July 20, 2016


Watch out for the new single that challenges you to be at your best and If you desire to shoot for the stars , this new single ''LIVE YOUR DREAM '' a new track from our own delectable Simi speaks volume of the power of music .In a new collabo with a BETTER DAYS RAPPER '' D-Truce , she seems to wow her audience ,taking her music to the next level and you need to hear the song first to inspire you .By following the link below-http://www.x3mmusic.com/live-your-dream/ , you transform  your spirit today by first changing what you think.

Many a time we feel like quitting , one needs a good inspiration and the best food of the spirit or for the soul is that which comes from the power of music especially relevant tracks that appeals to our situation in particular.It has the power to uplift a depressed soul or disheartened  spirit .Simi's song came at the right time in a country where many great minds are abandoning their passion for the line of least resistance and easy way out .In one of the interviews i did with blackface ,he was pissed off by Nigerians taking the easy way out and not ready to go the whole hog.Please listen to the song using download link to transform your spirit today.

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