July 18, 2016


As they say ''responsibility makes a man '' is an age long  adage but the word is more than that as we explore its strategic influence on the nature of existence .Understanding its optimum use  enhances practice of development in mordern society .
As long as we know that we are in  the ministry of purpose we are similarly  well aware of our true  sense of identity as a bonafide client of the ministry of responsibility  or  unpolished ministry of mission .Our true purpose in life which measures our critical essence as earthlings is denominated by the utmost value of responsibility which we undertake or not in life .There is this strange old adage that responsibility makes a man and so life in general computed as a totality of nature .
However life as we know it, is full of responsibility that its value lies in the ministry of  purpose or in the very purposeful  incentive with which it is executed .Life without responsibility is equiproportional to nature that detests no vacuum and not motivated by any challenge.The point at which human needs and liability meets ,a target is achieved and a responsibility born or reborn .This same causal  point creates impulse and that impulse is necessity  with which it is executed .
Ordinarily, when human need changes ,this routine as allied responsibility  also changes even though certain routines  are immutable  .Little wonder as they say necessity is the mother of invention  .The mode of short  term  responsibility  popularly known as routine that virtually everyone undertakes  when speculated on a long term ,with it, it is possible to differentiate human brand  including its purposeful affinity .As purpose changes routine and routine  changes   responsibility and responsibility changes human brand ,the nature of event including  ecology of condition –a spill over of transformative impetus  in human thoughts , human brand in the long run is equipped with the capacity with model behavior to overwhelm entanglements enroute achievement or fulfillment .But it does not know whether  its effect is applied by impact evaluation and immediate impact multiplier .Hence we know the quality of the  routine  is determined in the long run by its impact multiplier as  indicated by the quality of its purpose  .
An out stretched vision  as meteored by dreams provides the steam and requisite buffer and rudder for the mintage of purposeful mission inclusive of  its meaningful  or compatible responsibility or its   routinized operations.If after impact is evaluated are there lasting multiplier ?Most routines like bowel movement ,it doesn’t add up.Once shortlived effect is defecated if any ,impact wanes ,exit and very purposeful incentives embedded in the routine or routine  tasky therapy driven by ambition , are disjointed  and detached from realities or a task at hand .Therefore ,a visionary missionary of purpose better quantifies productive routines and is capable of stimulating and accelerating universal justice  and common progress of mankind .Though such ministry not devoid of ambitious wile s and caprices of the A-I-P ,nevertheless ,drawbacks can be easily eliminated not mud-drag the  true essence of routine being periodically wisely invested by nature to pay off elements  of social debt  out standings.
Destinologically ,it is on good authority that the value of  responsibility in a responsibility enterprise economy is tied to the amortization of social debt  that humanity is purposefully under obligation to pay. And as the routine appreciates in line debt valuation movement  appreciation ,the value of allied responsibility also appreciates .In the absence of such visionary industry and visionary ministry,as value declines,on existing outstanding , social debt   further accumulates .This complexities derail ,deleverage and decelerate the progress of mankind .As dual or more routines and responsibilities in this fringe enterprise   competes,  they tend to accumulate networth and appreciate in value to fight for societal relevance and inculcate ability to pay off this debt if indeed they can .
Social debt such as racial discrimination and racial profiling, tribalism , capital greed ,imperialism ,mass poverty ,unemployment ,inequality of wealth ,crisis and wars .Above all legal instability as stimulant of of competitive injustice hitherto touted as competitive justice by warped ethos has come to proliferate inspite of gigantic leap in modern civilization.This precarious trends occur as a result of ambitious depravity of the arts,anti-constructive routines has made life far more unequal than even in the ancient.
Human responsibility has value but do they have direction? It means in the long run even the value declines in absence of such directives guiding routinized operation and the targets and responsibilities packaged with it .Does it amount to a breach of universal purpose  as driven by egalitarian propensity of humanity to exist in harmony ?Unless self moral persuasion , it could be arduous providing to such difficult phenomenon in this  volatile age ,driven by racial and tribal greed and the increasing population of unrivaled social debtors as it were from the ancient doomed to die .
