May 25, 2015



Blackfacenaija is a member of defunct popular plantation boiz as a
thriller-artiste anyday although grown with age has not lost any of
his swaggers and the magic charm that contributed to the hiphop
revolution of the 90s. In a reminiscence of the past in an interview
with the correspondence-Ibikunle Laniyan,he unveils his childhood
experience,educational background,love with music ,industry outlook
and challenges including his career rejuvenation and journey into the
future. Enjoy the reading-
A;Who Is Augustine Ahmedu ?
Q;Augustine Ahmedu .I am from Benue State from an extended family ,I
have like from my mum's side  we have like about five siblings and you
know i went to  Michael Gabriel Secondary School .I went to a School
in Otukpo where i did my primary school.After i left St.Gabriel ,i
went to IMT in Makurdi where i studied Business Administration .During
that time ,i have been like music,music ,music .I am from  Aghatu
, local government area of Benue state ,born in Obalende.So i am everything
 that has to do with music and sport.
A;How was growing up was like?
Q;Growing up was cool ,was okay ,wasn't so difficult,was just get by
but my father was not staying in one place from lagos to Calabar to
Cross River ,Ogoja ,we go to Obudu we move because he was in the force
you understand .
Q;The entertainment management companies or so called record
labels'business model is still not okay like the crash of storm record
,kennis and even chocolate city prior to recent merger with Lopy
record,what is your take?
A;Companies have different models.Am simply saying is because they
have different ways through which they operate .If  one is going down
because they are doing their own thing the way they feel that this is
what Nigerians want and they are not getting it right ,what am i going
to do to tell them to get it right .I dont know .Am just doing me ,am
just doing mine.So ,you understand what am saying .I think they should
continue their thing,maybe it would pay for sometime they should get
 am right.If they  want consultancy ,make them come out .
Q;Actually ,the industry does not have originality culture .Only very
few artistes like Fela,Asa and 9ice etc that we can boast of and beat
chest for,why is it so ?
A;The thing is originality cause a whole lot that ask for it.It does
not come overnight .But if it is in Nigeria in entertainment companies
that have changed the world ,once anybody is singing Makosa and the
person has a good tune with makosa ,everybody is singing makosa.If
somebody come out with a song that is like raggae tone dancehall
,everybody is doing raggae tone dancehall .Anybody selling purewater
,the next man is doing pure water.Omo that man don hammer.Na am i go
do so .When everybody is singing the same way like you say ,nobody is
singing .Do you understand nobody is singing .So,i dont have to like
copy someone .You know .I dont know why they always thinking for the
easy way out because copying somebody else rythm is the way out .  You
understand what am saying.So,if u know you  wanna do something to be proud of ,
you have to try and be original.Create.Dont go and copy somebody else .You understand.You are just
helping the person make a name for themselves.
Q;Foreigners are telling the Nigerian story like the Fela's film on
Broadway sponsored by Jay Z.Why is that foreigners are telling the
Nigerian story and not by Nigerians ?How many books and films written
and produced on Blackfacenaija?
A;There is one thing you have to understand everything has time.Fela
because when Fela was alive there was not a film like that Broadway
about Fela.Now ,there is one thing they say that nobody knows you
until you are dead .You know those kind of thing is all up there .Like they say
Blackfacenaija ,people in Tanzania may not know him but when they say
a singer in Nigeria blackfacenaija is dead then somebody say is
interesting let me do a movie about him
 Q:There is this local publication on April 2nd 2015 in a local media
that blackfacenaija signed a 52 million naira contract with Franchise
event -Is it true?
A: Dont mind these stuff.All this they just do i told you.All you need
to know that this is an industry  and in this industry ,people will do
everything to sabotage you .They will do everything to tell people
plenty money ,money don come...dont believe them na hype.
Q:Is it true that blackFacenaija has marital problems and that due to
financial problem your marriage broke apart?
A:No,i say people go always talk their own .The thing is-i have my
marriage with my wife and right now we have some kind of things we are
trying to settle.We are separated right now does not mean we have a
problem .It is not the first time somebody and wife are separated and
that everything is up for the better.So,what is their own .You know
they shouldnt worry.I sha dey,i dey okay ,make dem no worry about me.I
dey okay .My kids are fine,babe mama fin But am still thinking about make some movies about me make somedocumentaries put in archive.I dont think i can come up in no time but
gladly we have and one of those things that also come up as a result
of lessons one learnt in the music  industry.Those kind of thing you
have to go to the bank and they should give you like a loan that loan
you use to facilitate the project .When you go to the bank they cant
give you such loan and you know this is a huge  project that has to
