September 19, 2017


Words For Today was fond of this precious quotation.Ford was fond of Edison,for the uplifting words,esoteric words that brings lifetime healing,and little wonder he later recalled'No man up to then had given me any encouragement.I had hoped that i was headed right.Sometimes,i Knew that I was,sometimes i only wondered,but here,out of a clear sky,the greatest inventive genius in the world had given me complete approval.'One more bonus item:in like manner,had it not been for Edmond Halley,a well respected scientist in his own right,Isaac Newton,with his theory of gravitation and description of the three laws of motion,might not have been published.When he came to Cambridge and visited Newton,he was baffled and alarmed that the same problem,he was working on,Newton had alreadysolved it.He later encouraged him to publish it and volunteered to do it at his own expense and by 1687,the Royal Society Of London had published Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematical that laid groundwork for the mathematical study.


and later ruled Yugoslavia,prior to its disintergration,for twelve years.In the case of Archbishop Fulton Sheen,it was a different ballgame entirely.In a big city cathedral,he also dropped the communion wine and rather than the vitriolic remark,the Bishop turned to him and whispered reasurringly'it's okay,some day you'll be a great priest'.Surprisingly, Sheen later went onto preach sermons to millions of souls,on national television.Words can build up or tear people down,as Solomon once noted'Reckless words pierce like sword,but the tongue of the wise brings healing.'Now,let me give this bonus item-Henry Ford and Thomas Edision were close friends.Having been introduced by by someone,as'a young man who has made,a gas car'and met at a convention sponsored by Edision's company,he later worked there as an engineer.Edison was ecstatic when he noticed,the gas car was created with its own self sustainable power plant,'You have it! Your Car is self contained and carries its own power plant'Bob Gass,author of The


Every mind experiences moral breakdown and etiquette downtime and if you like call it a period of moral failure.This signs of burn out include anger,disillusionment,addiction and compulsive habbits,rash decisions,irritable behaviour and allergic reactions,low morale and depression,occupies this portfolio potrait of moral breakdown.We all have,certainly our five minutes madness,but nothing can be much more damaging that an avalanche of careless words,volleyed at suspecting prodigy.Indeed,careless people with careless words,can hurt hapless people and nothing more than this social trauma can influence person's destiny and selfworth.Self esteem is the ultimate price of freedom and the tongue of the wise brings healing.These two stories provide similar evidences and let me beginwith emperor Tito.One day,the officiating priest,slapped him and shouted'leave,and don't come back!'That boy was General Tito,a brutal communist,who was then,in a small country,an altar boy that accidentally dropped the communion wine


When with this assymetrical onslaught,you barely enjoy some relaxed and ,uninterrupted down time.This can affect quality decision and time managemen,Once time spent cannot be quantified,so that it can be result oriented,ordinarily,it is a waste of time.So,the Time investment and time management competence,is howfar you can go,to avoid the unrelenting onslaught of information,that mordern age,places at our disposal.Every spare time can be auctioned periodically as your most creative hoursand we can regroup after relaxation schedule,reflect and recharge.With the right information timely disposed,though consumption pattern of the information intake,can be variegated,nevertheless,the nature of vision and strategic input,elevate its intakeposture,makinga sensuous not to graze carelessly and wisely digging too deeply,to avoid potential distraction and onslaught recurrent time expenditure that could skyrockets intensive stress levels,thatmaybe,incomprehensible over the long haul.This special competence is required


We receive an unbelievable volume and terrific universeof text messages,on a daily basis,be it in our favours as sender or as a receiver.Their onslaught sometimes or in most cases,intimidates our ability to manage,and can lead to unfavourable circumstances,in which the resultant unmanageable competencies,canaccelerate distress times.We are apalled because we cannotget rid of the old information liability and we receive more information in the entire lifetime,thanour parent,sent or did,in a year ortwo.That Much speaks volume of ecstasy,clinging glutonously.Neverless,not an iota of doubt could be entertain about these encumbrances of assymetrical information,that ordinarily promotes rising mind volatility rate andclog effective and rapid decision management whatsoever especially at the time of meditation and thoughtful reflection.A strong vision retard this tentacle andcan equip you with the capability to wisely invest your time,to avoid that barriers of complex time traps,bedevilling effectivetimeinvestment

September 17, 2017


Shall I compare thee to a winter's night? Shall I compare thee to the forest at autumn nor thee spring's forest at summer's night befriended?Thou art more sanguine and more despondent,rudderless banks threaten bone marrow sore and forest's deciduous trees,hath all but gone into limbo,at winter's night.Sometimes too vile a mountain to climb,in the muddy eyes of stormy frost,that mottled prime orgy.And invariably gaunts the nebulous feet,grown cold and unfair moist hands,poltrooned carapace bound by providence untrimmed,over its wanderlust barren trudge.That by its string its shrinking forest,shall not cease nor assuage this coccoon,which carteblanched overruled its wit,nor shall its dearth of wanton gazelles assuaged wanderer upon its nuances.So long as the sun breathes upon the earth and season rejuvenates its ado of voluptuous bank,so long as the moon by night and the sun by day,to groove recurrent binges not famished,at its boggy swamp


anda wise doth begat a wise. Courage springs from the heart,fear springs from the heart,but knowledge intensive art at heart,is by tame fearless,and themountain to he a valley and the valley to him a mountain.That he turns his dreamland of fantasies,into flesh,is itself a farago of Mahomet 's gilded fortune musters that can be tamed by scaling the greatest mountains of Himalayas and Everest,in one fell swoop,and a valley at its feet,a mountain becomes.The price of libertyis the song of the freedom andthe song offreedom is the true price of liberty.By what you say and sing,you are freed and by your actions arethose liberties worth,andthose liberties in spirit by your actions,are liberties in flesh,that yourstatus by art and philosophy,is immortalised.The true price of liberty is paid by what you know and the true price of slavery is paid for by your ignorance.A slave and a freedman is therefore distinguished bywhatthey know and barely know.Fear springeth where ignorance breedeth and greedily breathes,at ease


Shall I not compare thee to an uncrowned king whose uneasy contest wears thewind and upon his belly,misery acquints with the farthest seas.Thoughwe have seen the darkestdays but even the brightest days,yet unseen might a gauchy cloud in our sentry thrives.And notuntill the posterity is known,the unseen days,darkest days becomeand that which is darker with gauchy cloud that thou cannot battle,maketh thee a lounge lizard.All that glisters is gold,but the gold in the furnace that glisters without love at heart of the goldsmith,mortal history never before seen.And betwixt thine ownself,defeat not with encroachment of standing ovation,dancing to the gallery.Lend me your eyes,go to mahomet and assail the world greatest battlefield;for there is nothing but victory,when you are learned to win there.That nothing will come from nothing,is to ravingly bully a fool and the wise alike that something cannot come from something,that a fool dies many times before he dies,and only a fool begat a fool and a wise doth begat a

September 16, 2017


Fear Kills him many times,before he dies.And as boldness saves he many times a manifold bliss,before he wins and he dies many times,before he dies;for he that dies in this sloth is he that wishes to risk no evil.He lives in bliss of nirvana,he that fears no foe and no evil.He plows the farthest seas never plunged.If you are bred to bleed,you shallsoon be bled to breed.Life is a wanderlust,a peregrinatory writ that struts its stage upon the blue seas and with his canoe,a rudderless buoy someday bound to capsize and a nether city its final resting place. Life Is a ridiculous wind,a mockery of the ephemeral gaunt of mortal breath and is long gone even before the wind set to sail,let alone tame its maelstrom.And lo,its meteor signify nothing but that man a porous dream and a vapour before time.Light the light,but also dark the dark;mfor both light and darkness too have a final resting place.He that brawls,brawls the wind in vain but the genteel hands of justice,history the remains of the earth,cannot forget.


