April 10, 2017

POETRY PACIFIC: 2 Poems by ibikunle laniyan

A Vapour Before Time Man Is nothing but a vapour before time, There Is passion before passion , And The earth and the planets, therefore revolves round the sun. Methinks,eternity fronts for the milky way, And dartsforthlike apt brimstone And fire,wherein ontology trembles, Mortal Sinew,cannot butoverwhelm. Man 's meteor is nothing but a vapour,before time, He Is nothing butflashes in a numb, The daylight crashes,and he is gone . Goof You goon, goof not in the morning, Goof not all day ;for thouknowest not when destiny rises and falls . Bio-the Poet Blogs At www.kunlemicrofinance.blogspot.com .

1 comment:

  1. Am in love with this poem because it talks about brevity of life and the need to be cautious and beware of its deceit.