October 12, 2016


The Hell Of A Woman  Scorned

An excerpt from the 'Dance Of The Macabre '

A new book of Poetry by the Blogger

With  scorching sun purpled crusted visage,it howls  ,
Garnished by weeping morn  and frenzied dusk ;
A rubicund ,twice fairer than its sallow and vile shadow,
Cast on the open mines of sick-thoughted gall;
With more brawls and brawn at her lilies
than the whole of surest villains and vilest summers  
And haunted by beguiling sport  at her beck .

Twice as short as trembling passion on a withering lawns
Enraged her pleading tongue; gan she not prone to ire
Derision-hood enveloped the pith of fair villains ;
Harrrowing the dunghill,
At her beckoning harvest canst not come where tillage
Had long withered ,
And where bickering trenches had long tarried as the
punny caisson of a starry and straining harp ,
Plead thou o legend ,let the fickle bid thee a farewell ,
Filthy cannons and virulent cannonade slammed,
 From the pleading tongue that banished tranquility .

Still blushing  hung on the brash tide of ire and
petulant –mean savage broth,
Thou o defacto  loud-scorned  Neanderthal  and Mongolian  fickle
Castrate dunghill to bid farewell,
Stuck gizzard didst not douse  storm adnauseam  with much ado ,
Feisty and feistier capped with feign garb to clown its vestige,
Fanatic and feckless  didst its filch of venerated cascade ?
The falconry cannot be falconed nor faulted and fait accompli itself
Betrays the betrayal .

Foul of esteem ,vacuous plainant, poof of pointificate and a  ghoul of macabre
Maverick sleeps again,
Thus blighted and knighted with plethora  foul  -dreams of a weeping
 morn ,
Drawn from the ridicule of the maddening season into the entangled
Nightmare of a quivering dawn,
And lo,they breathe again,
One calls him bitch and then calls him a clown  conjured her high
Fore head
Driven headlong with scarlet up and failing sport .
Her five foot stone aggressionlike frenzy looses pace  and
regaining steam

Fondled by strangers onboard to perk the quivering thigh
How so doped he speaks her love bait and frenzy hooks
To gait forward lever ,never drowned by indignities of the seasons,
And so she lends her brute delectably for its dementia  frenzy
Callowed by studded bridle and fain sport ferry of jocular vulgars
Her amazons  twice fairer than  her shadow throws and  face itself
A flower of self -esteem ,nimbled –shelled  enough to draw  abiding
affection .

That growing fire stunned by madness of acrimony
And quenched by waning pleading tongue tied to its
Rudder  and fired by its beacon  ,
But so soon as she was away  aproned them in lustful  rapture
And hounded by poisoned chalice for the golden dawn ,
And so she blamed not her  amiss for the burning cheeks  sewered
 by  gallivanting girth  ,
On a sobering turf, blown away by candlestick of candour  as canalized
 by its regalia,
Ebbed by capillarity of camaraderie ,cannoodled  and hung on- callowed
by salacity,

And love soaring like the eagle doth anew begin and feedeth on a
steam of heavenly moisture -
‘’Look how am tied to thee ,pure   resistance  canst not resist this
downpour ,
Now under  thy lustful  eyes ,am fatigued as rivers and seas flow into
Even thy worse is my delight  and flimsy intent cannot give until rapture
 is wooed at thy table
Lit with candles  and flames unbridled crest to tame my world ‘’
‘’Did he refute her  cross in fashion  ? Was I not servile at thy coy?
 But brawling brawn do  I detest  much fairy than  to give thee a contest till thou rein
them .
Then thou be mine even as thou  mine .

What thou seest  and lends thy remorse ,abscond thy suitor ,
And what seest mine shall hold the ground ,
That thou mayest  ponder ,thy wrinkled traits ‘’
‘’They cost me not a nickel much coveted like a rash in the face
With ready hands and undissolving passions eagerbeaver  to
turn away and doth moment by moment  shalt grow ,
Chants in thine ears for mine avidity to witness the sportish heart
Thine own heart in mine heart ,thine own strength in mine legs
 and hands,’’
Narcissus so they trigger a willing grouse

‘’Fend not those torches to light the jewel of change overswayed
 by necessity  ,
Upon that seeds ,shalt the jewel be sown for a singing dawn ,
Now burning eyes not smitten by burning gallows with fair plunge
Carols the sky for the groping winds .
Thine arts and eye dart mine for the burning coy to relish immortal
 change ,
Indeed ,thy zealous impatience envelops thy screeching  passion ,
Weeping in vile to sow intendments ,
See, how mine wretched castrates  succulent body  -your  abiding forest
Even sagging stances  befuddled grouching smash hit’’ .

