September 30, 2016

WE ARE NOT ONE -Part one

  The indomitable task of making Nigeria one is a lifelong battle that had taken more than half a century to mature and still counting ,with no clear cut signals at getting to Nirvana.In this Prose-fiction,Ibikunle Laniyan ,the blogger tell a good story about the problem with Nigeria in a 600 page thriller of which excert are pulled out below.Enjoy the reading and be healed by history,nature's only golden book . 

As the sunset rose through its murky waters ,Hafsat finally heaved a sigh of relief ,in the new found home of a good Samaritan .Exuberant on the Car seat as Femi drove her home on a pleasure trip once again ,as two lovers , bamboozled by salacity and somewhat convinced by pertinence ,headed for a honeymoon .His bows of love were strung,each drive took on a dimension of its own ,with branded craft of steel , he had mastered for  so long in manipulating ladies but not so fallaciously ,carrying clay pots of egalitarian propensity ,with them ,applying  rigidly the golden rule in all circumstances ,that bars not gates of justice and freedom wherever they are mounted .His libidinous breeze freshened but not faded but at last blew steadily ,on a vertiginous plane .On Hafsat signals ,this shaft was thrust hastily into immediate action and long before ,she could even come , to the realization  of this good gesture ,Femi ‘s tarry to pay homage to his love ,was safely back in check.Aclose fitting action ,for a girl,an orphan  thrown on the street by  a wicked landlady ,whose cry and agony  ,ambushed the good Samaritan vehicle ,at dusk,in a 40 miles travel that ended in the adjacent street and Femi ‘s abode that was next to the landlady property.Femi Alakija ,the son of a late oil mongul ,Bashiru Alakija ,who left hundreds of filling station and a good score of properties at home and abroad .Naturally enough ,she was delighted,to be living in a well furnished apartment ,gotten by Femi and sent her off the street .They had gone out  once and she gave him a phone call ,for the succulent outing, to discuss pledges,he made to her .
As they say  ,one good turn ,deserves another  ,though in this case ,Femi was still firing the first salvo .Thrusting behind her memory of anxiety and distress,grief and despair ,she suffered since the death of her parent in a ghastly motor accident ,on reaching Ore at Ondo State .Femi seem to have a graet influence on her emotion and had somehow forced her to change her emotion and once again ,give the a posterity ,once again .He had summoned other men to a corporate meeting when her phone rang and the motion was abortive as he sank bact to change the day’s plan for one single help.He could not endure the thought of seeing this girl persist in that agony or at best being unhappy at all.Perhaps,this was a device and a ploy to woo her love and not necessarily to divorce her from distress .But which away ,he did change the course of her history.He had grown so much impatient , to see her suffer again,even though for whatever behind the help ,real or fake ,driven by passion for the needy or driven by love ,Hafsat couldn’t have loved it .As praises ,were hurled ,new pledges were made and as new pledges were made ,new actions were taken .The gates of salvation and garrison of a good Samaritan was alert ,to engage vital action and dispense favours.How time flies !She stood outside the gate ,wating for him to turn out and in an hour’s time ,he zoomed across the Adebo  street  , her eyes glittered ,with newly acquired Porsche car ,Aston Martin and they set out for a nearby joint for refreshment.
‘’I wouldn’t mind to thank you once again and again for the good gesture .I can’t thank you enough for keeping me warm .Thank you very much Femi .I appreciate  that much and I must say it was heavy in my heart .Thank you.’’
‘’Oh babe ,don’t worry yourself  and by  the way , what are we friends for but methink that the most important now is your education and your trade .You ‘ve not decided on what ‘re going to do –a fashion designer , a beautician ,or just a trader .Tell me , what you are gonna be doing ‘’ Femi ,a lovesick  maverick mayhem and a  ladies man,said ,with a grit on his face ,steering away the wheel .
‘’Anyway ,as far as the trade is concerned ,I ve not  decided yet but…‘’she fired pointblank
‘’Decide that quickly ‘’lip-reading coarsely her lissom lineament,Femi cuts in.
‘’But you promised to help fund my education .’’ecstatic in her voice as a low keyed manikin ,she gushed.