total of unborn gifts or undue presents and how to invest them,even before they are due.It shows that nature itself is wisely invested and being able to find similar logic of a succesful investiture,emulating naturewit,was the greatest challenge of a mordern life.With the growth ofmordern life,driven by wise time investment of western civilisation,driven by biomimetism,in which mordern man as civilised savages,battling mind volatity threat of the late medieval,first explored timology through succesful explosion of Galilleo's Helliocentrism,that castrated Aristotellian and theological contraption of geocentrism that balkanised time's usage and squandered dividends of parlous time investors,with polybarbaric theory,that madeeven civilised life,a modern savage.The next 200years after application of this timological theories,that followed the last 300years of late medieval-1300-1600,was culturally a central turning point behind western history,and the growth of science,economic revolution and dampening ofreligion


in social upheaval.This Kind of mindset,goes beyond just enjoying today,nature's most precious endowment and a sacred gift of mothernature,but enjoying it wisely and use judiciously to the fulfilment of a satisfied life.When you enjoy life passionately and accept your lot in life,inthisway driven by timological ideals and institutionaltenet of S.M.Ps enabled visions,you are automatically,adestiny child,status and standardcertified.And so,your time investment,can only appreciate asthe futures,hatched and dividends reaped and for every maturity,successive investiture skyrockets.For every good time investor,situation invariably revamps itself with every farago of immanent hurly burlies.Only thisgroup of mankind,has their future lay in their hands,are as bold as lion,enjoy investiture as time appreciates by its fugacity.If you are a good time economist,that is a good time investor and effective consumer,you can determine through your SMPs,an incurable sentimental forecast,can determine your future that is the sum


the nature of ambition,its technicality and allied decision widgetsthat ordinarily supplanted them,butmuch more the type,the scale anddepth of pursuit plannings and allocated strategies,to go along with its perambulate and the corresponding action,that serve as its execution and executable powers,one periodically undertakes.This bunch of forecast,is what i call'success master plan-S.M.P'.They reduce explosive threat of mind volatility rate and consequently by so doing in essence,by its multiplier effect,reduce similarly public discomfort that also include penury and misery,public unease and social upheaval,with addendum corresponding growth in the living standard of a contented life.Hence,with such multiplier mentality of an effective time consumption,this rational birch of economic time consumers,not hunted by rising mind volatity threat of a mordern age,tends to deploy time wisely and effectively as well as defensively mustered towards their preoccupied goals and not offensively,that brokers a spike in....


So,what are you investing-the days and nights?Not really,being intangible cosmogonies,but absolutely right when you refer to its timology,that is science and theory of proper time and proper timing.In otherwords,the best quantifier nomenclature,in this context,we refer to is'time investment'It is incontrovertible a mother-fact and indisputable,a foremost technique,thevery encapsulate of manifoldpatchwork of subsidiary success techniques,a cardinal parameter of change metrics and the thermostat of what the outcome natureof'ends and means'should be periodically.And literally speaking,the type of investment,most conspicuous form and the best known form of investment,under sun,is basically 'time investment'and every second,minute,hour,day,night,and season absolutelycount.So,they should be valued and the best gadget,to optimallyinvest this nature's intangibleand quasi-material security,being the most fabulous oracle of mothernature,is unborn today.And so,not to be fatuous,life is not the choices of vision,nature


We all are forced to by Herarclitus says'all things flow'and in infact did not hesitate to affirm this prevision with the word or phrase,'it came to pass'in over hundred times.Unarguably,in life,most things aren'tpermanent and when you cannot know with certitude,how thingschange and the nature it can take in every terrain or horizon,youmight have found yourself,including being mindful of its influential and inherent virulence,you must have to tread carefully.Once you are armed with this armoury of axiom,the next stepis to learn to enjoy today because it is a gift of life and that's why ordinarily,it is called the'present'andthe ones to come,popularly known as the future meaning 'unborn present or unborn gift'.And the bestthing to do with a gift is not squander them but wisely use them.That tellsyou,its significance and why you must wisely invest the presents given you by naturewit,including unborn gifts or undue presents,even before they arehatched or incubated.What type of investment are we talking about?

September 14, 2017


In this context,mind volatility rate is about 99.9per Nigerians and pretty dire imponderable and impracticable to find a fully satisfied life in this clime and if so found,are dishdvelled out of places,living mendacious lives,to the detriment ofthe nation,that also sloth them,in perfidy as an object of ridicule,to their motherland.Infact,the reality is that we have a failed state and the requisition of social rehabililitation for redress of this agelong national malaise,can be eternally compromised,with questionable standard modules dismembered toreach fecundity,for a productive land.Because the mindset of the individual is volatile,andso gloom,was represented in thenebulous nation at large.People's minds are ridden with potion and hemlock to die its suicide,in the most complicated clime,under sun.However,the rate of unemployment and underemployment,including even mass poverty,does not fully indicates the proportion of mind volatility threat to nation building,but much more what people choose to do in life.


At a everypoint in time,every man is caught in an intricate of one succesful action or the other,and this apartnumerous failures.The difference between success and failure isnot just basically the increasingrate and velocity of succesfulaction turnovers,but the appreciation of this actionable glories,greased in the most precious yarns of fortunate hours,how timely they are struck and theratios of actionable leverages and impact,they exude. Man,a dreamer is not betrothed with consequences'patchwork,but much estranged from this illbred homiletics,that distinguishes its groove from practical politics.Smart actions require smartest outcome and whatconsequences matter so much to thesuccess artist,smacks as a vain derelict,to the most profound dreamers in the universe.The two poles,are wide drift apart and what apalling,a bereft art can be,a stranger to a satisfied and contented life.In the ministry of a puporseful life,the random success artist,with this set of values is highly content and his mind not volatile


i think the most important fabric of a living standard,is to have a sense of purpose and that could not be possible,without a vision acting as set of predetermined values,a sort of workable target,driving the attitude of work,for the mind to follow and emulate,using the attitude of work,to incorporate the law of sight and law of action respectively.Man as life artist,must be aggressive with its practice,as evidenced by dedication,commitment and consistency to that set of values,ordinarily supplanted for its optimal effect.This is important because the mind is a volatile instrument,that without such an anchor,can make make mass rape andcontempt of human mores,to defeattheessence of purposefullife,a fundamental factor to living a contented and a satisfied life.That succesful action you undertakes,in this context,is a reflection of the luminous rays of a fecund mind and its workable effect.Morever,when the standard module of a fecund mind,as relative in this context,is mirrored,it must devised in this manner

September 9, 2017


There is no barrier that cannot broken asunder and distress or despondency that cannot be surmounted,but even though fortitude fails you,when the strength of your legs can carry you in the hardest climate.Someday,the price of liberty,can be secured at the cost of more fortitude.When you buy an increase,in the price of liberty,you should ordinarily also buy an increase in the cost of more fortitude,to make your victory credible or a landmark,fermenting the potters wheels,with its golden fleece.And so this battle can be won right there in your mind.Indeed,the human mind,remains for all time,the world greatest battlefield.The war that took Alexander The Great,the son of king Philip of Macedonia,the entire lifetime to wage,neither the munnition nor the ballistics fired during world wars canbe compared to what it takes an average mortal per second,to wageagainst hardy climate,with their artistic leverages of burning images and turbo charged infernos of wildest imagination,succesful or not succesful.i think


