July 19, 2016


Although we might have come this far our ability to recognize the most profound change baring vividly before our very eyes is often befuddled by the need to actualize it and albeit tinkering with the pattern needed to attain it.Without a credible structure we are almost baffled that  the tinkering persist without shame .Our voyage into time and our ability to conquer space is vanity if we fail to sustain the great ability that fate had empowered us with as mankind to build .In that obligation the destiny of mankind is salvaged .
We find it hard to do ,much less attempt to put an end to economic  crisis that occasionally stares us in the face of teething despair and candid grief of furious times and seasons .At that hollow end , we still latch onto ,when our civilization is burning evaporating its values and virtues on the altar of racial discrimination and fraudulent policies and ideologues that perennially vanquish the hapless nations of the world .The birth and rebirth of human civilization still at the threshold of divisive predilection of the great powers not intended to traverse beyond antecedence of golden age of rancour  and social disharmony –an era through which human history has been brought to its lowest ebb  and still certainly disturbed by the horrendous memories of her history and the relentless drives of human savages that plead so dearly that the earth nay its richest resources still belong to them .With flawless brigandage  had taken its theft to regard millions of souls  dying of starvation  and economic  and economic depression  all over the world as no gooders as destined to perish .According to social Darwinists it is fitting that they should perish and new and mightier race flourish from the kith and kin to fill the void .
Culture,customs and traditions everywhere are under threat of extinction including a larger swathe of over 6,000 global languages stand the risk of endangered species probably before the end of this millennium  or so .We live at the threat of lives and the demographical ,ethnocentric and geographical repression and global imperial powers of those who had shortchanged  human civilisation is currently reaching a scary dimension that it takes only  decades  for the remnant façade of cultural heirlooms  of this hapless region  to be wiped out and we are left with nothing  but heavily divided  earth at the risk of tireless wars and perpetual economic crisis .
We are still yet to wade into the threshold for the melodramatic changes in our relationship not only to the environment but more importantly ourselves. .The same prejudice in self immolating kind inherent in the massacre of 6 million German Jews during the second world war  has not yet abated  especially with the weaponisation of diseases  such as HIV-AID  among  various  bickering policies of great powers .What of the so called Aryanism and nuclear arms race had changed only its dimension and masqueraded only its political depth but they  lie only in proximity to shape our thinking  and understand our fallibility of human nature .Our collective mass seemed to have  altered by common  indignity bestowed on the so called ‘’rejects’’ of history by great powers .
How are we define the word ‘’superior race ‘’ and the ‘’primitive race ‘’and what notion do the imperialists have to subdue ,submerge and regard cultural values alien  to their territories as primitive and still yet fail to realize their contribution to world civilization.
Those who lay the foundation are they not far superior to those who build the house or build upon it ?If the foundation is faulty as the holy book says what can the righteous do?And if we fail to cross this threshold of racial acrimony and  regional animosity to discover new dawn of camaraderie our enduring influence over time and space to build a formidable arsenal is strictly limited ;for we fail to recognize the original builders of the house .Certainly with the duo at loggerheads the entire world civilization ,the entire world civilization  may soon collapse and possibly a new structure entirely devoid of capitalism and even communism would soon be created.Mark my word that is most ideal thing to do it must exit western civilization based on sectarian interest and a truly global civilization in which every region is a participant especially having a say in every world trade talks in which teaties and conventions are subscribed on mutual equity and consensus interest  heavily protected  otherwise carnage or mass pogroms  would   persist and bleed innocents to death by intermittent wars.
Today ,it is worth remembering with their collective control  of global leadership and imperial rough edges for it to mend fences with the so called primitive peoples to exit animosity ,pacifying the disgruntled elements from its self imposed booby traps for a future soft landing  given the fact the law of karma is real . However one doubt such penchance and the possibility of a fatal crash is more than real and sure than at any period in human history ;for they fail to discover the truth or deliberately ignore its salvation .This bland tides of remorse is responsible for the rise and fall of great powers from the early to late antiquity onward to the exit of Yugoslavia and Old Soviet,often failed to reprimand themselves of self imposed evils of their time .What was the end of those perpetually keep its neighbor barbarians from the Greeks to the Roman and even the fate  of Holy Roman Empire .
According to the vision of my head and alarm that lingers ,it will certainly crumble like pack of cards and new structure emerge  .Will this take us another ten thousand years to build considering the pang and pains of previous stretch of history and tasky voyages wade by mankind to come this far ?OR Will it takes us another  500 years of exponential growth of western civilization? This road or bridge  we do not pray to cross.Certainly , racial bitterness is at the root of western economic crisis as payback time for years and decades and centuries of evils .

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