December 25, 2017


That thou mayest ravest within and feedeth with wind aboard like a raven,that doth bucket and buckle to survive,those procrastinates i prior have wit,writ to quietus,doth frond,let me not to the barricade of bolshie,bolster my tacky chin,Betide a betternoire betook my girth and assemblage,bestiality beneath but bestir a lion's spirit not its den but farthest afield,Stress is not stress as tide is not tide as salvo is not salvo,when not fired,Which cajoles byzathine and its immanent aspersions,not abscond askance and aftermath,O no it is no affable wield,to countersink procrastinate, That gazes on tacky feet and is not pang groaned,Starlets in trenchwarfare,starlets in trenches sunk,in a wanderlust gripe,Whose worth of time ridicules eclat of effect,apriori to posteriori.

December 24, 2017


Selflessness is an uncommon virtue and history cannot be forgotten without memoirs about Madiba's contribution to live and breathe life,into this virtue.This is strange ethos in the continent where most leaders would have changed the constitution to enable them run for second and if possible unlimited terms.In lowliness and meekness,esteem others better than yourself and in the words of Lao Tzu,we must endeavour to erase our ignorance.He wrote:Be gentle and you can be bold;be frugal and you can be liberal;avoid putting yourself before others and you can become a leader among men'Can you see that?So,the act of selflessness is bred in the act of denial and sacrifice and requires empathy,compassion,humanism,selfdiscipline,self control and patience which take time to breed.Selfless encourages you to fight against greed and abuse of power,fight aggainst institutional injustice and brutal oppression.Little wonder,he was reported to have repeated many times that courage was not absence of fear but triumph over it.

December 23, 2017


of pressure on him to take the challenge.He said and i quote: My installation as the first democratically president of the Republic Of South Africa was imposed on me much against my own advice.' The book was compiled by Nelson Mandela Foundation from his personal letters,interviews etc,contains a foreword by Barack Obama. That is selflessness at its peak and can onlybe found in a selfless person like that. He said he would have prefered to serve in that govt.or ANC without taking any position and that was why he served one term five years.The question is;how can a man who served his people wholeheartedly and was imprisoned for 27yrs unjustly,some served at the Robben Island,could stoop so low to allow another man to share his own glory.Even God as they say,will not share his glory with any man,but mandela did that until he was forced to take his glory.What a ridiculous statement but it was true because,he said it himself.The world is full of evil and manifold atrocities today just because selflessness is dead


of pressure on him to take the challenge.He said and i quote: My installation as the first democratically president of the Republic Of South Africa was imposed on me much against my own advice.' The book was compiled by Nelson Mandela Foundation from his personal letters,interviews etc,contains a foreword by Barack Obama. That is selflessness at its peak and can onlybe found in a selfless person like that. He said he would have prefered to serve in that govt.or ANC without taking any position and that was why he served one term five years.The question is;how can a man who served his people wholeheartedly and was imprisoned for 27yrs unjustly,some served at the Robben Island,could stoop so low to allow another man to share his own glory.Even God as they say,will not share his glory with any man,but mandela did that until he was forced to take his glory.What a ridiculous statement but it was true because,he said it himself.The world is full of evil and manifold atrocities today just because selflessness is dead


Selflessness is an uncommon expertise of the heart,mind and spirit and it is beyond what the body language can speak.When selflessness is grossly lacking in a mordern society,it will be a hell of a place to live and compassion like love is dead where selfishness as a moral virtue is exalted.Life is unfair and unequal where compassion is dead and rather than pays the true price of freedom,man is enslaved by its own undoings of moral decadence.He who is determined to clean the augean stable,this excreta must he scavenge and then the path of freedom,he attained by sacrificing his life and energy for his freedom. In one of the books,published before his death,Nelson Mandela the great antiapartheid campaigner noted he never wanted to become the president of his country.But rather preffered a younger person to mount the saddle as the first postapartheid blackruler.In the book;'Conversations With Myself',that he wasforced to accept the mantle of leadership by African National Congress( A.N.C.) leaders who put a lot