‘’Yes….but not anymore .I thought  about it Yesterday .The new plan now is to give you a lump sum of 200,000 naira to go into trading .You must be taught how to fish .You know ,what am saying ..teach you……’’He gybed with gusto , as if battling ,in a gym and a  gymkhana.
‘’Femo la master…you mean………200,…..what!’’her brows rose hysterically , shocked to  the barrow and wheezing like a grampus.
‘’You can say that again …’’banging the steering away ,with the pie eyed mien of eagle eyes , giving him a peck ,at the back  and later re-adjusted back to her seat,to resume banter .
‘’But why did you change your mind so soon ?’’she gurned ,with her oral gung-ho
“Girls In the Ivory Towers nowadays ,are no longer responsible as it were , before independence and the first republic ,until the eighties .This took a big hit on our value system which itself was a reflection of the change in the Nigerian society .’’Belching and growling with the empirical and historical penchant
‘’ You say what….?’’Gobsmacked with no placebo and nonplussed with carthasis
‘’You hear me right are not responsible ,they are starkly useless ‘’loosing his noddle ,glued  to annoyance and frank to a fault,to startle her  stance and paragliding her emotivity.
‘’Don’t say that to Women ,Please because they have a life to live .It is wrong ,is not…………..’’Her defense wore a brawn
‘’Hey hold it there ,let me talk ‘’with petulant grim on his rabid  face , repeated it twice .
‘’Are you going to hold my mouth ?You are just coming from the village and you have no experience ,whatsoever , about the City life .’’gruesome grit cascaded .
She kept quiet  and stopped dragging with Femi as he intensely raptured himself  with a frosty air of placid peevishness  and masculine  hoopla as she jumped through the hoops of pesty petrification..He felt obliged to tell her nothing but the gospel truth .
‘’See,let me tell you ,something ,as a good friend and not as a lover .There is no need , to tell you anyway , in the first place and later events would reveal that  to you .When you enter the varsity ,you would see it yourself and you may even be part of them .It is a matter of time.’’
‘’No ,God forbid!’’grumpy feminism ,grulped its cadence
‘’That ‘s why you must be self sustaining. So,let’s talk about another  thing
Then,he cooled his temper and lowered his stern eye .
‘’Please,tell me ,Please!’’She stood up again ,to hold him tight and moved to the front seat .
‘’Please,tell me ,what is ?’’
‘’First ,of all , get your secondary school certificate but now trading is very important for you to survive yourself.’’His admonition seemed to land on a fertile soil in the presence of purposeful and rich man.
Hell bent  on clarity as a good Samaritan,he drove to a halt ,numbed with a nuke eyed dart at her sickly reflection
‘’We have no need of bad blood between us and whatever goes in the varsities and when you can fend for yourself ,you may be a good story ,providing exemplary leadership ,for girls out there .It would be a worse case scenario ,should  you not have a  job or something to fall upon and fend for yourself .’’She was admonished once again like a brother
She was intense and speechless ,with a fatigue of spasm, mangling his bone,as he barely drove off .Still sozzled in that span of sobriety ,they stopped again and now by the filling station  .There ,he did the unthinkable .
‘’Hello ,babe ,Why have you suddenly gone quiet ?That doesn’t have to bother you .It’s a common ailment out there .I came to your place last week ,I met a young girl and in the course of our discussion ,he told me ,about your late parent .She said ,your parent are very strict people .So, be your parent self and be yourself .I ve noticed all girls are the same And most virgin girls like you  lose their virginity in campuses .When you are informed about the girls,on coming to the campus after admission  ,when they come to you ,with wiles and cunning lifestyle , you can sense ,see trouble and protect yourself .Money cannot buy you if you are self sufficient and contented with what  you have .The most important is work .Work!work!!work !!!’’
Not yet abated of the sickly pallor on her face ,Femi ,with a triumphant face , unboarded the vehicle ,got down to his feet , to cool her temper and slap out grief and opened up the surprise package .Working towards to the station from the park but first , he glanced down at her inside the vehicle.
‘’Don’t be annoyed .It is just plain gospel.Now , look here ,this is one of my late father’s filling station and I can assure you by Monday , you’’ll be working here to raise the money .It’s just four months salary and you can pump that  into your business if you like or stay longer at work .Forget the grant of 200,000naira .I ‘’ll be talking to the manager for you .There is no free launch in America .Give me a break,just a second ,I’’ll be back in a jiffy  .’’
