November 22, 2016


This microfinance article  is another excerpt from my upcoming book Afrocentrism World Development Ideology And The Age of Microfinance.Enjoy the reading.

In the rise and fall of great history the nature of human society is extremely complex from
the ancient until now . The diversity of this nature and its severity so fiery down the
millennia often confound the pragmatic consensus and rational bearing and quintessence
fortitude of human arts at every twist and turn of social project and social venture
respectively; and has in the same vein particularly owing to widespread unmanageability
and innovative shortfall snowballed diversity into adversity and adversity in turn into mass
inequality. Spreading its tentacles with unrepentant cobwebs maneuvering the depravity in
the socioeconomic system signifies the extent of the dilating dampener strangulating the
intricate cause of societal justice and ostracize and truncate the priceless outrange of metadevelopment
leverage that a nation or a society require in the path towards its development
golden age and the nirvana –that Marx one of the most detested men in western history
never failed to vaguely regard as communism –being the final destiny of mankind.
However the development of every existing epoch in the rise and fall of great history and
great powers rests squarely on the prevailing zeutergeist of that era. No society can rise
above the artillery of human thinking at a given period .In a sensitive jurisdiction the
predisposition of this psycho—artillery ballistics maneuvering and driving the
socioeconomic system tends to subjugate forces of nature liberate human spirit
democratize consumption of arts optimize freedom of thoughts and substitutes adversity
for prosperity ; even though the universalisation of this progress and process of social
enterprise leaves much to be desired .The presentation of this diversity unresolved by
poor grey matter which defied and defiled all logics sciences and theories under


developing in the process requisite sustainable capacity building for the growth of
development commerce and maturity of this commerce is the greatest challenge in mortal
history. This built impetus into civilization unsustainability .As human epoch is brazenly
and callously maneuvered in the rise and fall climate cycle by depraved capitalist
cannibals in this temperate zone of no remorse inequality energetically soared into
stratosphere militarizing against universal security and welfare of man which is expected
to gravitate further into maturity in the long run the projected doom days entrenched in the
dangers of overpopulation
There is no doubt that human societies were stratified into classes from the time
immemorial .The anatomy of social life in this regard communicates status inequality and
the gross inequalities of wealth—a prominent feature in the capitalist societies. The last
hope of the common man and the proletariat formerly was Marxism ; unfortunately with
the unpremeditated changing topography of times it quickly faded into dungeon of
insignificance and did die a natural death even with no remorse from its advocates and
even though is still relevant than western neoliberalism . Certain factors accounted for this
unceremonious exit mainly ; the poly-myopism of its modelers engraved in the
misrepresentation of the posterity in addition to pragmatic infeasibility modeling blunder
and strategic disability approach deployed at result orientation and pelucidly due to man’s
economy ever changing sphere of reasoning and above all the animalist propensity of man
to constantly abuse the great charters of liberty [ GCL].

In the immediate post 1960s—70s humanity had started a new dawn and a new chapter in
human history was opened covertly and overtly unknown to many with the rise of
neomarxist era through the instrumentality of microfinance .Today it remained the most
reliable voice against the deftness of neoliberal global empire heavily outfoxing
outstripped and out witted even neoconfucianism in its den into distant obscurity. Its
potential outrange and development envisaged pedigree at this virgin stage alone exceeded


the most [pseudo] authentic econometric model ever contrived in mortal history.
Pathetically it has the least ovation owing to lack of understanding and ineffective
technology as the latest rave in the neomarxist age which contrary to its critics potentially
resolves the entire gamut of mass poverty and universal human misery.
Microfinance is the most potent tool in this regard and a central calibration opening up the
roadmap towards the development golden age as man and societies move away from the
challenges of mass development arbitraging and holocausting that humanity is made to
grapple with peculiar bias unleashing gross development inadequacy in the long run . As
the economy of the poor the practice of microfinance is the capitalization of informal
sector untapped-macro economy , the scientific framework for mass development practice
–and the very launching pad in the long run towards economic classless society that
depressed humanity and depraved capitalist cannibals never expected nor desire .It
preaches economic climate change and the harbinger of neomarxist free market in the path
to the nirvana and complete economic freedom that Marx failed to see altering the fiery
fundamental fact in human history .It is the most comprehensive economic model ever
contrived by man living or dead equipped with man’s unusual defense against mass
poverty. It can also resolves potentially the challenges of climate change easily because as
the poor grow their economy they better take care of their environment . This falls under
environmental microfinance .
The definitive appeals and expository analysis deployed here is unusual and a far cry from
conventional microfinance models and practice worldwide .No one can indemnify the
losses caused the poor in terms of social welfare equitable development and living standard
than this most highly untapped and the most maligned institution of development history.
Truly speaking it is the insurance of social equity and through poor technology could also
be abettor to social inequity .The indebtedness of erstwhile feudal age had not gone
unnoticed callously accumulated until now leaving no room for redress struck with lame
duck fairness and lamented fairness under duress. Nor the injustice of merchant class