December 19, 2017


The hollow space of the mind,the coefficient of the jungle,being its conscientious codex codified as the cockcrows,cockahooped regardless of its cockadoodledoo,from sunrise tis sunset,Will not solace dampsquib as howling wilderness in its coefficient ofexpansion nor warm the cocklesof the heart,at the cock of the walk,to trickle down purple passage,gilded trump of stardom nor this cockleshell onboard they paddle if not capsized to live in clover,that it may live like fighting cock,Does the centrifugal choplogic,ever touch the right cords,to chuckle with contemptuous contentment,out of chromatic cholera,choosypalms not a chorus girl sings?Simpleton's catharsis,burst out of this codswallop,cannot be browbeated of its jungle's coefficience,And when thrust its coldsteel,coldstorage stuck,this blemished carthasis shall speak,at the harvest of time.Conscience smitten and its impenitent clowns,a hollow psychotic connive,cannot the deep contratile burns and contrition unearth,Burning viccisitude of fortified calories

December 17, 2017


similar to electricity:it must be produced and discharged and used in order to exist"while Eric Hoffer said that " The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enbles us to count our blessings! " That is even before they are hatched! Once you are not driven by the dictionary of the fools,in which impossibility is boldly written,you'll be forced to explore your lifetime value and "he can,who thinks he can and he cant who thinkr he cant" Orison Marden.These items are value drivers and we should realise no man's success will ever reach beyond his own confidence and ratio of time investment.In life,there is a season for planting and another for harvest and in between them time flies,regardless of whether you loose or succeed.A human seeds takes 9months,takes 6months for rice to grow,takes a seed of rabbit,it grows and reaps in 31 days time and it takes an elephant seed 22months to germinate.The flight of time,the growing price and the escalating cost,it disposes cannot create a threat and a risk to any success


Dont waste on those things that barely add a notch to your lifetime value and stop unwarranted delays.If your past is full of delays,of painful memories,of endless sorrows and squandered times,dont worry,you should forget them and try as much as possible, to start again,and if your strives arent good enough,put in more nerves and assume bigger task. You needed more commitment to put more energy in the mission.So,theflight of time,is too trickish to detect and conscious of itssubconscious powers,a wise investment even by volatile time managers will avail much.The three enemies of personal peace and progress which include regrets over past mistakes,ingratitude over today's blessings and anxiety over tommorrow's unknown challenges and problems.They can slow down human artistic reflections and a clog in the wheel of progress.Let us realise according to George Coolman that"For each new day,praise the bridge that carried over"to the next stage,and"Gratitude"according to William Faulkner,"is a quality similar


Mark Batterson once noted" If you dont control your calendar,your calendar will control you" It is your networth,littlewonder Alan Kein said that"Time is life",and popular adage that says"Time is money,"could not have thought differently,that the truest money is in fact time and not the fiduciary artificial equivalent."Until you value yourself,you will not value your time.Until you value your time,you will not do anything with it". Those are the marbled utterrances and golden gems of Scott Peck. When you begin to value,the most important priority items on your calendar,then i can boldly say,you have begun to value your time. Your Family,your vision time,strategic planning,delegation method etc are must do priority items and also target you meet each day optimises optimal value of time.This truest lifestyle management is by apriori or posteriori,an indication of wise time management,with strategic intention to pluck plausible and favourable effect.Now let move onto discipline and discipline is basically the...