Ordinarily , from generation to generation and from age to age,  the proportion of this social debt ought to decline in a natural proclivity as civilization advances which is possible with the cumulative rise of objective followership vis-√†-vis the proportional rise in the quantity of world population .But unfortunately as mass knowledge proliferates or exponentially increases ,the proportion or  population of objective followership ideologists and strategic thinkers ruderlessly declines.In this vastly growing unproductive routines of modern age that can be regarded  as the most intimidating anathema of all ages ,value of responsibility declines . With the incommensurate pattern of this structural disparity and growing imbalance, social debt exponentially increases and world civilization perks ignorantly on a time bomb and bottle or kettle of gunpowder primed to burst - unpremeditated .This is beyond the comprehension of modern avant-garde and the integrity of modern civilization equally  declines; not because the debt liabilities sprouted but rather unproductive routines escalate  and objective followership around the world declines.
Do we brainstorm for a change ?How much more shall we be saved without a rudder or buffer in an age driven by racial and tribal politics ,capitalist greed and especially  hate crime that is  poised unknown to its architects to dovetail into yet another perilous war never seen before in mortal history.We are at our wits ‘s end knowing not where we are headed and  fully well aware of our incapabilities ,nebula and how to venture in the bobby trap and muddy waters of life and acrimonious politics bankrolling human society and blanketing its ambience and cadence over the last 500 years of modern age .
With a bevy of complexities ,it seems that we are stuck in this protrusive vicious cycle as it were over the Noachian that never fails to relent, recycle and flags its size and zeal of hate crime worldwide .Indeed ,woe betide mankind indulging in era of bestiality and hounded with unparalleled  betternoire predilection as strictly bespoken by its buccaneers to wipe out so called inferior races of the world .Bugbearing from this most complex puzzles of  modern age ,seemingly ,there is no way forward for the larger swathe of mankind hibernating the surfaces of the earth .It is becoming increasingly difficult in to find a commodious platform within the larger spectrum  of the survival of the fittest contest defeating the ultimate purpose of their earthly existence .Man is created equal but inequal civilization everywhere has corrupted man making mankind far more inequal than even in the age of Neanderthal .
Coldblodded human savages ,cognoscentis of remorseless  Machiavelli and diabolism ,cognate cohorts of the geneology of social Darwinists and Marxist-socialists ,the racist enclave of the Jim Crow era and kluklux clan enclaves and Bismarkian nationalists and the entire stock of Caucasians increasingly in their successive generations inspite of monumental contribution have increasingly been a  threat to the peace and general tranquility of the world .With the tireless spurt of racial aggression  and the urge to wipe so called ignoble race dragging the dignity of mankind onto mud ,the entire species of  homosapiens perpetually under siege until the intervention of Karma.This precarious trends however still remains the greatest challenge of mankind in the rise and fall of great history and great culture .
Unless a higher civilization dawns on us ,it maybe very difficult to bring under control this strategic power base of world civilization  and surmount its excesses .In this benumb our hands are tied as mankind in general under sun  and confounded by these impossibilities but with the possibility of a greater war than any ever seen  to once again determine of superior of races.As we navigate our intent into centuries to come ,the bland appearance of this fickle posterity can not be disputed  severely bleak or far more uncertain than ever before in the history of mankind .AS coldhearted men declines ,the comedians of evil ,haunted by capitalist hauteaur  have mortgaged the destinies .So we cannot underestimate or demystify the possibility of comeuppance and its combustibility pawns of the unseen ages .Surely ,nature always retreats with karma and its laws invariably say so and not disputed also by the combatants of history.
We are confined within the complexities of conundrum ,the congenital congestion of its moral imperatives or the constipation of its dwindling and debased value system with unbundled laceration of compassionate and  empathetic  universe. Everywhere we go ,compassion is dead and empathy is long interred where freedom had long age become a fugitive .
It is becoming increasingly evident that we are confronted and confounded with the  fact that the ministry of purpose is long confiscated  and annexed by savages ,the brutes and the confraternity of purpose upon which human civilization evolved its struggles so much to get attention to attain the pedestal or at best  no longer exist.Does imperialism or post colonialism amount to rational human purpose?Brutality on the rampage ignited by brutes of hell and the death of compassion is accompanied by similar demise of apathy - its conjugal and identical twin brother .Thus the fate of modern society hangs in the balance .Within the constituency of what we think and the jurisdiction of human instinct ,we are mauled by this malediction and its repercaution and sustainability of modern society at large ; let alone unravel the ignoble sources and the determinant of racial struggle ever  wriggling out its unfolding event and nebulous hodgepodge.This shall soon and I make bold to say again results in brutal war that no man worth its rationality ever plead to happen ,pleading rather to contain its struggle .