accumulated since the beginning of the industrial era abated either .Compounded with
insensititive development models drove dire consequences precipitating social inequity
and increasing incidence of global poverty as population increases uncontrollably
.Fortunately microfinance as a broad based socialist model resolved this challenge in the
great fight against poverty .
Inequality swept away the old feudal age as it lived behind times .With the same wrath of
nature the merchants and the industrialists that assumed saddle upon the demise of the old
era would soon become irrelevant and set to be driven away by the standard –inequality of
the present age and to a larger extent by overpopulation perhaps in the unforeseeable future
.Likewise the assumption of power by the proletariat and the working class if given powers
again citing V.Lenin sovereign declaration and instances of ‘ Power to the Soviets ‘
would only impoverish further the polity of power due to possible repetition of the abuse
of power market system dragging back revolution towards the golden age envisaged time
framework .The soviet credible history is a long process to learn from . This remains the
fundamental historical fact .Forget about revolt entrenchment of dictatorship and the use
of force as classes attempt to control the ownership means of production can conciliatorily
evolve with the development separatists .This is translated as economic power being
persistently sought for and fought for in the rise and fall of great history and a major reason
behind unequal cultural division into classes .In other words Marxist class struggle is
determined by power struggle .Once economic power is secured all other powers by status
and category are easily obtainable .This explains why human arts persistently strives to
control its lever .
One submits that the fundamental fact behind aggression in recorded history is often the
search for power mainly economic power .This power motivates every humanity opening


up the mysterious chains of power triangle that persistently nurtures and intoxicates the rise
and fall of human history and human civilizations from the ancient until now .
The nature of power the composition of power the regimentation of power the sovereignty
of power the imperialism of power and true power absolutely is power triangle oriented
.The orientation and predisposition of human culture is predetermined by the trickery of
power triangle domains .It is the sole life force behind the rise and fall of great culture .In a
layman point of view Where culture is fallen the power triangle is risen and vice versa and
where great powers or great history is fallen power triangle is risen .;for its efficiency rests
largely on the level of modesty with which it operates the utilitarian culture
In the much same way in which class struggle is the central thesis of Marxism power
triangle is also the ultimate thesis in the neomarxist age .While Marxism covers in most
cases only or reproduces the social psychology of the transition period from the
preindustrial into industrial society ,neomarxism is a bit broader .No wonder it found little
response in the 19th century Britain and to a great deal in Russia .As an intellectual reaction
against the depression the United States had also experienced Marxism and so also by
Latin America as they increasingly grew integrated into global economy . And every
society according to a philosopher has its Marxist period when the ideology is sensitive to
its problem . This could no longer true with the growing inequality in our world today and
rampant economic crisis even in the advanced territories as they enter post industrial age
.Since class struggle is the salt of Marxism its most revolutionary part ; to abate potential
revolutionary costly imbroglio associated with the swoon and scion of inequality
neomarxism was propounded with relevance that extended from the ancient –the
preliterate the preindustrial and the industrial and the postindustrial and neoindustrial
societies[yet to come ] , opening up the great transition and dissect in a simpler framework
what is needed for a peaceful coexistence and ensuring universal prosperity and its most
incendiary thesis is the power triangle . Then what is power triangle ?.



To be precise , Power triangle is the institution of power and power market and the pure economics
behind power market system, the abettor of competitive struggle, the
mechanism that underpins pristine class struggle and a commonwealth for measuring the
strategic impact on cultural development and universal coexistence .The composition of
social enterprise and social aggregate is a function of power market struggle .The swings
in this community of development is a reflection of similar swings in the triangle
optimized potentially in the observation of GCL .The revolution of P.T. components
naturally influences Marxist class struggle .The rise of structural imbalances and
disharmony ordinarily composes cultural recession and depression and cultural dark ages –
which is the fall of great powers and great history respectively .The imbalances and
inequality in the power market is the architect of social inequality that launches class
struggle as man determines to liberate his human spirit from the pawn of an existing
moribund nature of a social system that catapults social life which abets social debt .THIS
mysterious chains often begins by the rise of economic power .POWER triangle is
composed of political power ; economic power and social power . When they react a
struggle is born or reborn and the mobilization of this triple system formalizes a
socioeconomic system .From the preliterate history down to prehistoric peoples to the
modern times we have observed is the sole life force behind human existence and a
universal libido in the commerce of culture and development and the sole motivator of
class struggle .
Sharing his views in 1926 Adolph Hitler in a subtitle of his revolutionary ideas once noted
; ‘only force rules ‘ . He concluded that ‘the fundamental motif through all the centuries
has been the principle that force and power are determining factors .All development is
struggle . Only force rules . Force is the first law . A struggle has already taken place
between original man and this primeval world. Only through struggle have states and the
world become great .’



It can be contended that economic struggle motivates and promotes political struggle using
the enterprise of information democracy to mobilize active brain power into technological
power .Greed for power unarguably is the orientation and the sole objective of political
struggle and economic power at redemption catalyses political power into reckoning
.Established political power also tends to nurture economic power complex strictly
endorsed to consolidate statehood attempt at nation building and capacity building .Their
strategic interests always comply and sometimes or in most cases as noted in the
developing history usually impugns the dignity and integrity of social interest and where
there is insubordination a resistance occurs swelling social instability .Resistance is bound
to occur due to different objectives –especially the motive for economic gain using
competition by the economic power while aggression and reputation constitute the
primary and the secondary objectives of the latter .
This instability later creeps on their doorsteps worsening or degenerating into economic
and later political instability . This IS regarded as community power tussle [CPT] and a
competitive struggle that measures the orientation of the social mass and universal mental
net worth of that society .A healthy society or a sick baby can then be differentiated .
Cultural evolution of this Struggle though should be meaningful collectively advances into
aggregate of social struggle .There is no affordable alternative to social life .Humanity
must learn how to manage its judicious use.
As a primordial strength of utilitarian culture swinging from age to age ; it catapults the
rise and fall of human history and global civilization respectively .Since a reaction poses


