July 15, 2016


She was a piggish farm ,a piggy pigsty
And a pigheaded piffle and a fraternity of a
Riding pickaback fury of vicissitude , picador
 of physical jerks ,
Hobnobbing in a picky with no lever to burst
the picket fence,
A phlegm that defies dose of physic ,wining sashay
To the lust of prodigal satyrs.  

Shallow bud , seafarer of broken ship ,on the scrounge
 Scrum  of scrimpy loathe and a scarlet woman who detests
  thrift  ,
And whose patina of pathos  , dancing sapphire of satiated
Penny wise pound foolish ,pilloried and pounced upon
 by motherearth,
With a rod in the pickle , a pawky humour  of miserabilists
Hidden beneath jaundiced sands of time .

Her Romeo , a pilgrim father of pile on the agony ,
Neither  neat as a new pin nor care a two pins and
Pin back ears ,
Invertebrate sloths of time,goaded by no piece de
 resistance  ,maketh no pile ,
Enveloped with the vibes and piety of pious hope,
Pink elephants of nitpicking pips and fractured dusk .

Does a nighthawk brings home the bacon ,with the
 bough  of senility ?
Far be it from being oarsmen of gilded bay ,for an oasis
In the desert ,
Obscurantists of desert oars must be schooled by mishits,
Mishaps are verdant plowmen  of bud-nipped bibliomaniasis
Obloquy! Obloquy!! Obloquy !!! rows the boats down to
The nethers from oblonged dusk.

The sensuous  doth behold ,the percolating ogres of senile
bough ‘s obloquy,
And  they wand voila of vociferous vouchs across public squares,
Not plainsailing as it seems ,but it’s no oil painting and the antique
Of parsimonious ogres ,
Not yet a pointilistic  liniment for the jetsam and puppets of
Punctured pungent,
Doff not your hats for this peak-o-philiac  and Pandora boxed
pas de deaux .

Held hostage in a parrot paragon of parrot fashion,paralyses
The longsighted with the sentinel beyond the longitudinal,
Of the  macabre,
Is long headed with the ample rotund ,to draw the parachute  
Of the longbow  across the broad-waves ,
Sweatshop of  conscience ,Macebearers of conscience,an open
wound ,
Cease the madhouse and hopping mad of maelstrom  ,for a glorious

Many ado of peachy ringing bells gutted by pigeonhole and frostbitten
By penny pound pound foolish fruitcakes,
To relinquish gilded bays and pest ridden penury ingrained as the
Heirloom of morose earth ,
Let mother-earth not maroon the nutcased nozzles and noxious palms
mickey mouses .

From its theft of pigeonhole  and close fisted sheath of ossified oysters
Of the world,
Let them not die with the middens of the days of yore and locusts,
A mischance that could take only millennia of nosy-parkering and
swallowing peptic  pills, to burst off the noddles .
Shallom ,woollenheaded senile bough !

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