October 13, 2016


Over Its Waiting Pools,rivers,seas And Lakes,to calf its young,beyond the depth and height of what a soul can Create Nor Felt, And Spurred By Amazing Grace , That Marvels Upon Which This Shore Of Teleology, Is Encrusted On The Golden Sands Of Time. Smiles,Joys, Sorrows , Tears ,relief,grief , Do Not Meet To Ignite More Than They Know , Care A Hoot , Do And When The Knight Of Old Is Dead- Known , The Morning Flies Away Eternities With Fury Of Hell. The Sky Drops Back ,like A Waiting Servant , Waiting Upon His Master , Drops Back Like Stones ,upon The Earth And The Seaswings Tossed Up By Storms Are Its Pinions Above Its Ordinary Gybes. Stress Not Thy Varicose Of Macho Nerves,for Morning ,the King Of The Day , Is Plaited Not With Such Applique Nor Clothed With Such Foul-Apparel. Providence By Charters Is Granted,to Her Once And Everyone Morning ,Is Like A Bird In Transit,that Flies And Never Returns,on The Same Circuit. Thou, O Morning , The Divinity Of Benediction, Thou Blesses Omnibus Bird Of Passage But Is...

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  1. Morning Is The Glory Of The Day And The Glory Of Human Life And Planlessness Can Destroy And Make It A Barren Land . Those Who Are Aware Of This Fact Early In Life Are Guarranteed , Of A Satisfactory Living And A Life Of Destiny Fulfilled. Watch Carefully And Plan Carefully.