element of struggle which the entire Darwinist school preaches resistance between this
struggle works at polar opposite to promote manicheanism [as noted by Zoroaster] or
dualism by its unregulated nature to abets crime nurtures crisis and possibly wars .This
struggle is the reaper and binder of universal fate of mankind .The wise use of political
power can never be possible and at best potentially distracts social political and
economical stability nor can it resolve every human crisis let alone demonstrates a face
saving palliative .Unless humanity learns how to wisely manages economic power [which
is the antidote]crisis and world wars ordinarily would have no end .For instance the
collective security –those by a broad international consensus was introduced during the 1st
world war and the formation of the League Of Nations exploited the warped potentials in
the Treaty of Versailles could not prevent the coming of another brutal aggression and
yet a more damaging war followed by the late 30s
The consequence was the unpalatable use of aggressive instincts exploiting the savage
beast in man , to whom consideration towards his fellow men looks alien . If we recall the
antecedential savagery and the depraved animalist in man such as the racial aggressions
,the invasion of the Huns by people known as Mongols , during the days of Genghis Khan
and Tamer lane. What about the capture of Jerusalem by horrible crusaders or any of the
ancient wars earlier noted or wars and global crisis since the failure of international peace
conference at Hague in 1907 down to the fall of 1945 and the flagging off of the cold
war by Truman Doctrine until the exit of 90s ,the fall of Berlin Wall and the
disintegration of soviet union .Only a sensible mind would bow humbly to the truth of
this view .
The art of political power by nature of righteousness is inhuman and at best is a rebuff of
social harmony. It destabilizes and disintegrates social power status at will-with a femine
build which usually suffers the damages of the tussle and widens gulf between them in
the power triangle community .The inherent resistance in this gulf authors global crisis
and wars a washed in human antecedence . There is no better method to animate harmony


than to exploit the beauty of this art in the schematic rendition of economic power .The
threat to human and universal welfare is a recoil and spillover effect of the structural
imbalances and resistance noted in the power community .This climate renounces social
stability peace and universal welfare and mass poverty was transferred from generation to
generation. To reconstitute social harmony and spread universal prosperity not capitalist
prosperity adhering to social equality crusade the religion of power triangle [neomarxism


] is a proven antidote .It is more appropriate to century generation which is
confronted by the stigma of ever escalating social inequality and the burden of
overpopulation which challenges the welfare of humanity.
Under common power social men are consistently kept and guided under awe ,for the
purpose of security and the protection of their common property . This common power is
formed by universal goodwill of this community shares the trinity image and operates also
in that same community that governs the nature of existence . The liberty of the tussle to
prowl at will unsettles common power that ordinarily indirectly composes the bitter
struggle .This dented the trinity image appeal of unresponsive governance and contrary to
Thomas Hobbes the life of man even right there inside the society is ‘solitary poor nasty
brutish and short ‘.’No account of arts ,no letters ,no account of time, no society and no
knowledge of the face of the earth and worst of all continual fear and danger of violent
death’ .In this condition of ‘war of every man against man nothing can be unjust ‘[Thomas
Hobbes—sees government as a Leviathan –1651 ]

The formation of human society is wrought by the art of nature midwived by cultural
rights of man . The miscegenation and the utilitarian insemination of power triangle
cultivated in the ecosystem of change produced these rights .Its growth and germination
can be exploited not by aggression or heavily tilting under duress power triangle harmony


but by careful evolution of economic power .The use and practice of these rights fuel the
activity of struggle and the exploration of power market system . Unfortunately along the
line greed for power occurs and supplanted power tussle through the acrimony of power
struggle. It should be noted again that the objective of political power is aggression for
glory abusing its rights that nature bestowed to be peacefully exploited and the purpose of
economic power is rigid which is survival with orientation to consolidate on the gains of
competitive self interest .
The former hardly promotes it except if it were its lackey to promote its glory and
economic power if it does it is in the sense to promote and multiply the image and appeal
of aggression. Whereas the estate of economic power motivates and influences political
power nurtures and abets its dynasty with a view to help further enhance its image
.Unfortunately the corruption of the image stems from the inordinate use of political
power overheating the community to heartlessly trade aggression instead of free mutual
and social gain .And where the need is impossible to attain due to lackey bias and
ineffectiveness of intoxicated economic power political power resorts to sustainable
aggression .Such greed for expansion and repression of fundamental human right is not in
any way economic by the nature of its use and practice .; infact for the political power if at
all to be effective economic power has to floats on top in the power market and control its
excesses by the practice and franchise of censure. This can be possible once errand boy
status mentality is heavily opposed . This happens according to wiles of nature .The fissure
is broad in the hapless region
An average humanity has three major rights to coexist .and the exploitation of these rights
unknown to many is regarded as fundamental human right .From social to economic and
political grows into formation of cultural rights .It is a universal right thing and a cultural
trinity when properly regulated catalyses universal welfare. The preservation of this trinity
was torn apart and struck under duress as human society grew from the primitive state –
jungle age into into polished or civilized state .To observe the great charters of liberty and


build equitable power market that would architect equitable and sustainable social life
effective use of cultural trinity provides the sole building block .All over the world the
nature of power triangle is a deterrent and a defeatist to the exploration of these rights
sustaining the in equation web in the power market .


