January 10, 2017


Shall the eagle's flight's obstreperous wings,
not lethiferous lay,
On the brittle and pestiferous stale Arcadian bliss?
Sallow nugatory and squeamish stigma be ,
To whose pother and nuclei,willful tendon obey.

Let the applique in subterranean subversion, 
That defective lyrics,vendatta promptitude,
 can be the nether dunghill metaphors , 
Lest this ballad-guised elegy,frangible
quest bewails.

And thou,effeminate-crafted subterfuge, 
That my stable genre,hallowest aplomb, 
 With thy  succulence,thou crowest and weanest,
 Betwixt our aficionados cringest growl, leverest
thou go.

Her. much ado,doth .encumber its vesuvian vestige., 
Vicissitude. and harrowing dizziness is akimbo, 
Peripatetic phoenix and the.sands of sahara,departest
In a noncupative wimble hewn from nihility.

So,they despaired as nonpareil,in a new fangled Odyssey,
 Had the preeminence but the noxious noose undaunted , 
Two muniments'adore in conjugal bliss, pesky mutilate none :
Munificence coronated unflinching there, was betrothed

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