The cloud above is mourning,who will console her?What counterpoise?what countermeasure,rather for a countermarch,of an animal of the cosmos,standing berserk,like a lion counchant?The cloud is mourning who will give her breast,with which nature enroute the sky,is breastfed,even beyond her council chamber?The cloud is mourning,for being adrift and barren,who will impregnate her?No lords of dickesian plow and cimmerian darkness ever fathom her boon and so the ferment mourns;for her good samaritan,is far awayor at a stonethrow distance.Who is then is worthy to place her and open the floodgate of her grandiose treasure? O Kismet Thou art worthy to loose its seal and solely reserved the unspeakable honour to do this imponderables.What will you give her that like a child she might breastfeed from her mother's breast?"Oh I remember nothing but sea current,recycled and repackaged above.Plead thee,my pedagogue,what is that?I dare not say it but ponder!ponder! please what is it?""Oh I Can remember,rains,rains,distant

December 16, 2017


thought or linked as a portrait of Lisa Gherardini Known as the wife of an Italian wealthy silk merchant, Francesco del Giocondo.Based on popular story,this half length portrait or in French,a La Joconde painting is thought to be painting used to commission their new home and also celebrate birth of their second son,Andrea.It was painted between 1503 and 1506,although Davinci,may have continued work on it as late 1517,a good 14 years of labour.After It was acquired by king Francis 1 Of France,it Became the property of French Republic and in permanent display at the LOUVRE MUSEUM in Paris,since 1797.If the lips could take a dozen of years to complete,it means commitment,one good price of timing,fully endorsed at its peak af it takes discipline another price to be paid,for timing to be crowned with commitment.Assuming Davinci Was lazy,partying and womanising,he wouldnt have been able to do what perhaps was then unpredecented.When we are armed,with this noble fact,we are bound to think twice and caution self.


,so beware even though you already claim so.Hence,great achievements are time greatest investment by wise time managers and great achievements are not made by chance.So,going an extramile,requires extraordinary time investment and all achievers are by mandate committed to pay this timely driven price of freedom.The price of freedom is invested in the cost of time.How come Leonardo Davinci was a man who could write and draw with one hands and draw with the other.That madness of patience andartistry,needed time to hone its leverage.For goodness sake,how could a mortal man like us,spent twelve years painting Mona Lisa lips alone.Imagine,just the lips alone!Today,Mona Lisa,or better known as La Gioconda in Italian,has become or widely acclaimed as the most widely talked about painting,the best known,most visited,most written about,most sung about and most elaborate work of art and most parodied work of art in the whole world.This most popular painting though its source has been widely disputed is nevertheless


the gates to our eternal and that it flies withholding access to our glory and the greatest robber,robbing us of our eternal treasure being life,we will forever in a lifetime conscious of that fact'time our greatest enemy and greatest robber flies'without we noticing even though we claim otherwise.And for the few who are awared of this fact,it is better to make the most of our little sojourn in this volatile but mean earthly passage.The great Sir Waldo Emerson of blessed memory infront of businessmen, told them"Make the most of yourself for that for that is all there is of you".Thomas Edison,wizard of electricity,did not waste his time,sharpened his ability and timely apply his mental energy to what billions of humanities and thousands of years before him,mankind could not discover.Had he honed his holy curiousity,so late in life,would nt have been so fortunate to make that groundbreaking discoveries. Ideas flow with time and the frequencies and sometimes its qualityand quantity,declines with aging.Time flies


Man is like a wind and it is time that determines him lifetime value and total worth.The total worth of every man lies in the computation of time,both the poor and the rich,the good and the bad,the wise and the fool,the skilled and the unskilled,the high and lows,the humble and the proud at heart,the righteous and the wicked,all time invested patronage.The only difference that differentiates them,is how much of their time,are wisely invested in their artistic and ken development and the inherent opportunities that they stumble upon,to help them hone their artistic capabilities.It is profitable thing when we know this and equipped with this axiom,and we can be careful about time management. In one of my essays,i reveal how effective time management was instrumental to the success of western civilation and to apply that revolutionary instincts can make a difference in our daily unprofitable routines and unproductive activities.If you realise that time our greatest enemy who through death and death scare close