Cultural trinity was the first heritage that nature bequeathed to man with the propagation
of universal life the rise of human Confucian ethics and the exploitation of the natural
freedom. It is true that the collective nature of these rights albeit power tussled authors
human slavery jungle age and human civilization depending on the nature of social
climate in which it operates .

With these items granted by the franchise of nature purposely to explore a large
expanse of equitable fields provided by natural freedom man begins to use the activity of
struggle to build power market once it is decided to break loose from the perfect freedom
that nature granted .And he opted for cultural freedom instead which has carried nature
and mother nature respectively thus far .The strategic management tools of this geocentric
choice include the trinity with which to till the soil of human bias and to attain and harness
cultural freedom desired --the economics of these rights maneuvered in the use and
practice of struggle potentially mandated and oriented to observe GCL is a natural
requirement for building the institution of power vital to influence civilization and capital
development .
IT is also true that promotion of the enterprise of struggle began by implementing and
enforcement of cultural law of struggle through the adoption and practice of the trinity .The
mobilization of this enterprise is equal to activity as the totality revolution and evolution of
of culture—the field of nature .Upon this the trinity is transplanted and planted respectively
to explore its infinite potential minefields .The development absorption rate of culture is a
function of the growth and quality of entrepreneurial expertise deployed by


practitioners[life artists] to the use and economic exploitation of these rights ; the
aggregate of which modern civilization usually regarded as civilization
.Politics drives the center circle of human instincts and dispenses the commerce of human
reason and its nature is economic ,at saturation level or wherever it fails man resorts to
aggression or pacifism for the jungle man who has no weapon to defend himself .A
combination of pacifist ,imperial and admixture of these items oriented this climate from
the jungle to the civilized age maneuvering the dispensation of this right to existence .It is
necessary to go down the lane in to recorded antiquity to see how the trinity evolved into
economics of struggle and P.T. optimized and equitably compliant as the central
institution to comply with the great charters of liberty while observing and visualizing as a
practicing artist in the power market .
From the story of a cave man according to narratives by a publisher who spent all day
drenched in the rain endlessly trying to catch a fish to feed his hungry family .No matter
how he tried even though he nearly caught one or came closer only to slip away . And
beaten blue by hunger the light rain turned into heavy rain and was forced to exit labour
and hid away in a nearby cave .The story sounds scintillating .Entering the cave having
been accustomed to the darkness he noted a series of painting mounted on a wall .The first
painting reflected a deer and another depicted a godlike figure and the third was amazing
which saved his life .It was a simple drawing of a man holding the stick and at the other
end of a stick a fish was dangled . By this little drawing a cave jungle man family was
saved from hunger and survived the day ‘s starving .Within an hour implemented the idea
and returned to his family carrying five fishes . That is unbelievable . Indeed it is the
power of idea .
This indicates the metaphysical and material nature of idea which can be felt seen and
touched .In a scientific point of view idea grows into an ideology for every studious mind
.Usually idea promotes tradition and tradition in turn promotes technology and eventually


this promotes an economy perpetually tradable in the evolution and revolution of utilitarian
culture . From the story of the cave man we noted that the use of these rights and the
consumption and development is struggle The practice of trinity promotes and is a
reflection of the economics of struggle and a moving earth . As he struggled to survive
economic power using technology brewed from active brain power saved the day . Any
liability and inability to procure these rights automatically leads to aggression. The
modern man is often the preacher of this folly .
IT is clear that uncontrollable natural circumstances usually ignite man to abuse the use of
political power .The abuse factor occur due to inability to generate new dimension of
innovation to meet ever increasing social projects or enviously converts the previous
outputs of innovative superiority into aggression so as to dominate in a every competitive
struggle. The fear of loosing relevance generally inform this. Above all the uncontrollable
ego of man is largely responsible . The caveman probably had no man to fight besides
himself –a costly waste of time .Arbitrary use of economic power which is political by
outlook is clearly unjustified as he is only motivated to conquer the forces of nature
militating against his survival .
What survives economic power is idea like its community peers .Intangible property like
technology or science .The caveman like his generation was a good thinker highly rational
in the use of instincts and trading of mechanistic logics to reason and has no companion
besides the ability think . From this study power use generally and most importantly
economic power is driven and built on three factors ; Necessity , Liability and Technology
and the gap between these factors swells social debt .These factors often create a timely
leverage for the mobilization of cultural trinity into effective practice .Nature uses the first
factors to fiercely demand for development which when consumed gives birth or rebirth to
economic power through exploration of these rights which in real sense is also the
consumption of technology to cover human needs and prevailing liability .