However ,it may be a consolation that nature offers  to aid the gigantic leaps of the last half of millennium unprecedented growth .It is rational to assume with the same ideology or belief that  the social Darwinists had risen to power,to alter as they will human destiny to their own taste  ,with the same course of ideology ,they shall soon be swept away unmoored  into backburner of history .With history constantly reestablishing its superiority and moral  intuitive authority ,recycling the most disturbed epochs of the rise and fall of human civilization,soul purity ought to mature ,thus consummating the labyrinth of the ages.After the herald and consummation of the envisaged perdition ,shall we start a new ?Of course ,we will and every man now-his brother’s keeper .
It is not exactly possible  that larger swathe of mankind would learn from this anathema and aftermath and human instinct and certainly mores has not changed a bit as it were over the period under review especially considering the psychological effect of the brutalities of 1st  and 2nd world wars .From times ,immemorial until the time larger humanity had lived enough civilized to learn ,such actions had been in most cases regrettable and shameful yet the influence of historical empiricism hardly thrives enough  to apply the moral virtues . Our constant loss of memory  can be attributed to the lack lustre gestures to learning from experience  sailing backward to recycle and repeat  the most infamous parts of human history .
Indeed to be frank , we are puzzled by the unknowns ,the unstable and uncertain of the posterity  of man  under sun.In this war of  attrition  ,everyman for himself and God for us all ,the devilish thought and his unconciliatory nature harbors social distrust .To protect his dignity and the  integrity of his family is a matter of status and status building rather than his love for mankind ,his people ,race or tribe in general .Why is it so? This is because self preservation is the very law of human nature and status building rest largely upon self defence –a foolproof to the fact that there is nothing like freewill.
The purpose for which we live had been defeated in general  given the inadequacies of human civilization which has corrupted mankind.The original nature or the very first nature of man is lost or long buried the moment an earthling is old enough to use his natural instinct devoid of parental influence.To a larger extent due to competitive rivalry to survive ,the milk of human kindness or compassion is sacrificed in most cases as man attempts  to build his reputation and social status .He also sacrifices his sense of justice for what is in vogue in an attempt to belong or arrive or compete with the whole caboodle of bandwagon cascade .With the death  of human rationality ,it becomes very difficult to eradicate injustice in mortal society .This kind of intellectual depression can be called Jump th bandwagon depression –JBD.Are we then truly responsibly responsible to the true common course that unifies humanity?Through the acts of omission,in this regard  ,social debt balloons.
Shirking collective responsibility is a great threat to our common bond and as we undermine the value of such responsibility not just human responsibility which by nature pay their quota in the protection and fulfillment of mortal destiny ,perdition of common course is certain and the soul of human progress someday may  be threatened without reprisal . The need for human ,social ,political and economic responsibility  and the entire  categorical gamut of it to pay off social debt out standings  perpetually maintains or  upkeeps social projects  and general progress of mankind and also are the rituals that must be paid to advance human civilization as it were since the Neolithic era.
However,  at  this point it can be argued human responsibility and the individuals and individuality factor to honour its obligation timely or as at when due might clash with the essence of collective responsibility  as categorically enthused above but that the balance to keep harmony between the various dissections  must however be maintained to promote the progress .JBD VIRAL AILMENT is responsible for this disconnect that requires moral surgery to rebalance or rebase  debased value system  manipulated  earlier to lose balance of logical realism  between  insensitive and most ration elements of the society. The quantum leap in social instability can also be linked in favour of this ailment,even the balance it could enjoy a sizeable lead in its preeminence .
Unarguably ,  obligations almost like routines are human responsibilities which when consummated in the most affordable manner  begets and secures a better standard of living for its beneficiary .Conscientiously ,it is agreed that vision and the ministry of purpose that encapsulates dreamland zone including vision are requisite guide into the ministry of human responsibility or mission.Mind you as we know strategic planning goes before a purpose ,the careful exposition of vision and the task at hand be easily apprehended in reference to such plan .Sometimes it goes both ways especially when you review your plans  but there must  be a purpose before such planning and also tends to refresh ,recalibrates and relive it as if it was fresh opening up human progress  on a much maligned note .