of yonder generations,o this magical winces,upon rabid plow across cantankerous vale,latter rain's harvest pluck'd, Oh sentinel eulogy i hurl,sentinel that racecourses of the fleetfooted hilly beans,with rabbit punches that pugilistic eagerbeavers,with my racehorse of sentinel yonder hills,racing against time with racemeetings held on an opprobrious racetracks,wherein,i in my racing stable my pensive mood,quontidian gallivants and prowls sentry beyond,racketeered on the rack,to glide above distant gales ,distant hills,upon this rabbidities like a raffish and ragged ragamuffin with ragbags,at radiative radius of howling wilderness,my sentry frequencies radiate,and robed with naturewit graces,my hat to thee o sentinel yonder hills,where quietus lays in ruins and flees,i doff.


hills not,lured by lucre and epicure,yet but in horror lay enshrouded,by its nauseating pantheon of froward rabidities and quarrying queasies,as they stench, At quixotic and tacky seasons,reasons are stale, Pathos,pathos,is it worth bathos like that,that i earnestly plunge to pull the trigger,in the desolate road none before ever travelled and barely fizzle out like streak of lightning and meteor,thrashed by bandwagon jump,envisoned by i a hermit,a recluse,hibernating in this numb of vitriolic plow?And rabidly played with my drudgery of dreamyard pluck'd,not mangled by wiles of gregarious chants in this betternoire of earthly shroud?And in this force majeure,my kiths and kinsman,sentinel sees yonder hills,As like the twinkling of an eye,barndoor hit,my neplus ulstra,to sigh me relief in this pessimic clone as a desperado,O sentinel methinks as my kinsman,my innate sibbling,a twain of innermost rumblings of my apparition,to thy heels,i succumb be,seeking out thy groove of eleemysynery,that the magical winces,


,who shall come down to hade to redeem me? The windy sail or kismet? None;for Naturewit thrust no man with apotheosis,Then there's a thraldom,minacious heels,pounding my he-man and treading at one's heels,shall i dreamyard holocaust fret by my sangfroid girth of heighhos? far be it,Shall i not be wright so sturdy,with sublime graffiti,to wriggle froth free this pugnacious furnace,to whose featherbrained dunces,no fiddlesticks poached,to strangle a clairvoyant orgy,and then die dreamyard intestate ere my sentinel lays?Or shall i live,is it not for barndoor hit?That sempiternal sanguinary bank of insolent hell,marshed with horror of oblivious memoirs of deplorable and departed souls,the sheol of no return,wherein all men onward bound,to which my mysticism placates,where eternities tis eternities,decrepit bones and quiscent bones lay,when quietened by quietus,at queer earth's querrulous loins and such cremated cannot be doused,this whole shebang greedily horrifies deep breath,where bloody dickens,salve yonder


I'll groove with thee,enchanted by thy placebo,to nurse my grief and my tendon comfort sought,What should i do i here solitary with you? My gaunt lustre cavorting floppily,must not precipitous be, Come oh come my solitude thrust in thy drunken solicitude engrooved,What if this farago barndoor no hit,then shall i retreat again?O yes,squeaky clean shall i retreat with thy gritty chin ensconced,What if be potion,in the cuisine and saddle salivated which the sloths sublimely pother hath speckled to have me windy sail,lest in this quavering thraldom,causal forces my avalanche refrain,because windy sail beneath slothful embankment,rudderless bank seeth not?Then shall i stratagem,in the suble plough,plows reworked and plough again;for kismet hath steam being relentless wrestle itself cannot wriggle off this humbug tis mountain above gazeth thee stuck,i will not my proud cheeks temerity bereft,how if when awkward am laid in the tomb,And my graveyard wishes'horses with my dreary dreamyard,with me six footstone laid,