As economic power challenges increase driving the need to survive human arts might
grow lazy .And resort to alternative means with the least resistance rather than the usual
longstanding and painstaking method of endless flurry of innovation which by
sustainability can perpetually raise the level of living of standard of erstwhile caveman
like attitude and modern man alike .Sometimes inability to effectively use and mobilize art
system leads to abuse of economic power image .The top echelon of competitive struggle
is dominated by superior economically powerful individuals and advanced nations.
Political imperialism is generally oriented on the altar of greed for unusual economic gain .
This climate ordinarily exerts pressure on the power market threatening the gregarious
nature and the living equity of mankind..
The caveman had no one to rival unlike the modern man. Going by modern old soviet
empiricism and the formation of Marxist class struggle was wrought by the demand for
economic relevance using political power dynasty basically to deceive the people
truncating the communist projected ideals in the long run .Inability to secure the economic
gain .Unlike the caveman in his jungle the birth or rebirth of competitive struggle which
promotes aggression and consequentially nurtures disharmony between powers. The
inequity can be regarded as unfavorable balance of fate . Human attempt to resolve the dire
effect of this struggle led to the birth of competitive justice probably the greatest injustice
ever wrought and proposed to justice image of humanity persistently forgetting the ordeal
that this fate posed against human welfare . This clandestine guillotine revolution gave
birth to the doctrine of ideological struggle spurred by power struggle to promote Marxist
class struggle in the long run .

It cannot be disputed that the practice of trinity underpinned by development ideology
goes before the practice of struggle which promotes activity –the sum total of culture. And
from this canon follows closely and even preceding it is the observation of GCL ..In other
words the practice of this rights promotes enterprise of struggle and thus leads to


exploitation of power market and power market in turn leads to Marxist class struggle as a
prelude to observe the GCL framework in the development economy…………

In the society of man , only three major classes exist mainly those who control political
power , politicians and the autocrats ; those who control economic power , the capitalists or
the bourgeoisies ; and then those that control social power mainly traditionalist socialists
[TSTcommnity ] that include philanthropists or those that empathically apply the golden
rule and their eclectics that floats across the triple classes . They form social oligarch or the
separatists leaguer .They can also be regarded as class power triangle[CAPOT]-CAPOTISTS.
The least and the rest of the people and the underprivileged masses
constitute what is regarded as the utopian class . Truly speaking this class going by the
tag’ utopian ‘ never really exist .. They [CAPOT CLASS ] control power equation and the
rest of the people –social mass – popularly known as the civil society clinically brandish
utopian right --.not fundamental human right. Despite being in the majority actually do not
exist .This terrain is particularly worrying in the developing history . What a weird world !
The mentality of Subjective followership captivity dominate this class rather than the other
side of the divide that can launch revolution and demand for development possibly
transforming their adversity into fortune by maneuvering this fate that poor use of arts
bequeathed to human society .As they compete for control in the power market the birth of
competitive struggle or power tussling subconsciously and deliberately shortchanged the
intricate course of societal justice. Rather than the true justice finding its natural cause they
competed against it to preserve the statusquo already dominated by them .

The most clement group being the TST community under intoxicated economic power are
easily mowed into depraved yard .Out of this group a philosophical society arose –the
scientific socialists and a country adopted it intended to liberate the utopian social mass


and 70 years later were also intoxicated by political power inordinate influence and
imperial dynasty and died a natural death. Hence contributing to the vicious ‘rise and fall
climate’ cycle syndrome of history . With more historical data to spread this shortfall
encouraged the review rethinking refinery and remodeling of Marxism by imbibing some
relevant ideals of Utopian socialism which can conciliatory evolved or should it be
impugned might be the great nemesis of mankind even more than it envisaged and well
captured by neomarxism irrespective of conciliatory conjugation relative to the reality of
world affairs .MARXISM offers no relief to the transient and soulless human society in
which the worship of science has repudiated the essence of the proletariat .That by
throwing off the chains of capitalists and capitalism they have a world to win .
.Will they observe carefully to understand the difference ? .Even if they do for the fact that
socialism recommends work for everybody but defeats the argument that equal pay is
allowed or that workers welfare will improve .Under Marxist socialism the technological
productivity pledges increase in the inequality of wages and no insurance against mass
poverty . Whereas history had not shown this to be untrue especially in the fall of late 80s
to witness the nemesis of the great inequality .This factor appears to be the most
insurmountable factor in history .By diagnosing the origin of inequality necessary solution
can bring a lasting relief though innovative ability differs and can be manageable in its
diversity once social debt is paid for the benefit of mankind .Again we observe ; How can
gross inequality be avoided ? The answer is simple ; by paying this debt its undertaker is
well assured of golden priviledge in history . Without intellectual liberty bequeathed to the
utopian class it became practically impossible to attain in the Marxist world of Marx and
Engel and dented by ideological epidemics and prostituted world of Stalinism .
Neomarxism is the last saving grace of mankind prior to the dire outcome of the great
Today social capital of respective countries is increasingly frustrated ;in place of social
justice the world have competitive justice whose equity is mortgaged for self interest of the


development separatists to the detriment of the utopian class and in place of meaningful
social struggle competitive struggle never cease to soar.Neomarxism potentially by using
its auto run diagnosis can open up and resolve the puzzle towards the attainment of balance
of power vital for world total freedom .