‘’Wait , some seconds ,let me ask you something….wait….wait’’gesticulating out of the window for a tart slow down .
‘’No  no ,now is the time to wake up for your responsibility and very important .’’Hurrying away towards the Manager’s office ,to woo the manager.Four or five of his staffs ,crowded around him,with greeting galore.
‘’Good morning’’ the first man Yayi said .’’Hello’s how’s work ? Where ‘s your Oga ?’’
‘’He’s inside with the accountant ‘’He retorted
‘’Hello,Sir ,omo baba’’ the second man Alagbe , greeted as if hearkenly alert  with a fallen tone
‘’Hah…… hah ………omo baba ,hah..omo baba has come .How is home Sir ?’’Moving closer to him.
‘’Home is fine and you how’s work?’’as he stood on his way towards the office, exchanging pleasantries.
‘’Bring your back Sir ‘’the fourth man Bello ,replied trying to struggle with the bag and aid him of the  little stress.
‘’Wow, don’t worry’’ turning the bag and guiding it with other hand with eyes showing  reluctance and a little ecstasy.He had given no attempt to refusal and only tried to cling to the demand at relieving him of the portfolio.
‘’Ha ,no problem ,let me relief you ,the manager is around ‘’
He stood up and stared intently  and thoughtfully at Femi  ,with eyes goggled out of its  sockets but so soon acclimatized to its ambience and 30 minutes later finished the discussion and ordered for her employment.
‘’Hello Sir , we never meet for like six months now but why ?’’He inquired
‘’Anyway ,that is life for you but forget that I need you to do something very urgent ‘’
‘’Am all ears what’s the matter ?’’His curiousity fizzled out his concern.
‘’A girl would be coming here on Monday and I would demand that you employ her .This is not wish but my command .Are we done?’’Femi baritone voice instilled thralldom on his manager .
‘’Am okay Sir and so ,it shall be done.Your wish is my command . ‘’
‘’But I’ve ordered ,Bello to give you the portfolio and lodge the funds in the bank .So,that’s it ‘’They stood up coincidentally ,going in the same direction as  manager  briefly escorted his boss to the exit door .
Heebie-jeebies escorted him like hedgerows moulted upon hedgerows in a thick forest as some top staff crowded around him,bidding him farewell and eye services galore engaged across the board  as common in a typical Nigerian company .
Bello,the fourth man, who was in control of the portfolio was eagerbeaver to follow his boss down to the park ,where it can be relieved of the bag and disembark,later learnt ,it was the lump sum , to pay the worker’s salary .
‘’Bye Sir,’’as Bello parted ways with him bidding farewell ‘’
Hafsat was happy on hearing the good news and summoned courage for brighter days .
‘’There is no need to worry yourself bring your application on Monday and tell him ,about me .Everything shall be done .’’
‘’You mean,that is it’’still marveled .
‘’Yea ,that is it ‘but don’t bother to call me because , I might not be around ,in the next couple of weeks ‘’
‘’Please don’t leave me where are you going travelling again?’’she was neurotic about it
‘’No, still in the country .I have a townhall seminals going on somewhere around ikota,Lagos Island.My brother Bola would be handling the seminals.We do  it every week now .’’
‘’Oh,I can see because ,I saw the handbills posted at Arebo Street .I know Bola is your brother .’’
He drove her off to Ayebo street where he headed to the island  club party .
‘’Thank you Femi ‘’as she unboarded the vehicle and moved across the road to the next  street ,where Femi ‘s late father had 60 houses.
Struggling to express himself ,his assurance was all she needed for a revival in life and a good Samaritan is like a cold water to a thirsty water.
‘’I would not be around for about  one or two  weeks .But I would call you ,in case of a new development.’’ And the scene closes .

                                                                       Chapter  2 
Nigeria became an amalgamated entity in 1914, and according to popular saying , ever since, the trouble with Nigeria started .Are we truly one ? A certain group of friends ,gathered together at a newsstand on weekend ,to regularly as it were for ages , discuss the critical issue of Nigerian unity .Bola fired the first salvo and then rumble in the jungle was begun .
‘’Do you think  ,we are one in this country ?If you think so ,you are making a great mistake and I would’t be a party  to that.You must have been deceiving yourself,for so long .If the report I heard about you was true,sorry to say ,even though you are my friend , you are indeed ,the biggest fool of the century .’’