Thereis no barrier,that you cannot break and no distress or despondency,that cannot be surmounted,but even though fortitudemight fail you nor the strength in your legs,carry you.Someday,the price of liberty can be secured at the cost of more fortitude,fermenting the potters wheelandthis battle can be won,right there in your mind. Indeed,the human mind remains for all time,the worldgreatest battlefield.The war thattook Alexander the Great Son Of King Philip Of Macedonia,the entire lifetime to wage ,nor munnition fired during the world wars,canbe compared to what it takes an average mortal per second tofight with their artistic leverages of burning images and infernosof imagination,succesful or not successful.I thinkthe battle beggins with themind andends with the mind.When you cansee it,you must alsoable to control steam engine,toacceleratevelocity required toactualise thedreams and aspirationsof your forlorn years.Many warshave beenfought and a manifold stillyetto be won,in the world greatest battlefield


Thereis no barrier,that you cannot break and no distress or despondency,that cannot be surmounted but even though fortitudemight fail you nor the strength in your legs,carry you.Someday,the price of liberty can be secured at the cost of more fortitude,fermenting the potters wheelandthis battle can be won,right there in your mind. Indeed,the human mind remains for all time,the worldgreatest battlefield.The war thattook Alexander the Great Son Of King Philip Of Macedonia,the entire lifetime to fight,nor munnition fired during the world wars,canbe compared to what it takes an average mortal per second tofight with their artistic leverages of burning images and infernosof imagination,succesful or not successful.I thinkthe battle beggins with the mind andends with the mind.When you cansee it,you must alsoable to control steam engine,toacceleratevelocity required toactualise thedreams and aspirationsof the forlorn years.Many warshave beenfought and a manifold stillyetto be won,in the world greatest battlefield

September 8, 2017


We are whatwe know because we are what we see.We are what we feel becausewe are what we see. That they area template,a balance equation,for every action under sun,could no longer be disputed.There is an opportunity tied to every thing that we see,but even the smartest thinkers may not get it out.Behold,the front office,foresight and the backoffice hindsight are constitituents and winning portals,needed for effective deployment of the law of sight other wise known as perception.A true deployment must be effective mobilisation,usage and practice of its constituent parts.To be in doldrum is no perception,but backward perception which is deception while forward perception is vision.I am convinced enthuse,thatin mostcases,the world civilisation is illumined by not only dormantperception but also innudated bybackwardperception. The conceptof dormantperception categoricallyapplies where the constituent-backoffice is highlyproactive,leadingto devisionary world.A true civilisation is denominated by forwardperception


If indeed,the law of sight is the esoteric cult and secret of all becomings,then it is definitely wiserand magnanimous enough to project beyondyour existing capacity.Onlythose able to see ahead of timesare gifted to swing withthe mostvolatile pendulum of thegambling but gaming table.Life is a gamble because you are never sure,where its pendulum will swing,but it is safe to look well beforeyou jump,drawinginferences from exewplifications and empirical evidences,partially secures the palladium of perception,albeit its pitfall,could still lead you to a softlanding.The magical spells of successive downturns can be linked to the desecration of historical facts and the notion to assume that history can not repeat itself;a sacrilege.To learn first and foremost,from the relics of antecedence bespokes that the investiture ofperception,automatically guarrantees returns,for its investors andsoftlanding from the landmines ofdreams and dreamers respectively.History provides perception fromempiricism,the warehouse offacts


of humanbrain,into material universe.Ifwhat you know makes way for you,then it must have been underpined by wise investmentof the law of sight.In the mostnebulous climate,when nothingelseworks,a hurlyburly contraryto your expectation,the bastion for thelast lender and primer of resort,lies with the battle of sight.It must benoted however that when everything else fails you,theprolific engagement of its power of attorney,by human volitioncannot onlystand you out but redefines your status and also wisely disposes destination of your destiny.Life in most cases,is ambivalently ambiguous,but a good perception graciously inclined shows and opens the floodgate of the most desirable dreams ever accomplished.It does notreally matter,what goals,you are pursuing,but to see the end from the beginning is actuallyworth dyingfor,as most dynamic potential of a dreamer sung or unsung.I am what i am today because of what i saw yesterday,the foresight ofyesteryears.I am what i shallbe tommorow because ofmy gems perceptiontoday.


What you see can make or mar you. The battle ofthe mind,can only be fought by the law of sight and then battle of sight.The moment you can see it,you can achieve it,for the virulence of sight is the ministry of success over the long haul.In everything you do,you take your destinyin your hand and can only rise and fall,based on your capacity,to mobilise the softlanding of the law ofsight.Every consideration is tilled,on the level of what you know,and what you know,thatguides what you do,barely function without the power of attorney of your perception.Those who govern their sight,tailoredto their intended goals,are the true men of perception,so that true perception is nothing but a prophetic,aristomagnetic and a spiritual insight.Perception indeed owns everything and the equation is as simple as we think;What you know is motivated by your what you see,so that the equation template of what you know,stimulates what you feel and what you do.No man can rise above what he knows.It is transplanted from the nursery


to the brain.It invoked lack of short term memory when sipped into unsuspecting prodigy's drink by criminals,trying to rob or rape them.Users can wake up not recollecting any wrong done to them.You could jump from a high cliff,such as a bridge,if you are on it.Forinstance,the case of a Lagos Igbo Doctor,that jumped into Lagos lagoonearly this year,is a reminder. It couldhavebeen driven by Scopolamine,a mayhem of personal injury.In rare cases,itcauses seizures.Before,we go onto treat Opiates,let Me quickly round this long piece up with treatment of Acetaminophen,almost related to Tylenol.Let us look at its scary side.Sometimes,when you hit that bottle too hard,you barely know what headache,you are causing to your bonemarrow.For instance 8 percent of a whooping 100million Americans,who take this deathpill,per annum,visit E.R.given the temptational fact that they accidentally overdose this drug,according to Information from the Center For Disease Control And Prevention.It sounds quite ridiculous buta fact


necrosis,ulcerations and finally gangrene.Within years,its skin effects can kill users,including blood poisoning and heart failure in minutes. 4 &3.) Scopolamine and LSD;They arebothdangerous substances and in the case of L.S.D.,as popularly known as acid,a powerful hallucinoegic,produced from fungus,growing in rye and other grains.It can come in crystalised form,tablet,liquid, or take pattern in any form whatever and causes extreme mood swings,hallucination,higher temperature and spike heart rate. Besides the fact that fatal doses,can cause respiratory and heart failure,personal injury or reckless behaviour can kill.This is certainly true,given user's warped perception,of variation effect in timeanddepth,inaddittion to pain aggressionthat causes hallucination.2.)Scolopamine otherwise known'World scarriest drugs'or'Devil's Breath' is producedfrom a seed in Colombia and belonging to a family of plants,that include angels trumps,corkwood and blocks nanotransmitter,carrying short run memory information usefully


the level ofuse.Heroin is derived from morphine found in Opium and a very dangerousaddictive drug.It can come in severalforms,but users have no ideasof its powerful effect and understimate the extent,it can taketokill them,nor anticipate how muchdamage,it can cause them.Once you build tolerance to it,you are tempted to take higher doses,gambling with your life.It depresseseverypart of the brain that controls and regulates breathing,blood,temperature and with high blood pressure,can kill in minutes,with lethal doses,when used with alcohol or other drugs.But Krokodil is a superdangerous street addictive drug,derived from morphine,with powesful sedative and pain relief characteristics.It was first developed in Switzerland and later found its way,to blackmarket,given the fact,it offers the users cheaper choices to use heroin especially which can be produced, with other counter ingredients all though toxic.It quite literally eats human flesh, because it can be injected,causing infections,necrosis,ulteration and .


