November 15, 2016


Sing The Song Of Your Motherland , And Shine Its Light Aboard, That Magic Lantern , Lightened On A Lectern As If With Burning Heat To Trigger Ablaze Ashes Of Thatched Roof Above , With Waves Riding Seaward, Of Winds Blown In The Right Direction, Frolic As Huntsmen And Rollicking As Freedmen , We Shall Be Proud Of Its Apple Bough,grandiose Orchard, Horticultured Realm,glamourous Boulevaard , Landscaped Architecture,of New Clouds , Happy As The Heart ,flying With High Heels And High Fields , Frollicking Starbucks , As Voluptuary Hounds Of A Virgin Land, O Time , Let It Play Tis The Grand Poetry Of Sweet Roses, Garland Be, Mourning Earth , Shall Never Cease And Lo, Scraggly Plant , The Shalt Be Your End .

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