October 10, 2016


 Aphrodite -The Goddess Of Love

Whispers In My Ears Of Tainted Days,from Those Who Never Loved Me,Awakened My Person To Go ExtraMile And Beyond The Strange Fancy Of Darkness And Benighted Earth.Life Is A Mystery,interred On The Sand dunes Of Love And Hate,a Treasured Island Of The Goddess Of Love.The Unsung As The Unloved ,Clustered On This Field,And Every Golden Morn Does Rise InTheir Ambition And Resolve AboveThe Ordinary.Let Me Beyond Their Reach,Farthest Go. Come Down Not,From Thy Horse ,O MY Embellished Aspire Of The Subconscious Wills ! Let Me Rise Above This Sand dunes Of The Treasured Island,that I May Do The Damnedest And Climb Above The Sky Of No Return .Goddess Of Love,Teaches Me To Fast,to Fallow ,To Sacrifice And To Risk Everything Riskable,and To Plunge Into The Deep Of The Unplunged .In That Space Of Fair Clay,Let Me Climb Above Mt.Everest,wherein She Also Live And Higher,Tis The Earth Booties,my Lifelong Heritage. Because I Am Never Loved,teaches My Fury Of Scorned Horn,not To Gallivant A forth But To Toil Like The Trojan Horse

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