The value of responsibility as interred   in each components and law guiding  it including its triune passage required to amortise itself cannot be exonerated or excised from normal  functioning of the state  .With the accumulation of planning ,planning resources and enlightened  vision ,strategic thinking changes for visible transformation to be noticed or begin  in the life of individual prior to mutation to collective responsibility .The obligatory components of responsibility both material and non material intangibles  such as action , adventure ,goals, human need ,commitment and dedication,selective and general routines and above all ,education can patchy way of life in promoting social progress.When observe these elements as we are wont to do ,we are already self –made in this ministry of purpose aligned to missions and having taken a firm decision ,proper planning and understanding of its vision ,even an indolent mind would be encouraged to execute such purpose and pursue it  .Social debt is paid as we navigate towards our expected ends or fulfillment .
By observing these obligatory  components ,as at when due we are known as responsible or not drawing wealth of experience from the optimal value of human responsibility at a given period .It also speaks a lot about the worth of human responsibility and humanity respectively ,its depth of integrity ,self-esteem and the integrity of human persons  at a time.No one advises us to do it ,we just do it .Though negotiable but it is a must a mandate for the day –an empirical evidence that man is guided by the laws of responsibility including law of action ,law of faith,seductive law of sight  ,laws of providence ,requisition and restitution  -an indispensables s they measure changes in human need.
To keep these  obligations  is to keep the law or such responsibility or strict observance of responsibility .There is no control or coordination from outside forces with these elements ,we determine of our responsibility at every point in time including the extent to which we can philosophize failure or success .Or how to take action perfect action, master completely or on a partisan basis or whatever we v not practiced before .sow or nor reap or harvest ,exploit or perfect conditions or not let alone exploit ,procrastinate or not procrastinate ,build routines buffer or not ;persist or not persist.These are timeless assets and liabilities that drives human creativities with a reward that must be earned when they are surmounted and riven towards wits end of artists in question. The tardier we decide on these crucibles ,the more faltering we become losing time tested values to TTS syndromes .
By adding value to responsibility ,a rational being ought to know how to profit from them and actions do not have to be perfect ,neither despair nor until you mimic a system of successful actions  including its winning methods before one can break even. This gives room for learning on the jobs or trial and error evening learning is the best over time a determined person can struck apparent oddities. It is pretty absurd to abandon today’s for tomorrow’s responsibilities .What we can do today is worth well doing today and no need to postpone ;for procrastination as they is the greatest thief of time .If you want tomorrow ,tomorrow today may never come .If you want tomorrow today ,then you should start valuing tomorrow that is yet to come  today .This is best achieved by seeing and valuing today’s responsibility as your cardinal time investment for the tomorrow that is yet to come .
The best of life , gratitude ,love ,affection, empathy,sympathy , compassion ,passion and diligence can be shown and sown into today .We have been told that tomorrow’s is never ours even when we plan or wish greedily it comes  but we can massively invest in today for a brighter tomorrow –like they say -a bird in hand …. Do we get clarity about where we are headed or what we want to do  ? Or how do we master those system that has helped others ?How do you attract affection of outside forces in terms of constructive relationship  and meaningful  engagement that would you to your expected ends ?How do we realize it does not make sense  to wait for the environment to change ?O r wait for it to change first before we make a move  ?Do you need to be sharp to see if so how, what   and when ? It is not enough to aim BUT HOW DO YOU SHOOT AT THE RIGHT TIME? Understanding these  strategic  imperatives  tend to add value to human responsibility  and can enhance mental and psychological alibi and sedentary perspectives of these elements eaten raw and burnt by thieves of time or by inadequacies of moral exuberances.
Understanding  the place of human responsibility has a lot to offer and  to do with the habbit ,habbit formation and individual customs that encapsulates the signification of this responsibility .By the force of mutual resistance ,you can fail woefully and by the force of mutual gravity ,you or we can be stereotyped and programmed subconsciously towards success .As we peruse better human responsibility and taking the drive in the right direction ,we can alter or change our destiny  in the most affordable way possible .Not until we are capped by its success ,do we know ,we are in the right direction or in the right place or have done well .So success is the most satisfactory climax of human activity and indeed the true climax of  human responsibility and its sustainability can be   Importantly harnessed to castrate failure and that can be the most beautiful achievement in a person’s life enabling mankind to honour his responsibility that nature places at its doorsteps .
In an epitaph at a local park it reads ‘’play at your risk ‘’the same applies to mankind and at our risk ,we assume that can make or mar us and at our risk ,we assume it for failure or success. We couldn’t have existed in the first place without it  and we must be  abreast or peruse the type of responsibility we undertake .Hence a calculated risk is far better than a jump on the high sea . .

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