November 15, 2016


In One Of The Shows,he Emceed , He Was Instrumental,To The Discovery Of Raw Nwame And Notable Names Like P. Square.In 2000,he Released His First Single Entitled "Jagbajantis"And It Became An Instant Hit And A Classic Song Of The Day.He Was Signed To Kennis Music,And Also Featured In Other Peoples 'music ,through Collabos And The Likes. He Released Four Albums Under Kennis Music And By July,2008,His Contract Expired And Later Teamed Up With His Brother,Baba Dee To Start'Naija Ninjas'a Franchise That Was Brainchild Behind A Record Label,A Clothing Line And A Production Outfit. Though He Started As A Rapper But Later Switched To Afrobeat, Soul,Fuji And R& B,giving Him A Diverse Style And A Broad Genre Of Music.His Belief On The Importance Of Message In A Song That It Conveys Rather Than The Genre Of Music Itself For Judging An Artist ,could Only Come Out Of The Most Underrated Nigerian Heavyweight Musician.Under Naija Ninjas,He Released"Back From Future -2010".

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