It takes hours to feel the effect in the body,unlike other drugs,given the fact,it does not spike its effect too quickly,tempting them to think,they needed to use more,igniting overdose or leading to fatal dose,to reach high level and a dangerous suicide,when used with alcohol or other drugs.That is why i call it'temptation',be it by over the counter,or by medical prescription.Letme treat Cocaine once again,butbriefly.You see Cocaine is madefrom Coca leaf or Coca plants,native to South America.It boast of short term euphoria to itsuser and equally provides energy,rapidly increase heart rate andblood pressure rate. Most users,tendto binge giving the fact,it producesshort term relief and short termhighs,and can be taken in various forms.Scientifically,it affects dopamine system,leading addicts to gulp it excessively,after each round of use.Itsoverdose can kill in minutes.5 &6.)We treatedMethadone and Cocaine,in the 7th&8th categories,now Heroin and Krokodil can be extremely dangerous,depending on the level of

September 7, 2017


9.) Ketamine;ketamine is an anasthetic,pain relief and pain control pill,used by both human and animals and now popular in recreational drug market.The form can take either,in an off white powderform or clear liquid format. The post usage effect,causes hallucinogenic abnormality and beyond bodyexperiences and is often used as a dangerous rape tool and among popular partiers.Before being able to overdose,mostusers pass out,given the fact,a fataldose can kill you infive minutes,leads to respiratoryandheart failure. Methadoneand Cocaine;While Methadone,is basically and normally given toOpiods addicts,by Doctors'prescription,to help lessen or ease withdrawal syndrome,from drugs such as heroin andits hangover.So,it can break addiction but street methadone,the unregulatedover the counter,not prescribed by Doctors,being sold illegally.When consumed byaddicts,canstop their withdrawal syndrome,toallow them function normally.However,escalate on the side defect,when given to non-addicts either purposely or accidentally


10)Crystal Meth;Also known as Methamphetamine,an extremely addictive drugs that can afflict human central nervous system.Its nature or form can come in shiny blue or crystal chunks and white rocks,and can be taken in different forms,sipping,inhaling or by injection.It can be perilous due to its impulse,to enforce heroin build up including usage tolerance quickly to it.But when they cannolongerfeel its effect anylonger,they are then tempted to greater dose that can finally send them to grave,especially when it causes,high body temperature.MDMA:It is a fine form of ecstasy drug and is both a stimulant and a tranquilizer.This is in most cases,taken as a pill,apart from being ingested in powder form.Being extremely popular in social circles,makes the user feel comfortable,with closer bond to user's friends,with powerful impulse that could make user dance harderall night.Inherent dangers includes increased heart breathing rate and blood pressure rate leads to heart attack.The diuretic abilities of the kidney,can


for thesake of vain riches.Knowing them,in addition to the tips,given above,allows you to guide against their pitfall and abuse,armed with thefact thattoo much pills can kill faster,giving its potency to cause heart attack and the effect of ingesting excessive cocaine,leads to respiratory failure.It is clear now that one needed to defeat the notion,you have to be addicts and ignorantly take excessive doses for death to come.To complement earlier discussion on dangerous coctails,it is even much more important to help ignorant folks,avoid death subconsciously,so that when you come across those drugs,either in a pharmacy or even in hospitals,you can raise alarm.Once you notice them,could scream and notify relevant authority like pharmaceutical society of Nigeria and NAFDAC and by so doing unveil murderers or the sellers and sometimes the doctor who prescribed them.The following drugs below,with the exception of heroin and cocaine,already briefly treated,still included,should make users beware of the temptation.


For umpteemth time,the body is a complex instrument,a delicate fabric and in most cases,it takes an overdose to shut it down,giving strange and mixed signals from the brain and finally shut it down,either through overheating,cardiac arrest,respiratory failure or retention of too much water.This can only happen after the addicted has forgotten his previous years of addiction and successive doses,but for unlucky chaps,it can be instantaneously felt and body reacted adversely.Being a complex beast,accidental admixture of heroin and alcohol or drink too much water,while you are partying on MDMA can aid or fastforward you to death in five minutes,faster than you think.Every use,is laden with risk and now to further our earlier discussion on cocktails,here shall i xray about 12 drugs,that can kill you faster and how to do it.You'll just be amazed that life is nothing buta wind,populated by the hell of ignorant folks and buccaneered by blind leaders and blood suckers,imperialists who churn out this poisonous toxins


For umpteemth time,the body is a complex instrument,a delicate fabric and in most cases,it takes an overdose to shut it down,giving strange and mixed signals from the brain and finally shut it down,either through overheating,cardiac arrest,respiratory failure or retention of too much water.This can only happen after the addicted has forgotten his previous years of addiction and successive doses,but for unlucky chaps,it can be instantaneously felt and body reacted adversely.Being a complex beast,accidental admixture of heroin and alcohol or drink too much water,while you are partying on MDMA can aid or fastforward you to death in five minutes,faster than you think.Every use,is laden with risk and now to further our earlier discussion on cocktails,here shall i xray about 12 drugs,that can kill you faster and how to do it.You'll just be amazed that life is nothing buta wind,populated by the hell of ignorant folks and buccaneered by blind leaders and blood suckers,imperialists who churn out this poisonous toxins


of getting married and their paramount demand was freedom,especially for the ladies. Besides Flavour's fantasies over Nnaji,similar to the Dbanj's case,who was even Gennevieve's closer pal,when they dated shortly,they never came close,how much worse for a minnowed star like Flaviour,let alone contemplate such herculean task.The case of Tonto Dikeh,never even came close,who instead,went ahead to shortly marry Olakunle Churchill.Jim Lyke was romantically linked to several women but the most popular,was Nadia Buari,a Ghanian actress,who later jilted him to get pregnant for another man and born twins.Still,after being converted to Christianity,a born again,not much was heard about him.While Banky W and Niyola,being the first lady at E.M.E.,and intermittent rumour about their union,there was no outright statement by both,to tie the knot.Davido though has manybabymamas like Femi. Kuti,Tubaba, and Whizkid respectively,and has never dated Eva,an old girlfriend of Ice Prince,whom he first debated,when she came to


Nigerians watch,of which the biggest influencearemovies.Nigerian Celebrities are thereforeliving fallacious lives.To me,this moral burden,is the biggestofall these problems afforementionedabove,being the most widelycirculatedmedium especially indiaspora,certainly has the biggestinfluence.Getting down to the brasstacks,in 2015,The Nigerian Entertainment May 4-May 10 edition,at page2 & 15,reported with the title"10 Celebrities Couples we'll love to see"This was a case of pureconjecture and guestimate of impending nuptial knots orthe kind of couples,it would like to see It predicted likely marriage between Olamide and Mocheddah, Davido and Eva Alordiah, Dbanj and Asa, Don Jazzy and Julliet Ibrahim, Banky W and Niyola,Maheeda and Phyno,Iyanya and YemiAlade,Whizkid and Chidinma.Though,none of these matchmaking matches,in their own right,alsoas eligible bachelors and hot damsels,more than two years after,ever came to pass,but the funniest part;none of these guys,everMarried.In short,Celebs are scared


