October 10, 2016


to observe the caverns of the deep.No One Is Born To Pay This Price Of Chaos,and It Is By Fate ,That ,we Are Crossed,fully Wrought In The Marvel Of Darkness.It Is Bound In Mystery ,not What Eyes Can See,not What Ears Can Hear,not What The Mind Can Think,not What Nassal Passage Can Smell,and Not What Emotion Can Feel,shrouded In Everlasting Mystery And Opened Only To The Goddess Of Love.Back Into The Void,we Halo Of Humours For Gallantry Of Horses,willing To Explore The Mountains,the Price We Pay,begins On This Reckoning,to Reach The Sky,where Our Stars And Glory Are Burried.The Skywings Are Extended Over The Stars Beneath And Above,rising And Dwindling Many Moments Of Glory At Once,of The Bulging Behemoth To Be Humbled And Sheep Clothings Exalted,in One Flurry Of Persistent Flow,still Further Above The Heaven Bliss.This Price DiscernsThrough The Deep And Save Me From The Scorn Of The Earth.I Am Set For A Glorious Because I Am Not Loved ,lonely And Deserted .With My Iron Gong I Shall Soon Be Known Among The Stars And Be Saved For The Nirvana.

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