And so he saith unto her in a hordes of somewhat
sarcastic pranks

-‘’Fondling with pantomime and caricature do not pay ‘
Why love to live and love to  die even in the fury of a woman
not scorned .
O forlorn queen of love being mad at thy remorse ,salve thee not
Is love by scorn for the smoulder of unwary suitor brought  down by
unwary spouses?
Now what shall she say ? Her madness undone and fait accompli
Turns not away the  hands of the clock and fury of time
Vicariously ,she inveigles under her smitten garb ,that jewelry of
Peevish-girt  to hound wounds up unwary hoods.
Her nostrils and burning cheeks send out fire like hell to shoot  rashness
And immodest pride for slaughter of reckless art .
Sometimes ,she lies low and gully forth as sun falls and sun rises .
Nothing like hell of a woman scorned ,she veils her tents until she plunge
and strike  

But old folks ,gan she averted brashness,merry as were dead in the
 hell of a  scorned hell.
Household not knackered crested along and still yet ,they tell them
merrily ,
When thou lookest sad ,the bones that ache aches no more
Where lies the flower of esteem?
What a hell of taste dost thou excuse?
Look how my headaches and sick-thought dried up in the desert
With no oars
Make amends I entreat thee now.

Had thou not condescend   thy tremor  to steed 
And to lend chaste its headlong saddle-prowl
Till sobriety  and sobriquette alights to garner thee eulogy
A lifelong esteem  shalt thou not know and  sweating palms
Seized the pith of lifelong struggle ,
Bland and blandishment  ,bland and naïve so soon will thy chaste
No more thy trembling  bones ;
Wreathing brawn haunted in the wringing steam  that overflows
Its bank;
Hung over senile shafts ,profaned by filthy lucre and arts that coys ;
Can the unripe fruit be detached from the unripe harvest that yearly
grow to deplete?

O like a fairy tale ,impression is the taste of evidence even as evidence
 is the taste of facts;
Thou shouldst not think heavy  that thou mayest falter  and  vamoose
 from the earth’s increase;
From this increase thou shouldst feed  even as the surface thou shalt die
But the earth remains forever .

                                                 THE DIALOGUE
‘’I  ll’pay thee a price ,for thou lookest  no pale
And a ransom for the tranquil days
To let go the bimbo in this den of attrition
To fasten bleeding wounds before they sore so deeply
bone marrow
It is an honour  well deserved for tranquil days  and a
glorious dusk ‘’

The termagant  eavesdropping and enters ,with a  counterblast
‘’Chide thee first thy abode ,you sadistic lour  of a gully  and mole
 of a  machismo ;
A bothersome bough of a botched guile ,a bouquet of brassy
buffoon ;
Brash-necked and a break neck –a brusque buckler of  brouhaha ;
Thou bulletin of savagery ,restrain this bunkum  and be no
foundest whatsoever .

You cheeky bone of cholera restrain from this household’’
Still blush to banish ……contd
‘’Jewel of hell …….whose jewel of hell ? The bolthole is no
 hiding place ;
In this den , days of carteblanche are over and begone thou
bitch of hell ‘.
’Furiously baritoned for virago ejection and stampede she
 did stampede.

‘’Cagey betrays thy nature ,in that nature thou art fouled ,what!’’
‘’Be not ashamed to welcome the unruly present to avert;
 Jungles of hell to come before they roost and here repel;
Come hither o Man salve now for tommorow’s gay and sell
Sell humour ,sell esteem ,save the fleeting vapours  for glorious

For more light to triumph over darkness and dark days to abate ;
Make no weary ,even then the battle line is drawn already.

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