‘’What made you think ,that the country cannot survive and stay much longer together .I think ,if we practice full federalism and devolve power gradually  ,then  we stand of chance of reviving the country and make it work.’’Femi optimistic  replied.
‘’I know you brandish that prejudice in favour of the hausas ,egocentric and greedy Ibo people .You haven’t learn and stop patronizing these mercenaries of retrogression and demotion.You are not even ashamed to befriend some of your friends ,who sold their  father’s grave  to them .Can you imagine that ?That bad company alone has clouded your judgement and your level of rationality diminishes by the day .How many of them in the east are selling  their land to an average Yoruba man?Yet they have bought 60 percent of lands in Lagos State .How can you say Lagos is no man’s land and for your information,can you say that in kano or kaduna to say kano or kaduna is no man’s land ?’’Bola lamented
‘’See, stop saying that and it is so because your people are coward .They are lazy ,traitors and dirty people and they can’t compete with the igbos-the most industrious people in Africa .’’ Ogechukwu countered .
‘’So Yorubas are cowards ,traitors and lazy now and yet you are following them ,buying and selling in their land .You envy them so much and still love their land and the huge market you cannot get from the east .That is the kind of massive market ,that you could not get from the east,that you wanted to die in Lagos  .’’Bola interrogated
‘’Which place ? Lagos is no man’s land ,my land .It is not even Yorubaland and infact ,the true Lagosians are the igbos.The igbos work hard to build lagos contributing 60 percent of internally generated revenues .So,what are you saying?’’
‘’Shut up ,you minnow , Femi , see, you see what I was telling you? You see ,can you see that now  ?Can you say that in kano ? And you think ,mad men Fulani –Hausas would spare you? There is nothing a Yoruba man ,would do for you that you would appreciate him and you would still call him traitor at last.
Femi,I ve told you times without number ,these people are not worth dying for.They  are never interested in the welfare of the Yorubas and only interested in the money they can make in their land especially  Lagos massive market.Please ,stop trading with them.’’
‘’ Stop trading with what ?’’Femi bullied
‘’You hear me right!’’still insisted
‘’I think you are not  honest with my business .How many of my Yoruba  people can buy 20 million naira plot of land ,we are currently selling in our various  estates in Lekki and Island .They have cash my brother .’’
The two Igbos laughing hysterically to their melodrama,intensely cherished the fanfare and the comedy of the day.And the banter ‘s frenetic pace regurgitates  its verve.
‘’You seem to support them .Wait a minute ,which work  do they do?So tell me-a shoemaker or a washerman or shoeblaker?’’
‘’Go forbid!’’Ogechukwu resisted
‘’No wonder,importation of course .Now ,who is lazy person ,making cheap money ? Are they producing or building the local economy ?Yoruba’s pioneered industrialism in Nigeria and are the true industrialists.
That is the only factor ,we all know like economists , in which you can build a country  .Now,70 percent of mass market importation in the country is under their control ,bring all sort of rubbish into the country ,fake counterfeit and contrabands and expired products including drugs among others .Everywhere ,a Nigerian go across the world,most of the criminals in the diaspora belong to the igbos .They are used to this blood money and far back at home after the civil war .The Igbos were annoyed at how one Yoruba men could win the war for Nigeria against Biafra with his diabolical and herbalist power .And so ,on coming to Lagos ,they took to rituals and most  herbalists patronisers  were from iboland and if you go to the east ,many of them have sold their souls  to the devil.Rituals on the increase and then how many Yorubas have the mind to do juju now?  .Because of massive importation ,enriching only themselves ,they have directly or indirectly destroyed most of the industries ,the Yorubas have labored to build before independence. .That is to tell you  the level of bitterness between the two tribes .So,how are we one? ‘’
‘’Biafra must go’’Ogechukwu derided
‘’Have you not been fighting economic war against the Yorubas , since the war ended in 1970s especially in Lagos ?We shall see where you end it at last.You people start something ,you are never a Yorubas ,that invariable is decked with the spirit of perfection  .’’he responded immediately
This was rather surprising to Ogechukwu ,with the kind of expression of embarrassment ,he had been wearing and to lay hold of clarity that it was a true economic war was nothing but a shrewd remarks ,that baste deeply .