The Nigerian Entertainment Industry is full of dirtystories of sex scandal,scam,maritalbreak up,infidelity and cheating,piracy,lowfilm quality,tribalism,theft,lack of standard practices,in allspheres of its diverse proffessionalism ranging from costuming,photography,cinematography,scripting and quite a gamut of unresolved standard specification and a host of other sharp malpractices,plaguing the structural deficient industry.This structural crisisshall bethefocus of another essay and report.In this piece,attention is directed at the fact Nigerian celebrities are scared of marriage and to me these elite set that the publiclook onto as role models,however,withthe posture, pose the biggest threat to our value system.The cases of marital crash in Nigeria,is growing fast,ladies are fast becoming feminist,not ready to marry,single mothers' population growing astronomically and rise in infidelity in generall.Methinks,one of the biggest influences behind this depleting moral sense is the mass media and what Nigerians

September 6, 2017


capability to cool itself and then results in organ failure and death. Drugs,addiction,including alcohol,directly influences the mind and can start reality rules and wrongly influential users direction. Think of people around you and its damaging effect,which destroys both you and your peers,because drugs and alcohol are toxins and Gue destroy the boddy,avoid dangrous coctails.


by combination of smoking and using Nicotine patches or gum that put much more Nicotine into the body,than smoking alone.It can reachhigh levels enough to paralyse the muscles,depresses breathing and causes heart attack. Cocaine is highly toxic and dangerous release of hormones and thining blood vessels,causes heart attack,brain damage,overheating and respiratory failure.In view of heart attack,in which increased motor activity,demands heart to produce more oxygen,but with the narrowing of blood vessels,meaning decreased heart capacity,blood supply also decreases significantly,leading to heart attack.Brain damage problem deals with the rupturing of blood vessels,in the brain,due to spike in blood pressure.While overheating due to boost in motor activity,that makes the body to heat up.So,it has to be cooled.Respiratory failure from Cocaine,heroin and alcohol,depresses breathing rate and then causes death.In terms of overheating again,altering the adrenalin hormone levels,can negatively stimulate body'scapabi


Heroin overdoses kill faster,more than any form of Opiates,in the market.This high intake causes mental breakdown,from mental confusion,retarded breathing rate,nausea and sedation.Excess use of heroin and immediate effect of heroin build up,often leads to respiratory failure,depressed breathing rate,when deprived of oxygen,finally killing the user in five minutes.The quantity of alcoholic intake,is directly proportional to its effect.This toxic alcohol gives your liver,so much work to do,through its metabolising process,eliminating toxic alcohol fromthe blood,but can only handle so much,so little and the excess alcohol can only circulate round the body.The intensive circulation of alcohol,slows down user'sbreathing rate and by effect lack ofoxygen reaching the brain,leads to coma andthen death.Nicotine and Cocaine can be extremely dangerous.While Cocaine,like other stimulates can narrow bloodvessels and also able to boost adrenalin-like hormonesrelease,causing increased motoractivity,Nicotine by combination


Now,the body reacts to drugs in several ways,differently and now its balanced equation is;multiple uses work in multiple ways,with multiple effect.As one drug by its effect,disturbs breathing pattern,another disturbs brain activity,impairing judgement of the individual and when the body cannot keep up eventually shuts down.This is felt through their synergistic collaboration and teamwork poisonous effect,evidence that drugs can kill. Here wego,with the dangerous cocktails.First,heroin or brown sugar when combined with alcohol and used compulsively,having the potential to decrease breathing rate,can kill even faster.You know Glutamate as most important transmitter for normal brain function,tends to decrease its effectiveness,with such intake,how much worsewith the addiction and use of heroin.What a dangerous cocktails!Through selfinflicted suffocation,the use of heroin cocktails,within five minutes automatically leads to death. Heroin,Brown Sugar and other Opiates kill faster especially overdoses'temptation.


Just like a child,you learn to avoid those poisonous substances.It is a common knowlege or general accepted that drugs and alcohol can kill faster,than anything.So,in your best interest,avoid millions and billions that obstinately and ignorantly fool around with this madness of overdoses and toxic substances.Could it be by self indulgence or by magical spell,that theydo this or commit thisidiocy,ignoring the fact that drugs andthese poisonous substancescould kill?So,they deserve ourconsideration and respect.Now letus look at dangerous cocktails,human lifelong imprisonment.It's a fact that a vast majority of drug related deaths waslinked to admixture.For instance,in 2003 drug related report of the drugabuse warning network,cautioned user that on the average of 2.7 drugs were involved,or consumed in lethal overdoses.Users andaddicts are tempted to abuse themwhen placed in their care,whether driven by dangers of self medication or by Doctors'prescription.Opiumbased medication killsfaster thancaraccident in U.S.


People are increasingly getting addicted to drugs nowadays.There is no different between lunatic fringes and mordern brutes.But it doesn't get any much better,be it by over the counter drugs,or drugs aligned to morally impugned self medication,or by ordely medical prescription.We are stuck in the hesperian deathtraps and innovative boloneys,a subtle menace,endangering earthly lifeand human species.I think is prettydisgusting,at this stage.So,beware.So,if you wanna die in five minutes,there arecertainly,dangerous cocktails,that you must use,to accelerate that devilish decision,but before i go into that,i will like to ask the following;Why use drugs to escape reality of life?or Why do addicts for a moment,goof and try to avoid the real world?or Why do humans,detest to subscribe to the logic of body's ability sometimes to heal itself?Once,you are stuck with alcohol,you could only move and rave from one binge to the other.I think it is wise like a child,to learn not to try to put certain things into your mouth.

September 5, 2017


Nollywood Actress Seyi Hunter,who once claimed to be a virgin,is at it again and now exploded,with a bombshell,hittingthe nail on the head,that sex is selling fast in Nollywood.This sparked outrage in online community and wild reaction on social media.She barred her heart"Female actresses,offer sex give up their bodies,for movie roles"She notedshe however has since grown pastoffering sex for movie roles and money was more important for herin a relationship.The actress and filmmaker confirmed the doubt of many Nigerians about the movie industry.She said"Filmmakers like ass lickingand i ve passed that stage of licking asses.So,it's the job i see that i do.You'll be surprised atthe rate at which ladies offer their pussies to get roles and these are know faces"She continued according to to publication by Nigerian and Potpouri,"Acting isn't paying my bills or feeding me.Someone else would have given up,but it's a hobby for me.Something i love and enjoy doing.So,am not going anywhere"She concluded


Toyin is another screen goddess and a good interpreter of role and current Vice President of Actors Guild Of Nigeria.A.G.N. was married for a while to Adeniyi Johnson,another fast rising actor. She is of the highest paid actresses and a cross over artist and comedian in showbiz.She was discovered by Bukky Wright over fourteen years ago,in ibadan. Certainly Bukky Wright investment, has finally paid off.Shallom!Eureka! Liz Da Silva,Tayo Sobola and Bukola Awoyemi;The Amazonian triomight not have been so popular unlike their legendary contemporaries but certainly have also made a name for themselves in Yollywood.The Obalende born Da Silvaand Sotayo,with their beauty alone on screen,are delight to watch.Sotayo,a graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University,cruises town with her Range Rover Envoque and was romantically linked to shot Musilium Akinsanya popularly know as M.C. Oluomo.In the case of Bukola Awoyemi,she ventured into showbiz through English Movies,but who knows,maybe through ibo tribalism,