The present nature of power triangle community we have admitted inhibits global
development and promotes gross inequality of wealth which needs auto--rehabilitation
reconfiguration and calls for social restructuring .The point is clear : in the community
separatists hold sway . This league can also be regarded as class power triangle [ CAPOT ]
and the utopian hardly exist .In a social restructuring the community would then be
governed by dual class power triangle [DUCAPOT ] with the utopians toping the class
power bracket once controlled by CAPOT . Had the utopian socialists of the failed 1848
revolution understood this basic framework could have been more glorious today than
MARXISM .The truth is clear ; Revolution is costly the case of Power abuse citing the
great soviets not being needed and this restructuring is impractical unless with appropriate
restructuring first of the financial system to practice neomarxism as practical fertile and
arable fields which is the evidence of the possibility to go with it it would then trickle
down to the socioeconomic system at large. The political power shall be placed at the
nadir and the remnant powers controlled the joint middle cause while DUCAPOT topped
the community for a new global order . TO Now implement this simple but hardest
strategy ;the following must be observed as the final solution for mankind :
Restructure the financial system as a prelude to socioeconomic restructuring .
Entrench neomarxist manifesto .
Entrench neomarxism and then neomarxist free market respectively ;
And practice dual redistributionist financial system as mandatory .
Some nation might need to adopt a mono –neomarxist financial system as optional and as
required ;


Ensure restructuring of the socioeconomic system as the dual system mature in the long
run. Sustain and maintain the framework for a lasting result orientation and growth of
capital development.

The above legal framework OR SEVEN NORMS of social equity will encourage
enthronement of DUCAPOTISM to also control the community for a new global order
that would eradicate mass poverty and begin man’s journey towards the golden age –an
evidence of a new sense of belonging for depressed humanity in the global village

If we apply this 7 ABREC salvation formula Provided with evidence that neomarxist free
market or dual framework is endorsed after restructuring and implemented community
power tussle would soon become a thing of history .The CAPOT rule must end so as to
regain lost harmony and equity in the power market . While class power triangle will be
deterred from strangulating the entire community that supported it and exploited by social
interest in place of competitive self interests to work towards universal welfare as the
ultimate goal of the neomarxist market strategy .
It is in the best interest of the bourgeoisie to conciliatory evolve with the underclass so as
to have a sense of belonging in the society or else might turn barbarian and overrun the
wealth of the superior . That is the essence of neomarxist age laying a foundation to bridge
the divide
In the existing or present [to be ] old capotist order we found out that there is no place for
the utopian class but in the new order they are represented having overthrown the CAPOT
rule so as to top the community even though they conciliatorily evolve with CAPOT as the


substructure and they the underclass as the superstructure .And economic power now
topped the apex chart of power community relegating the political power which is meant to
serve only to the third place curbing its aggressive imbecility ;as the social power comes
second which is meant to retain top power as man returns to golden age in which social
interest reigns supreme.

In the final lap in which the new[Ducapotism] world order will be installed or enthroned.
It also states that human civilization which has equally transits from the golden age
civilization into primitive civilization [ caused mainly by power community tussle ]
onward to modern can then grow sustainably into a return to golden .These are three
branded types of human civilization .Due to poor understanding of this most ignored
phenomenon in human history the entire nature of human of civilization ages has never
been sustainably unnecessarily protruding the rise and fall climate cycle .It is also the first
and attempted unifier[ model] in human history

To bridge the inequality of this ever changing global order as we earlier observed the birth
and rebirth of microfinance by nature through its ideology emphasizing egalitarian
globalization for the first time in mortal history provided a sure antidote for the emerging
markets that launched apathy against fast fading western economic textbooks to build
laying a sample to be followed by the rest of developing history .The financial system and
the macroeconomic models it bestowed or bequeathed to the hapless territories hardly
spread wealth immobilizing their financial wealth through indiscriminate imperial
liberalization of the balance of payment to the enrichment of western metropolis . That is


why it is expedient to endorse the [ 7] seven ABREC formula for redistributionist world
economy .



The welfare of mankind is much more important than the general welfare of those top
power market holders and the mighty nations .Otherwise if the poor still amounts to
nothingness they might soon follow the same relegation to the dustbin of history as
global development precedence and universal welfare of humanity transcends the realm
of racial sectarian interests .The world economy will grow exponentially and spread
wealth across the board if we do not abhor the peculiar ideals and idealism of
POTAGE GOLDEN opening up its mysterious and controversial chains through
neomarxism.The intellectual liberty of the west is getting stressed and overheated as
the quality of human brain outputs reaches saturation levels as civilization reaches the
peak. Since economic power is determined by brain power feeding into technology
power it is likely and very sure that brain power will shift to Asia especially India and
China the bibliocractic symptoms are clear for all to see in terms of software and other
technologies in which the former already controlled over 34 percent of American
scientists –an incredible number indeed .


It indicates that alien or foreigners increasingly controlled a heavy proportion of
intellectual property assets which Bill GATES believed was the engine of American
economy presently is a boon to that territory as brain capacity of its people reaches
saturation level but a far greater disincentive calamity and destabilizing effect will it be
in the long run possibly engineering the collapse of that great civilization. Although
today may not know it now basking in the euphoria of newfound rave of globalization
working in their favor and it may be too noisy to urge such a supercilious region being
infected by bibliomaniasis to review its immigration policy as some of its scholars
have argued or at worst practice the German doctrine of Aryan myths expounded by
Adolph Hitler .That could also sound irrational and this indicates that its hands are tied
by this nemesis .
NO existing theory support this--that the rise and fall of brain power is equivalent to the
rise and fall of great powers and great civilizations .Emerging markets are very good at
mimicking now they have moved on .It cannot be disputed that they usually spy to send
precious information assets back home at best may even be spying for the development
of Indian economy which is evident in the explosive growth of Bangalore .The Chinese
including 150, 000 foreign student populations and thousands deployed by Chinese
government were specialties in this area spying on whatever scientific American does
.Her mimicry technology is certainly working and the best in the world gradually
liberating its people from the pawn of intellectual terrorism of the west albeit so poor
and is haunted in like manner by macroeconomiasis .

