port Harcourt to Maiduguri  totally rehabilitated and Zaria/KauraNamoda rail route was under fix .The Abuja to Kaduna 187km rail project by 2012 was more than 30 percent completed .The Ajaokuta to Warri Standard gauge rail line that provides ease of less than 4 hours of travel between the middle belt and South South was completed .The Lagos-Ibadan could have been five lanes each under Bicourtney  now dualised with rail line initiated in 2011 .The Abuja-Light rail system is undergoing implementation meant to improve transportation in the State capital especially those in the Satellite towns .As at the time of going to the press , the Lagos Kano trains convey about 14,000 passengers daily at a minimum fare of 1,500 naira .
…………..With the churning out of modalities from the ministry of works for the execution of the dualisation of keffi-Laffia –Makurdi –Enugu -9th mile],the construction of roads in Nassarawa Benueand Enugu States had begun in earnest with funds form the export-import Bank of China .
…………..In 2012 a total of 651km of roads paved and laced with bituminous layers were constructed ;a total of 32 highway projects completed during the period .New roads and bridges were constructed following the devastating effects of floods in some parts of the country in addition to the reinstallation of washed out embankments  .The operation safe passage program me of the federal ministry of works  was unveiled on the order of Mr President .It was aimed at melioration of the road mishap or deplorable state of our roads during the festive season .The programs cover the six geopolitical zones in the country with focus on key roads which were fully rehabilitated .Out of 80 projects prioritized in 2012 , two completed and another three completed while 18 were between 50 to 79 percent completed Oronto Douglas special adviser on research ,strategy and documentation also noted virtually every sector of the economy was touched as GEJ administration attempted to leave the nation a much transformed country .
…………..In the area of aviation about 22 airports at the end of 2011 were earmarked for  rehabilitation .By October 2012 over 50 percent  had been commissioned for public operation and the rest scheduled for completion in 2013 .The ministry did not waste time under the former minister Stella Oduah to finish the job which earned indelible footprint on the sands of time and the best minister of aviation ever in the nation’s though the moniker did not come without a cost-air fatality did not abate .Today they were successfully remodeled and rehabilitated  and comparable to some of the best airports in the world.Over 10 billion was approved for the construction of new airports  and not just  remodeling .These new terminals covered Lagos ,Abuja ,Enugu , Kano , Port Harcourt as well as six cargo terminals under public-private participation .AkanuIbiam Airport came onboard in the East –the best federal project in the region since the civil war by a feral power –Indeed a true son of the soil.SamMbakwe Airport , Imo  Airport  was not left behind .So for the first time in 30 years ,22 airports were succcsfully remodeled and constructed .
All federal airports have also been successfully equipped with much needed facilities and latest navigational aids to facilitate and enhance air transport safety in the country .For instance O.Douglas noted prior to this administration ,the country had no Doppler weather radar system.This lack of much needed facility ordinarily hamper the Nigerian meteorological agency-NIMET  to accuratel predict and read movement  of hazardous weather systems in the Nigerian air space –a situation that the administration had corrected and many of such facilities had been across the airports nationwide .
………...The Nigerian rail service is coming  up after many years in doldrum and comatose .For a decade now ,Lagos-Kano  train service had been moribund  prior to inauguration or emergence of GEJ administration .Port Harcourt to Maiduguri heavily rehabilitated and Zaria /kauraNamoda  rail route was under fix and Abuja to kaduna rail route  about 187 km by 2012 was more than  30 percent completed .The Ajaokuta –Warri  standard gauge rail line that provides ease  of less than 4hours of travel between the middle belt and the south south was already completed .In 2011 Lagos –Ibadan rail line-a standard gauge project  was initiated. Several feasibility studies had been conducted which led to commissioning of new rail projects and new rail corridors concessioned to local and foreign companies and investors envisaged to generate 10 million jobs  for the past 2013 and then 2014 through  planned rail concessioning
In the year 2013 ,the administration also made giant stride in some sectors of the economy .With the emergence of 2014 ,in a new year message by Mr President who reeled out some of the achievements of the year 2013 he concluded the 2013 achievement would be consolidated upon in the  year 2014.In the synopsis of the presidential review ,some of the achievements of year 2013 as included are hereby  noted below ;
…………The transformation agenda was focused on key priority areas from infrastructure development to education and power .Inspite of the miasma of economic challenges , about 1.6 million jobs were created in year 2013 .
………….The commencement  and implementation of nation al industrial revolution plan –NIRP with the main goal of industrializing the country and diversification  of the Nigerian economy into new aresa such agriculture ,agroallied processing , light manufacturing and petrochemicals ;
………….The successful negotiation of a robust common external tarrif –CET agreement with  the community of west African States –ECOWAS and partners on the need for protectionism in favour of strategic local industries ;
………..Nigeria moved for the first time in history from being a net importer of cement to a net exporter  of cement with exponential rise of production from a mere 2million metric tones to in 2002 to 28.5million metric tones in 2013 ;
…………..Nigeria also for the first time in her history has become the no -1 destination for investment in Africa –an achievement that was attributed to the country by the United nation conference on trade and development –UNCTAD for the second year running ;
…………..In the area of agriculture revolutionary policy has been deployed to tackle unbridled corruption substantially especially in the fertilizer input distribution system  and new seedlings as farmers now obtain them at a far more subsidized rate.In the programme of 2013 about 4.2 million farmers received inputs at a heavily  subsidized rates  .This to a larger extent has restored sanity to local farmers and integrity to the nation ;
……………Excess food were produced during the period –a whooping 8 million metric tones in surplus bringing down official inflation down to its lowest ebbs since 2008 .Consequently ,the nation’s import bill was reduced from 1.1 trillion naira in 201 to 648 billion naira in 2012 which paved the towards food security – a situation if sustained can not only make nation self sufficient at home but also like Demark as food basket of Europe become the food basket of Africa and this can only be the beginning;
…………..Between 2007 to 2012 ,allocation to education tripled .It grew from 224 billion naira to 634 billion naira  .
PART FIVE ……….The Transformation Agenda and Sustainable Development-3

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