meet up with standard of Nigerians.You cant embark on the project so
just wait you understand.
Q:Did your parent support your aspiration ?
A:Yes they gave me their blessing they were like saying wish you all
the best but it was they didnt think i was going to grow in music.They
always thought i will be the one to go to school and blah blah understand you know from youth but then they too were
farmers self.
Q:What does fashion mean to you?
A:Fashion is everything ,fashion is expression or how you want to be
seen or presented.
Q:If you were to choose your favourite artiste ?
A:Favourite artiste !Ah Omo favourite artiste i swear to God favourite
artiste dey very hard .My favourite artiste till today,i dont have a
favorite artiste in Nigeria .I dont have.   Q:Which words of
encouragement do you have for upcoming artistes who are struggling
with their thing and emerging brand?
A:For the young and upcoming artistes all i can say they should try
and be original .The road is not an easy road .The real adventure is
filled with ups and downs .You have to believe in your dream .Keep
working day in day out, keep pushing it keep writing the music ...
Q:When did you drop your last video ? You've been in limbo or your
videos for quite sometime now.
A:No,my last video is this year.I have a new single called Ikebe
Super-  a brand new video from my new album .Yea check it out.very bad
video(laughing,hysterical and exuberant)bad video (asseverating)you
should check it out .Ikebe Super directed by M.Doc,is bad (thumping
with full assurance as reporters chanted spinning head like a vertigo} Everything is
chilling coming up.
Q:With the new President-elect coming in,which efforts are you guys
making to stop piracy?Do you think the incoming government will do
something if you people are not pushing or sedentary?
A:Dont say that this govt.will do they will cover alot of thing.We
believe that it is as if i was waiting for this government to come
before my album drop.A lot of pirace has to be eradicated and when
that one happens we can move to the next level.They say God's time is
the best so all those pirates they better get ready because they will
be flushed out.No more selling of anything in the street carrying people’s job
 and sell and nobody will ask you questions.Be rest assured that buhari will ask you questions).
Q:I will like you to talk a bit more about the hiphop revolution of
the 90s with groups like Plantation boiz and Remedies.People say the
waves started from you guys.
A:Well the revolution started with Junior and Pretty trying to bring
their style.(`those rap
guys!')Yea it started from them.We use to have the likes of Jide Obi
,Harry Mosco etc.There are so many people that did a lot of stuff .It
did not start from us we just came and added our own inputs  to add
our flavour because their own style of music was different .It's still
the music and not to say it started from us-no no no.It did nt start
from us.We just only came and added something to show we all make an
impact on the music scene.
Q:In your first outing ever,how much were you paid ?
A:My first show ,i got paid on Rothmans group.I remember -Rothmans
group. That time it was 10,000naira per show and we have to do like
30shows-that 's about 300,000naira and that's not money for one show
right now.
Q:That time it was big money
A:It wasn't big money.
Q:Naira has value at that time
A:It has value  but  then .Yea it was big money at that time but we
would have all loved to be paid better {laughing boisteriously} .You
understand what am saying would have loved to be paid better.We didn't
Q:I think at that time Mark Adenegan was promoting shows and artists
like Blackky,Zubby Enebeli etc and had to stop because he complained
he was not making money which was been sponsored by one organisation
that time.Do you remember?
A:I don't know that organisation though but i don t know the way you
are saying it he was not making money .
Q:He gave reasons why he was not making money
A:I think the reason why was that it was a period in which other
companies left the country at that time.It must have been this
unbalanced piracy thing that was already cropping up .But now should
come back establish record companies .
Q:Which of the American artiste are you planning a collabo with?
A:I am doing a collabo with Yorkmouth .I have told him already and i
know is busy right now and in no time is going to get on the track.
Q:Which adjective qualifies you? Compassionate?
A:Am all a goal getter men.

Q:What do you think about the entertainment reality TV Shows like MTN
Project fame ,Nigerian Idol etc and the artistes they produced.After
sometime only very few of them made it career wise like Timi Dakolo
,Omawumi ,Inyanya Mbuk and Chindinma etc .What about Ayo
Makun,Anyasodo ,Wale and the rest of them ? Many are dead .Do they use
them to sell their brands or what?
A:Is all about your dreams.Darey Alade  he came second in the project
fame .At least if you see someone like that he had done a lot of
records some good songs but he didn't give up .So it's all about the
dream of the person aspiring because passing through that competition
is the first stage.Then the next stage after that ,then the next after
that making your music.
Q: Out of your five albums which one do you think is most challenging?
A:Ah! the most challenging is this one am doing now,is the most
challenging .

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