The observation of the great charters of liberty is usually driven by NECEESITY and
LIABILITY and Capital development will then circulate to developing history
Opening the region to development beginning with the incursion of Bibliocracy—[
through its constitution of development –GCL]using brain power to spread information
power or technology like the ancients until now . The west may not like it an inch but it
is certainly clear that civilization will continue to shift as brain power and the quality of


intellectual power declines in form and standard from one region into another territory
in the new and ever changing order. Besides few exceptional cases ,.this is a
fundamental fact in history for all time and can never be disputed. The rise of
intellectual export and brain power and immigrant export which helps contribute to
regional brain drain of the developing history is unsafe and insecure to advanced
markets and not affordable and calamitous in the long run. It is so much costly to their
economy which they ignore brazenly with the delusion of unprecedented prosperity
like never before in the history of man. It is therefore necessary for the torch to be
passed harmoniously without overheating the environment of power triangle .Stopping
the abuse of political power guiding against the rise and fall syndrome of human
history …………………………………………………………contd below

With robust econometric model opening up the philosophy of development golden age
[Marsolism] in the redistributionist societies it preaches equalitarian conception of
social materialism and reordering moral precedence of political economic history from
neoliberalism into the new enclave of neomarxist free market economy .That
economic rights should pervade every communities of the world and ensuring harmony
in the power triangle is a kingly authoritative priority. It is the first philosophical
template under marsolism which has been determining the fate of cultural and historical
materialism from the preliterate history into recorded times and would perennially
determine the fate of man and earthly existence, survival and universal welfare of
humanity from the present into the future and the infinity .Under marsolism –the world


economy will swing from the neomarxist era into Post Marxism and finally into
development golden age—Neomarsolism [popularly and roughly known as
communism ] or Postmarsolism –the final doom of man should the last saver of resort
ARMAGEDON catch up on humanity who failed to consider the less privileged in their
societies in addition to magnanimous burden of overpopulation and the world existence
and universal safety at large.These macro--philosophies form the holy trinity arms of
POTAGE GOLDEN with subordinate philosophies under them . .Beginning with or
under MARSOLISM –Neomarxism as the first political economic ideology opens up
the mysterious chains of a seem-like controversial pursuit especially to the skeptics—
the --never--think --well .

HOW shall we escape if we neglect such a great eternal salvation that this new dawn
is proffering to the resolution of man’s greatest puzzle .

With the benefit of history it should be noted that this general body template is the

broadest philosophy ever propounded by man living or dead with outlook into
thousands of years ahead or even millions as long as the earth exist or remains until the
return of this great temple into the golden age . It is also the first time in modern times
to unify the ideological rivalry of defunct cold war territories [not in a mixed economic
model] and a host of relevant models since the dawn of modern age harmonized with
unique propositions and the transcendent modeler’s new mode of thoughts [Macro
eclecticism ] into a distinct and distinguished philosophy of the golden age-MARSOLISM
[never before in human history] or POTAGE-GOLDEN and can also be
regarded AS the broadest framework of universal global development model
removing discontents of globalization as prominently noted by Professor Stiglitizs
among similar studies .It is a combination of philosophic thoughts and macroeconomic
models in a single body template opening its floodgate through neomarxism for a new
world order in the great golden transition towards the golden age and the nirvana . Its


first objective is to eradicate global mass poverty and then stabilize the egalitarian
order of global economy
Although we have entered the neomarxist era but the neomarxist free market economy
in which nobody will be a poor man has not yet begun .In the golden transition before
this happens it is admitted that competitive rivalry between neoliberalism and
neomarxism shall take preeminence flexing muscle once the latter is adopted and global
structure created for it .Where it is largely impugned like Marxism and whether
separatist leaguers like it or not it will definitely be forced into reckoning by nature ..
Presently the world has no free market economy even though it claimed to be and the
most authentic ever contrived in human history is the base metal of pottage golden .In
this free market harmony is to be ensured in the power market system poverty is to be
alien for the first time in history and every humanity should have access to equal
economic right so as to explore their God-given ability and vast potential even though
innovative ability might differ .Neoliberal free market being the most fraudulent free
market economy ever in human economic history will surely pass away unmourned .It
is a matter of time and its undertaker is the inequality –a major undoing of the feudal
lords .Perhaps shortly after the exit of this competitive rivalry neomarxism will begin in
full blown .Even if abhorred as long as microfinance escalate like wild fire it will
eventually be forced on the conscience of global economy and the glory of
neoliberalism if it survives will still be neomarxism being the first antipoverty political
economic and egalitarian market ideology in history . It is the most unavoidable fact in
mortal history and could be avoided unless microfinance is declared irrelevant in the
economy of man .That is practically impossible .It is a great salvation and how shall we
escape…………………contd below



