October 10, 2016


 Hathor-The Egyptian Goddess Of Love

How Love Is Set To Weaken His Brother And Hate Is Set To Stregthen His Misfortuned Arm ,in That Treasure Island,wherein We Are Born And Die,Rise And Fall.Though His Face Is Downward Bent,his Face Unnerved Is Equally Upward Bent,to Stay The Wishes Of The Urchins Of Glory And of Posterity,Yet To Be Reckoned With In An Undiscovered Galaxy.Amused With His Blood Brother's Surprise,He CameTo Be Loved,even Much More Better;for "Nothing" AccordingTo Otto Von Bismarck "Succeeds Like Success" And Nothing Fails Like Failure.Blushed WithTears And Sorrowful Eyes,hewn With Aspersion And Military Counterespionage,of Bleary Eyes That Grow Dim,handling Ridicule And Opprobrium everywhere.Does The Silver Beams Not Beam On Every Bowling And Boatracing To His Glory?And So LikeThe Medes And Persiasteeds Evermore On A Desert Sands.The Morning Is The Glory Of EveryMan And All The Rain Of Petals And Roses Bluff Not Even Its Prejudice,evidenced By Unceasing Torrents,filled With Forest Of Wooded Tree And Boundless Treasures That Nature

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