May 26, 2015


Comment/News Analysis ;I think by learning  lesson from Papa’s exit it means life is too short  .We should not procrastinate in whatever we do as long as it is within our means to do .
Mama Funmi Tijani-a veteran actress who acted in the Oduduwa film gave me  Papa’s  phone contact the same way he gave me Femi Brainard ‘s contact.But unfortunately ,this thief of time ‘’Procrastination’’ vices prevented me from conducting the proposed interview with the late thespian as scheduled riding on the high range of camaraderie we shared on phone  as I have never set my eyes on him before in person .Papa was fond of his aficionados and those with intention to promote his profession and so I was not the only Man to share good ideas with him .But it was quite memorable due to robust initiatives I came up with and prompted his ecstasy .This  was so painful when she announced the exit  on my facebook page a day or two after the news broke out .
I wouldn’t want to complain of financial lack and I regret this action having being cheated by procrastination .I discovered why our domestic theatre was moribund and dying and I decided to brief the thespian about it .Perhaps one can use his influence as household name to take charge and correct the distortion.
What was the idea all about? Simple .In one of our several phone calls ,I asked a couple of questions and told him;’’Sir do you people –theatre practitioners  have a newspaper, a magazine  or a tabloid for the domestic theatre industry in addition to prominent electronic media programmes on air ?’’
‘’Oh no ,especially for the newspapers or the print’’ he replied with his baritone lungpower.
‘’Oh no wonder , that was responsible for the perennial decline of the theatre in the country and to correct the distortion is to return theater back to prominence’’
‘’That’s nice a idea ,we really don’t have,there’s none .’’
And then I went ahead to cite a sample and compare and juxtapose  industry ‘s experience as foolproof of the effect of this missing link .A good follower of the music industry would agree with me that hiphop revolution of the 90s and the revival the music industry recorded beginning from the period can be linked to giant strides of Kennis Music  on  Raypower  and theb hip hop Magazine owned by Ayo Animashaun-the same brain behind HEADIES Award in the same hiphop genre was responsible in 1994-95 period .This media campaign promoted group like Plantation Boiz and Remedies etc.
This played a prominent role in the revival of the industry that has rebranded the Nigerian economy as a top destination for music tourism and a great employer of labour for the Nigerian youths.This cannot be  far from the truth .How much more when introduced into the theater industry and the cumulative impact it could have on the economy.
Our home video is largely underdeveloped given the fact  that domestic theater in India accounted for 74 percent of total revenue .Pa Robinson –gone too soon.The vacuum has been created and just like Onifade noted who will fill it now?Adieu! Robinson

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