The mother of two,needs no introduction,now back to her first love,the father of her kids.She started way back in 1998,when she joined showbiz business through the Actors Guild Of Nigeria.A.G.N. and ever since has featured in over 150movies and also over 14 Movies till date.Ronke Odusanya:She is known as flakky ididowo and was formerly romantically linked to fuji music star Pasuma Wasiu Alabi.When several years ago,she burst into limelight with her voluptuous body,it was an herculean task,but she has seen become a talking point and no doubta force to reckon with in Yollywood.Mide Martins: She is the daughter of powerful actress late Funmi Martins and despite controversies,reported cases of infidelity and rumour of maritalcrash,still married to Abiodun Azeez Owo,another Yoruba actor.She is also a producer and has produced popular movies such as Omo Oku Orun(2004),Eru Eleru(2003) and Arewa(2003).Toyin Aimakhu:Many of her fans,touched she is from South West,certainly not true because she hails from Delta State


Her controversy laden thespianism,has earned her cult following on screen.She owns and runs a fashion outfit'MAG DIVA'located at Omole Phase One.A versatile actress from Benin,has taken indeed the showbiz by storm to the plaudits of her fans and consternation of her critics.Biodun Okeowo:She is a mother of two in her 40s and resides in Ojodu Berger area of Lagos State,but she looks ever younger andgorgeous.Certainly,'Omo butty'as she is fondly called,hasmade her mark in the industry.She has never looked back,ever sinceshe was shot into limelight in amovie titled'Tolani Osirin'whereshe plays the lead role.She has since featured in several blockbuster movies,and also in like manner like some of her contemporaries produced her own movies.These include' Okanjua,Boseyemi, Funmilayo Baby and Omo Butty'.She is rich,having splashed millions on sport utility vehicle and indeed,is no doubt one of the few wave making actresses in Yollywood.Iyabo Ojo:She is prominent in Yollywood circles,a household name in Yollywood.


Doris Simeon:She was born in Lagos,grew up in Ojota area of the State and came to spotlight in a 2001 Nollywood Movie.She is a currently a student of open University,N O U N and was shortly married to Daniel Ademimokan,who later remarried to Stella Damasus and eloped to America,with her.But one thing cannot be taken away,from this mother of one,that she has been able to stay out of controversy,is certainly a big plus to this responsible lady,excerpt her baby mama problem or lack of submissiveness to her erstwhile husband.She is one of the most sought for and finest Yollywood actresses,in town and with her good looks,uncommon talent and gorgeous body,that can set the screen the ablaze,has been consistent for almost two decades and still counting.Mercy Aigbe:The mother of two,is a controversial actressand famous for her beauty,professionalism and deceit.She was a student of Unilag where shestudied theatre arts and was married to Lagos Socialite Larry Gentry,an entrepreneur and blessed with good fashion sense.


Yollywood is an apellation for the NigerianYoruba Movie Industry In contrastto Hollywood and Bollywoodin America and India respectively.Yollywood laidthe foundationfor theentertainment industry in Africa,but currently,they arenot well sung or celebrated roundthe world,the blogger ibikunle laniyan,started with this special report celebrating the ladies first.The reportexcluded,megastars suchas Omotola Jalade Ekeinde,Funke Akindele, Ronke OshodiOke and other veteran mothers of the screen like Mama TaiwoAjai Lycet,Mama Rainbow,Joke Silva,Mama Funmi Tijani,amongothers,restricted to another report,forits ownpeculiarity.Therefore,it focuses on youthful,energetic and sexy screen divas,inYollywood showbiz.Sometimes,they can be underrated,butcertainly individuallyandcollectively,they pull alot of heavyweight and richerthan malecounterparts.In no particular order,i have profiled the top 20 but fast growing actresses and screen goddessesin the yoruba movie industry,which I otherwise coined asYollywood.Enjoy the reading.

September 4, 2017


Regina a 16 year old girl by all ramification,is an overnight celebrity.Really?I doubt,it is overnight because she is terrific and according to several online sources that Regina has acted as at the age of 14 in over 100hundred Nollywood Movies alongside popular artists.That is incredible and unprecedented in the industry.She was born on 10th October,2000 and attended Hollywood International School In Asaba and her mother RitaDaniels,also an actress,the current chairwoman ofDelta State,Actors Guild Of Nigeria A.G.N.,wasfond of that magical feat ofthe teen.She made her debut in the movie" Marriage Of Sorrow"forwhichshe was handsomely rewarded and paid 10,000 naira,for hermovie role and the goddess,hasworked intwo movies as a producer.She came at a fortunate time,from a family of five siblings,out of which two are actors and the mother,being their general manager has saidshe inherited her acting skills from her.The Movie star early entry,was a boon,to her carreer and fa.The mother noted that in her earlytee...


Regina Daniels is a fast rising multitalented Nigerianactress and about the youngest center of gravity or most popularteen actress in Nollywood and arguably Africa.She is also a producer,amodel and a daughter of Rita Daniels.She joined Nollywood in 2007 and rose to stardom in 2010 afterstarring in a blockbuster movie"Miracle Child"a tragedy movie.Surprisingly,she is also a recording artiste,a singer and a philantropist.She is unarguably,the richestand highest paid teen actress in the country.She reportedly earned 600,000naira per movie,having starred in movies alongside,Mercy Johnson,Genevieve Nnaji,Ini Edo and Chika Ike among others.With distinguished fan base of 500,000 on facebook and instagram,it cannot be disputed the teen goddess acting sensation is fast growing in Nollywood and has come to stay.She owned Regina Daniel Foundation to cater fordisabled or physically challenged population. She recently got her mother Iphone 7 worth almost 300,000naira or 293,000naira to be precise.Regina a 16years old girl


Nigerians might have taught Ghanians,how to act,but certainly some of them are taking motion picturesto the next level in Africa. While the delectable mother of twins,has become also a screen goddess in her own right,with her rare beauty and infectious smile,glitters not only the screen but also boring flicks with poor scripts with her near innocent looks,Julliet Ibrahim,the mother of one,a Kim Kadarshian look alike and she evenbelieve she is more beautiful than kim,given her curves and beauty.They are certainly like Jackie Appiah,the richest Ghanian actress,a brand to reckon with,in the third biggest film industry,in the world.Mercy Johnson and Tonto Dike;the two eccentric actresses are rivals that never aggree in flesh and certainly Mercy is more fulfilling and reported as the best female interpreter of roles and one of the most controversial actresses in Nollywood.To win competition to her side,Tonto introduced sex and controversies into her acting,making her able,to play daring roles,in movies,revealing.


