July 21, 2016


Korede Bello , a singer ,instrumentalist and  student of mass communication at the Institute of Journalism -N.I J. was born in Lagos  on the 29th of February ,1996.Korede a soul singer , composed his first official single when he was in secondary school and was given the support he needed by his parent.While his father loved indigenous music the mother was fond of foreign music .

Such symbolic and passionate gesture was noted when his father bought him his first guitar and even paid for his studio session , having determined to put their money in whatever would make him happy.The inspiration came from his parent who were diehard music lovers and when he got into secondary school , he started writing  his songs,even though when  he was at  primary six , he formed his first music group and also composed his first song .

Apart from being a nightcrawler and sometimes occupied by endless studio sessions ,which dissatisfied his mother , he had no issues at all with his parent and was fond of his name or brand name  ''korede '' meaning ko re dele ,bring home good tidings or it means also harbinger of good tidings .This was also an inspiration because he want listeners and fans to be blessed by his music.As a soul singer,though yet to have an album  ,he draws a lot of inspiration from Asa and Tuface etc inspires him to touch lives by composing good music and also popular music.

When he released a song called ''forever'',it enjoyed rave reviews ,giving him instant fame and a solid link to Don Jazzy 's friends who were dumbfounded by the immense talent of a mere rookie. This song opened the way for Korede who was invited by Don Jazzy with his manager ,Casmir for  a studio session and that was it and the rest as they say  is history.The single ''Forever '' was the track that influenced the kingpin of music to label him a super megastar,after listening to it  .

When he got signed to Mavin record like Dija and Ricardo Banks ,on 28th of February , 2014 , he released ''African Princess''as first single ,featuring Don Jazzy .He won admiration from huge fan base including women after his performance in Marvin's Dorobucci .Korede is a religious person going by his comments , on T.I.N. Magazine .According to the source , he said '' the more alcohol free ,you are ,the better your health and the happier you become '' He further noted ,''secondly ,having a clean lifestyle attracts less drama ,exercising ,planning , eating good food and being positive always will make you happy ''

Then he concluded''lastly ,i dont think ,anything can make you happier than being at peace with God'' .In 2015 , when korede released his best ever till date a banging hit single '' GODWIN '' he became not only an instant hit everywhere but a household name fulfilling Don Jazzy 's prediction that had earlier  labeled him ''Super Mega Star ''When you work in a satisfactory environment ,you are likely  going to turn out your best .He was satisfied with his working environment ,evidenced by his statement or comment about Don Jazz.He said 'working with Don is one of the best feelings, an artiste could ever  have .Jazzy is a living legend , so,  every moment with him in the studio is always productive .And the amazing  thing about the Marvin boss is that he's open to ideas and he's extremely  funny .Don Jazzy is a living legend and one of the greatest musicians alive'' he boasted .

Godwin, that banging hit  is noted to be one of the hottest singles of 2015 , and reputed to have topped many charts for weeks and that increased his fan base at home and abroad.The song drew a lot of controversies when it was first performed in a church and drew ire that worldly  singers should not be allowed to perform in a church of God .But a lot of people including fans old and young gave him the needed support .Apart from several nominations and awards , or as Africa peace ambassador , in 2015 ,he got the biggest break of his career and a chance of a lifetime to perform at the Presidential Inauguration dinner , a rare chance that many veteran musicians could  only dream of or wish from afar.

Awards and endorsements include the Indigenous and Revelation Of The Year and then two awards ''TUSH All Youth Awards ,2011 and also The Most Wanted Artiste ,Hype Awards 2012 ;He won R n B Single Male ,Yem Awards 2012;He was the Young Promoter of Cultural Heritage , THE GONG Africa  News Magazine ,2012.Korede on the 1st of July ,2015 signed a multimillion naira deal with a telecom company , GLO as one of the certified brand ambassadors.

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