The world was a golden temple had lived in the golden age before the fall of her great
history and today is a golden desert .There are no sure development ideology charting a
return to the lost glory besides POTAGE GOLDEN .The world civilization has matured
to chart a new era and advance roadmap towards the return .This is the greatest
ambition in the history of homosapien .This may be a little bit crazy. IT Is vital and
most importantly to avoid the rise and fall climate cycle of history due to fragility and
error prone brain power and the undue exploitation of power triangle disharmony by the
GDAs.The question is ;How did it decline as a golden temple ?
According to legends common to world religious settings that humankind began in a
golden age governed by a supernatural being in which man lived happily guitless and
was freed from defilement no sickness and no death .In the Avesta a sacred book of the
ancient Persian Zoroastrian religion talks about the good shepherd ‘the fair Yima’been
the first mortal that ‘Ahura mazda’ –the creator first conversed with who was instructed
to manage the golden temple . He was later mandated to build the underground abode
‘Vara’ full of perfect men .They suffered no sickness no evil spirit no defilement no
poverty and above all no death dwelling among the golden pillars and the odoro -ferrous
trees – a tall and beautiful race where no form of imperfection was found .
Although the biblical details has the most authentic analysis of this perfect paradise
other chapters of world religions hold similar reinterpreted opinions . For instance in the
ancient Greeks the first--five ages of man which constitutes the golden age was noted


in Works and Days, Hesiod ‘s poems –a period of universal bliss perfect freedom and
complete happiness . According to Hesiod ‘The immortal gods ………….
This shows that the sixth age is the present age of imperfection and death-[being the
last to be conquered-biblical references/ unmasked sciences of evolution ] which
perhaps has lasted for several thousands of years .With the rise of potage golden world
machine a new dawn might begin and possibly man could make a paradise on the earth
even before the full return to the golden age marking the seventh age of man.
Thereafter the road to eternity begins and man need not passes again into the greater
beyond ;for this will start right here on the earth .Some biblical sources put these ages
to be 7 days based on eternal standard [refer. apostle Peter ] .Prior to this world
machine we do not have a philosophy for man ‘s golden return in this golden desert
.On the other hand as earlier narrated ,the fall of great history and the legendary golden
age was lost as a result of poor use of arts inordinate greed for power [political].
According to Greek legends when Epimetheus endorsed and accepted the beautiful wife
‘Pandora ‘a gift from Olympic god Zeus who opened the lid of her great vase from
which Pandora box of troubles miseries and illnesses began and humanity [ though of a
different species of creation] never recovered until this day.
It was clear from the beginning that The Great Armageddon was guided against and a
clear evidence that the golden age was lost based on this fact of life and also through
abuse of political power –a disharmony in the power market leads to moral decadence
–crime dishonesty unfaithfulness and from which all other moral shortcomings and
disobedient emanated from. If it could happen with the perfect brains and the golden
generation how much worse for a mortal broken bones-in the golden desert or the
wilderness generation with no eternal home to cover itself except the grave .Efficient
use of power mainly economic power by man is the very first step to build a paradise
and to return to golden age on earth


The crash of the golden age based on the Hesiod’s poem was a result of the abuse
of political power and can only be restored through efficient use of economic power
in the transformed power market .Understanding the necessity of economic power
sovereignty would easily pay down the social debt or existing liability confronting
human and social development market .IT is shows vividly that amortization of this
debt or liability by the forces of necessity in the optimization of power triangle
potential is the safest antidote to all human and social predicaments .
In the golden age social power is supreme and thereafter in this age economic power
though became supreme but was overshadowed by political power in the
competitive struggle for wealth relegating social power to the background .
Ownership of production according to Marx and Engel became determinant factor
.On the other hand there are two philosophies that support the human ethics and
mass development market .One promotes natural freedom and the other freedom of
man .Both Taoism and Confucianism by nature are conflicting with contradictory
freedom emphasis. In the ancient China 100 Schools of philosophy were found but
the most prominent as noted which have stood the test of time obviously laid more
emphasis , on the conflicting nature of this triangle and its effect on the nature of
existence .The entire five ages noted by the poet can be regarded as Taoism and the
period of the golden desert is the Confucian age in which man is allowed to explore
its cultural trinity uncontrolled . .
The word ‘TAOISM ’[dowsm] though was related to a religion in modern day China
actually means the state of natural freedom in which man consumes and never
produce relying on the fringes of nature especially what comes out of nature ..For
instance by its religious references it means non aggression for every want and


desire of man .It means stillness standing still sitting still doing nothing and relying
on what nature gives .This happened in the legendary tales of biblical garden of
Eden or some primitive tribes like those noted by Darwin and described in his book
The Voyage Of H.M.S. Beagle . The Tierra del fuego ,the tip of Cape Horn has one
of the worst and bitter climate in the world and mantle of seal skin is their direct
protection against weather .They have no commerce , because they do not have
goods to trade with other tribes .They practiced direct production which hardly
practiced anywhere in the world .The Eskimos of northern Canada the Koma people
in Nigeria , the pigmy in Africa and the Fuegians of Tierra del Fuego , are usually
poor .They are concerned only with food and provide shelter from what nature
provides –a cave or snow hut or trees . Virtually every tribe and race has passed this
stage before knowledge advanced …The tribes are likely to be killed by the slightest
or din test piece of hard luck .Darwin found that in hard times the fuegians killed
and ate their old women who are less valuable to their dogs .
The first five ages symbolized eternity of rest after a long previous eternity of labour
had passed and persisted .Unfortunately the abuse of power triangle of the atavistic
period had truncated the golden age leading to the golden desert .Then man entered
into a period of labour again and vigorous labour of all were mobilized to return to
good solid plays denominated in meaningful economic activity .This is known or
called Confucianism which governs the 6th age of nature .


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