one a musician and then lady Adegbite is an actress,have been less prominent,a sort of limbo,over the years especially with the marriage of Damilola to a Ghananian Ottoh and with the birth of her first baby,the joy of motherhood took the better part of her,but the flower girl actress sexualappeal and intimidating curvature,has not in any way dwindled.Her poise,grace,class,beauty,elegance fromfrontand back,head to toe is amazing.Few ladies have that curvaturein the industry.In 2007, Munachi Clinched the title of Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria MBGN.Her status and popularity grew immensely especially when she ventured into music and in 2011,signed endorsement deal for Unilever as a Lux model,with several commercials for the brand. The beauty turned rapper has been amazing with her sense of style,class and elegance,except for one time when her boobs popped up in public glare.Nadia Buari And Julliet Ibrahim;the Two Ghanaian actresses have been very amazing, since they took over Nollywood by storm,several years ago


with beautiful body,to get men raving like wild animal,in their lusty imagination.Sinceherventure into Nollywood,asseveral times African Movie Academy Award ( A.M.A.A.) nominee's profile,has become both a sex symbol and a screen goddess at least ther numerous fans.Eku Edewor:Great presenter,slim shape and sparklingwhite skin adorned print and electronic media to the envy of fine guys who loved fine girls.This is another screen goddess,with infectious smiles,radiating T.V. and red carpets,at the same time using her beauty,to entertain fans nationwide.The Studio 53 fellow presenter,with her straight legs and adroit composure carry herself with great elegance and grace that exudes her quintessential professionalism and extraordinary competences inthe showbiz business.And with her fashionable sense and indepth style,is easy to convince oneselfwhy she's one of the most soughtfor presenters and one of the most desirable women on T.V. and in the showbiz business in general.Damilola Adegbite And Munachi Abi;the two


shoe,a throne too big for her to occuppy.She's got brain,beauty,talent,hot and sexy and that's wild combination with the good girl turned-bad girl phenomenon,setting the stage on fire,with the wild version of herself,her killer performance adorned with semiclad attires for the killer dance,to a crazy rapturous and randy male admirers.Herlucky guy Tee Billz later becamean unlucky chap who nearly died ontop of ikoyi bridge before the rescue by Banky W,after she accused his wife of infidelity and her mother's sorcery to kill him.Shortly,after the messy divorce,her madenning followers on social media,ran into millions,and she accused her husband of mismanaging family finance and owed over forty five million.Otedola family through D.J.Cupp,came to the rescue when she complained of being broke and was later signed to Roc Nation owned by Jay Z in New York.Chika Ike:She was formerly married to banker before they divorce over allegation of infidelity.She married at a tender age,the beautiful actress was endowed with


in the world.Herface on the cover art of a movie,guarrantees instant hit because ofthe way,her fans have come to idolise her worldwide. Like Genevieve,she has acted in over 300 movies sinceher debut and with pretty face,pretty smile and generous appeal of a screen diva,gifted withincredible backside,oh my god,the mother of four,could still make any eligible bachelor green with envy of her Mathew Ekeinde,spinning head round because of the beautiful damsel and eventhe husband know this.Tiwa Savage;Even after the unfortunate break upand divorce,with hererstwhile husband Tunji Balogun,popularlyknown Tbilz,also her manager,the vacum leftbehind by Africa's leading femalemusicianeven during her pregnancyand marternity period,couldnot befilled bythe likesof Yemi Alade,Chindinma, Munachi Abi etc puttogether,a period overwhich Yemistruggled to earnher selfthe moniker ofwest African leading musician,and notAfrica.Besides enjoyingthe rave of havingthe most downloaded songs among femalemusicians,she could not fill Tiwa's


Genevieve Nnaji popularly known as Julia Roberts Of Africa according to Ophrah Winfrey is the most recognised female screengoddess in Africa and most famousblack actress in the diaspora.She isan embodimentof beauty,with unblemished and flawless skin inspite of body enhancement trends,she is ever youthful with heruncommon looks,if age wasn't a yardstick,is enough to makeany beauty pageant greenwith envy.Tolu Oniru popularly knownas''Toolz"as far as body appeal isconcerned,isthe mostexiest entertainer in the country.She,s got thesexiest curvature of a goddess,inthe showbiz,that keep many heads rolling especially male admirers,who would like,what she wouldlook like being naked,with the most intimidating and sexually appealing gorgeous catwalk living,laden with fine but sexy voice as well,with her mindboggling presentation.I rest my case.Omotola Jalade Ekeinde;she started with 'Mortal inheritance'in 1995 and now a household name worldwide and at a time one of the top 100 Time Magazine Most Influential People in


The title above refers to some of the sexiest ladies in Nigerian entertainment in the last five years.The word 'sexy' refers to someting arousing or something that arouses sexual interest or desire.Literally speaking,these celeb often exude killer charms,killer looks and intimidating appeal that intoxicating not only oppossing sex but women of the public in general and even their contemporaries.Such appeal get the members of the public in terms of listening to them,seeing or watching them entertain,not only through their acting skills or thespian versatility,but by all ramification also entertain with the sexy attributes and erogenous center of gravity such as a great body,beauty,sexual appeal,alabaster skin,even scandal tainted,not just confidence,persona and public charisma.In no particular order,the blogger Ibikunle Laniyan here has profiled some of the sexiest women in the entertainment industry.The blog's radar beams searchlight on the following list for a review,but it is left for the public to critique

September 2, 2017

FARMFIELD Part three

Farmfield treasured troves,patience of the harvest season.Now,hanker your optimism and rig its buffer till showers above with the whole shebang of watercourses,to swarm honeycombs,your planet,voila pants for this ointment,you watchman.Squirm Squirels,squeal on trees,squawk in their contest for flight of the goldenfleece,behold?Same with jetsams and squires,burrowing beneath farmfield,like nature's rodeo,it dawns!And dislodge this stale,rollicked for rocky mound.Rile on your fortitude of risible outrange,that you may evade.None rickety palms,this pedagogical riffle,risibility is the ballistics of esteem mongering,ribbed of its voluptuous ribbon of immanent rift and revulsion,in its season titivates impending harvest.Patience then as wizardry to your elbow greased and chaste to your bonemarrow and for mothernature,haste for harvest,in its season-winter,autumn,spring and summer shall not cease,the dearth of the harvest is not a mirage but the dearth of watchmen of the nefarious tides to be fought on seas.


to go stark naked in the morning. Farmfield grey and green,bonnied by watchman's toil.You labourer,by your arithmetic bonce and perspiration,as a benefactor,the field is treacled with oleaginous emulsion,for fecundity and benediction,to draconian downpour,spew pointblank and diffuse to diaphanous percolation from the blue sky,yet cusp,with labourer's breath,heavenly showers banging loosely betwixt your temple and frame.This immortal medes and persia,framebreakers from babylon,with their tower of babel, cannot break.Grease you like hapless plants of the farmfield,the benediction above,corruscate in the thorny soil,in corrossion as the stress of a labourer.A farmfield's harvest is the guerdon,bounties avalanche,in your home,is bombshell to a stupefied modus viviendi,and overflowing vats,its esoteric opulence,albeit not mechanised,from soil tillage and burrowing with hoes and cutlass trigger of the earthwork,Your seedbed,weaned from the heavy sun and heavenly showers,we clamour.Farmfield treasure troves,patience


Farmfield will not harvest vacuous mills at purblind of roisterer's pall; earthenware of laborious hours and sonorous mounds,till not the fallow ground 's earthbound-skin vacuous slop but the laborious earthwork.Savour this earthling slingshot for inherent dearth and for this tillage,plows deep the earth's reservoir.As this earthly toil,dutifully dunged,yet a living dune,to the warmth of heavenly moisture,showered as ducks,as stalks of Iroko tree as the heavenly dew as fleet dribbles.They will not falter you,nor drift you amiss,like streams of water,gushing you upon your belicose navel,haunted on a bed of quicksand,for the toil that roots and stooks the earthwork,plows a burrowing field,for a harvest of futurologist someday.Benot flinched like a poltroon's dress rehearsal,but only that torrent's turgid flux and steam,not the drapery of the toil and the perspiration of the laborer's breath,may smite you downhill.Long briddle the weary sun's downer and wind's downbeat pounding your mortar,withesoteric pestle


What tells you of the concoction and scrumptious cuisines of this cumbrous piles?From customs on garrison'd walls,hoist'd to siege indolence of its dawdle.What yarn and darn to groove their decapitated passions,blemished decamping,to defile the sunlight of beautiful dreams?Ignoble den o ignoble den defiles the young lion of innate beauty.They in defiance,refute my navel to delve,delicacies of the simple and the gullible,a dejavu of my velvet ferocious i .Graveyards of dreams,dreamt neath sepulchred enmasse.These trenches to the treacherous biles,they treacle,but In the darkest hours of contending grief,its molasis earnestly denude our desultory heels.i with my ferocious i,can tame my puzzles, mountainous cliffs,uncharted terrains and dreams far away.