‘’See, we must try and unite this country and I would not be a party to its crash.please , resist being a tribalist.I beg you’’Femi admonished his fellow brother .
‘’Stop deceiving yourself a fool at 40 a fool to the grave .This country is over 50 years old and if it were a person ,would have been a fool right down to the grave by now .We are only postponing the evil days,wasting our talents and life and the talents of our great grand grandchildren to come.Already,all prominent Yorubas ,their lifestyle ,had been wasted for the last 50 years .Should we not take action now ,we shall be worse than Hausaland in term of education ,in the next 50 years .Go and mark my work. The problem started with first republic and we are simply a wild goose chasers and what they could not do not ,we cannot do .’’
Kingsley listened intensively ,for a large part of the conversation .All of a sudden ,tossed in anger,raised its momentum  and pulses of the argument.
‘’poor man’’.He signed
‘’mind your tongue ‘’Bola blasted
‘’I pity you ,you need not to say this .You are the worst tribalist I ve ever seen .Anyway ,your people  are tribalists and it is your D.N.A.‘’kingsley chided .
Bola for the first time ,to release tension ,burst into laughter .
‘’And so,why are you laughing ? Is it not your people ,that started tribalism ?You coward,betrayal and traitor ,lazy set of people ,agbero and motor park touts,miscreants and uneducated set of fools  .Na dem dem’’.The bastinado was so  hypertensive that Bola ballooned into new rave  of hysterical laughter and they lost their top ,when he threw his bombshell.
‘’Femi,see,the people you thought were your friends ,See,them and the affronts ,they hurl on your family.’’Bola scolded his brother of wrong friendship
‘’don’t say that our people are the most educated set of people in Africa ,Please,stop that rubbish .’’Femi reprimanded his ibo friends for the first time .
‘’ Are you not a fool like your brother ? Who told you ,you are the most educated in your wildest dream?The easterners are reserved that glorious honour.’’Ogechukwu boasted
‘’Can you defend yourself?’’And Femi throws the gauntlet ,into a contest
Bola still laughing hysterically in a tail spin.
‘’See,the goofs ,the goons swollenheaded indigo dye of  mortal animae that you made your friends all because of money .’’Bola chided his brother once again.
Femi tried to pacify the inglorious panorama and its Pandora box  ,to no avail but the lies had burst the lid asunder .Oge might be with his vainglorious  thoughts , and that certain evidences would be needed to be  his proof of the defense ,he intends to vanguard .A brief vicious notion ,flicked in his mind but certainly he knew ,it was hopeless,if he could not defend them.But as he swore , he would never allow any affront from the Yorubas once again but what was the point of  bragadoccio ,if he could not defend his braggart.Certainly,the melodrama was ripe for marriage with reliable statistics .By the time Femi had worked out the vain pacification, Bola was ride-ready  to unleash his bombshell and munitions .So,soon,the rapturous event ,would choose for itself a hard blow .
Bola for years of personal revelation had an absurd experience with the igbo who he knows as mean spirited folks,trying harder to get over their lies about the Yorubas,sometimes ,when it mattered ,keeping them at arms length .He had tried severally not to  be caught into tribal superiority fights with these igbos ,especially at the newsstand ,but the matters incessantly ,let out all the seams so that the attempted concealment is invariably left  in public glare .It was too dull ,depressing as no one seemed to notice ,the years of isolationism of what needed to be told often been avoided by whole caboodle left open for ill treatment due to humiliation involved and fear of telling the truth and the unproven stigma involved.Now two brothers ,met them again   at a newsstand and once again, tribalism,a burning cauldron was brought out once again.And thus the gybes in a murky waters began its contest ,that only history ,with evidence ,can provide.
‘’ Don’t you know, you are  insulting my person ,before my brother ,You should know and be able to balance the truth and not people to tell you lies .Go through history books ,discover the truth and let it set you free.You know the problem with the igbos is that they allow themselves to be easily deceived by their scholars .For you to allow,somebody,to think for you is the highest level of  illiteracy ,there is or you can found in modern world .Some of your informed people ,the few objective ones,though hard to find still know that Yorubas are the English of west Africa.That is to tell you education belong to Yorubas.Just take it like that. But majority are write off…………………contd

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