Alas,they enrobe in the shadow chase,of bittersweet escapades,brat of bling-bling blustery,blasphemous obscures the heart,has blindspott'd blast from the jungle.Trod.Blink.Blink trod.Blink dead.What may you plead for?what blind's spot by a blind's man buff?I who blithe the forlorn days,now blistering not unseen,whose blip,stood blithering ,saddled upon ferocious i,to navigate landmines of the treacherous days.A blinker is thrown into the trough and lo,treacherous days assailed and assuaged.That i blotch its blueblooded birth?That i with a blustery of bluechip bluntness did eschatologise them and bay time 's positive herald at my shore.And baste posterity on my berth and opined to struggle,even to apotheosis,of the blue collar blurt and despicableblowsies?Boardroom of booboos and simplistic recklessness,meeky bookish refrain of the bootstrap'd boon of the ferocious I,trigger'd in the silence of treacherous days.Treacherous biles on the castrate of bastinados,to cudgel of cumbrous darn?


A gaunt earth,a haggard clown,tinted with effeminate plow,ricocheted footsteps of the cadence trudge,backwoods in bailiwick,glances to bash of the lingering shores,a bastion of baubled battlements.Beneath this gruelling battlefields of emaciated lushes,a battallion of entreaties,has taken a bazaar of quirky troves,bedsored by bearhugs of clemencies,lackey spines and straitjacketed briddle,manicured in genteel transit. Pacifist Swashbukclers,as fodders,minnowed and libated In smash hit of machiavellian cavalry,closed at dunghill,its bedraggled bedlam,fiasco fretful.And the rickety palms that would sometimes bellyaches,when gone berserk and betrothed with malignant tumour,to maledictive dusk,bestial betoken but never thrown in the sponge yet betwixt,their assymetry bestows steepest steel,upon unfermented armour'd sinew and bewildered thumbs.Indure as thou willest aspire,indure as the pleading tongue of an entreaty,impatience does choke the pleading tongue.Billy goats and bimbos enrobed,in the shadow chaste,


Dissuade readership from the holy lectern,superstitious intestate,still hangs botched in the foggy swamp,As depiction supercharged from the unmoored ambience,so soon might annexes the bubble of glorious morn,but till dusk suspense,with sulphuric acid of supercillious grail,loiters and sultry.Time like Aristophanes in its larboard,plays them goonish,a caricature on their frittered hours and seasons of anomie.Melifluous suicide,bard's plainant clamour still incenses.The deafness of the elaphantine,mirage of its petals,dreams dreamt burneth greedily at graveyard.Misfortuned widgets of sheol beneath,sheathed in hades,succulents of windy sail,famished scorecards,in the windy sail,the broken silence of eternity.


Distantgales,gallantsails,Adamantine on misty clouds and woodened limbs,Thwartspeddle,thunderstrucksmoist thumps,thresholds,the throb of the gallivanting ballyhoos and faragos. Thawed histrionics. Thatch sandy shores,tendentious seduction temporises, Oftenderheartedtemporals,telekinetic elements,of tempestuous teacups and saucers.The cauldron on burning inferno,distends potions as hemlock,Funambulist of infinitesimal moles,technophobes and teenyweeny tapestry,the time ticks on. Tarmac gazelles,tardy tablespoon,dances limpet for tactless taekwondo,golden tactile is steep'd with languour , tablodised in sydicate of vulgarians' synthesis, And gullies syncopated of ignoble synecdoches and tardier syncretism.The lumbering feet,fondles the jungle,synthesizes syrupy syndromes of assymetrical glands and sythetic syntax.Swivelled swanky suspense?Still they prowl,fairwell lingers,retributive suspense suppress'd.

September 1, 2017


Shall I compare brighter days ahead to jocose of the frollics?Thou art more sullen and mean petalous as gauchy cloud doth stalks thy stormy petrel and sublime plow. And a little dastardly act,benumbed hath all the tempest to befuddle thee beneath sheol;Sometime to deign,for a lush green restart of luscious times,an everlasting hurdle,to hoist its lustre and invariably voodooed, by procrastination and every bit of its unfair bite,masquerading over unfair plunge.Sometimes,dislodge radiant plow on fallow fields,whereon brighter days expectant,by artistic inebriation desecrates.Naturewit plows by vigour nosedives,in a protrusive metarphosed courses,that starred blankly at the dude. Behold counterpoise for gravy train barely change,same with procedures and climatology.


There is decay in all things and there is eternity in every soul. We are what we feel,we are what we see,hear and do and the brevity of life is a reminder of this decay. And so hence tread cautiously and live with passion that relishes every salvo,you fired.Decay is inherent in every Man and to those with the lion heart,sometimes a maledictive dusk is sanguine and the bliss of glorious morn,is a guerdon for the most audacious feet.To whom is adorned with this glorious feet and graciously coronated by nature,passes this rubbicon.Cajole The morning and let it speak for you and night let it fly away,for a glorious morn. And the meandering decay cannot but flee at the herald of glorious. Radiant trods are brightened stances under sun and the valley beneath humbled can be raised its mountains

July 5, 2017


Inspired John Keats' Poems" Poems 1817" Meteoric Vale Bent A Pizzaz Struts fugacity.Bliss and vapour,have mommentum,but at a time.For if pleasure,be our norm to hibernate early morn.Fluxed,sheath and garland do we see upland.Captivated into the jungle,to belabour distressing path.No patronage and standing ovation,accompanied derelicts. Indignant bellies,wreathed with scorn,enveloped the cities. Unfair buds and paled petals,to gawk and rave on the fringes. The gawky obsession of the hazy gale,in her embroidery gaunts. But virulence of the hesperian times,as high as mount everest. And shall i ever forget its ridicule,to imprecate dungeons and destinies?Than in an epoch,when benediction under trenchant folklores snaps.Empathy is no longer gratuitous pristine lores,i feel than a loon.A sacrilegious oath,swearing with loosening ease. With these lurid tales,loungelizards avalanche abounds.


Behold,a limpet is clung to the flywheel and the frequency of the bait,upon which a tether is hooked like a boobstrap and a golden fleece,is plaited.Bossom folks,serenaded meadows beneath and the nature's heel hoists the tinging folktales and the abiding folklores,to breathe upon disgruntled but stiff upper lips,to fondle the arcane of a fool's paradise,like a foolhardy and the jurist-vouched foolproof,impecable as the spring ,from the pit of hell. And they passed the footbridge,wobbling but jangling towards the city,to desecrate forbearances.Hence,like a limpet,the footling of the gooseberries,clung to themotherwheel,foxy,foxy,foxiest,founders foxhunting ,wherein hellish fringes,dovetail back to saddle. Frisky and foundled,disdain like in rugby, a flanker,they that flannel the fortuitous,to joxtrot the metropolitan,like the wizard of oggling orgger and the foxhound,gobsmacked at the fountainhead,garbled like agarnet.And they from repugnance the gizzard,they stuck,and they the limpet,they clung.

April 12, 2017


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