;for thou hast nailed the poser,triumphant hills beneath entrapped.All ados paraded,all purports' contrivance,confined to wits ends,And thou art consigned to them and refrain vilous solace at dusk,But when otherwise thou didst groove,no exorcism pacify be, Nor incantation booboos doused,wraith fled where forbearances fled,And thee by thy coagulated self,electrified like a positron,winces pounced,Nothing like sentinel beyond yonder hills,to salvage thee contraption of the gulf,a summerhouse yonder byzanthinous dusk,waow,a placebo in times of grief and despair,Naturewit May thou thy gracious graces groove mine sentry yonder hills uncharted,And court not bliss at the graveyard blushing sands! Sentinel's Soliloquy: Valedictory,i bade not thee away,kismet's spanking and soulsearching sinecure,to thee thy tendons,knows we shall meet at the neplus ulstra,i have no qualm and thraldom that my John Bull sees beyond yonder hills,triumphant hills pluck'd,that the sloths lay in ruins of desolate cities,and pathos not its


A sentinel yonder hills, a sentinel yonder hills.Beyond the gropping sun,lies a seer who sees the yonder hills, Sentry no more beneath the heated moon, Nor the sentinel pastime's pasture blushes,that it might be bereft of forages, that thou thy indescribable cosmos salivate,hast renege not,Dissuade art thou gone not;and taken thy libido gritty; Platonic platitude and hilly beans must redound fret,as bandwagon jumpers come home to roost,in their vagabond esplanade of bandwagon jump,Thraldom no more frollic when yonder hills,he sees,thou art braggart,a windy tyrant stroke,fret solitude of solicitude to adorn this gospel,to thee rudderless banks wary no more enchant,that strangling spectre of dose of physic,a leeway from thraldom imprisoned,the throng plausible but come to dust, Graveyard plaudits,wreaths at the tombs,lightens not frittered vintage,circa by circa,Nor prior pleadings,for a relief at this epitaph's dialect,quirky pall a sigh to placate,thralldom tis thralldom;for he that sees beneath yonder hills,


Frenetic dicky bird,mired with dog-eat-dog politics,thy lustre dissonance falters,Of tendons'frollic bay,triumphant hills'doggone lay,those feckless bones are straitjacketed lackeys,that were his dunghill metaphors strucks,Nothing of this John Bull that doth forbearances forbear,But doth lie doggone pulverised his golden feet,smoulder forays of the appogee,strangulating hourly and diurnal,breezes a deathbed breeder. Dog eat dog politics! bathous rampage! that dark leap,not deadmarch frozen ,hark! now in surfeit,a streak like a streak of lightning,hardly a throng grooves.


O Kismet Who are you? o kismet tarry where are you longuer? O so callowed braid and briddle,your gallivant fusspot's vile callisthenics,that can mope my springtide and highspirit,trickle down no further calamitous calcifying,sojourn's transit in cacophonous grin,Every wight's windy sail,doth cadaverous callow, What is kismet?tis noferious windy sail hereafter,Goading girth hath borne bland captivate,what's to windy sail is still not capricious unfurl;in tardiness lies in sated surfeit,then windy sail kisseth them at wobbling feet,succullent and sullen but not castigated, Kismet apologetics' apologia so cautious grins,mammoth will not indure.


Perfidious shenannigans and shifty setpieces,in serried ranks,gregarious flocks;Sheen to sheen its briddle pluck,Insuburdination,a substantive verb,hardly submerged,sunken and superlative sloths,fly like smokes in the wind,Sloth is full of sport and vile's nimbly, its breath,a vivacious foams,Being wildest horses in the city square,do i abhor them? That my commerce none,oh my thraldom- survival! Do i really abhor them,like menatarms,in the success vicissitude,yearning towards neplusultra.O genteel bone marrow,pleadings i plead thee,my pulse rises,spare me this stigma and avail me not with a scar that might stain my wobbling feet towards the wits end.But all smashhits this excreta must eat. Therefore be not sequestrate, Otherwise,a lifelong pauper thy winces be.


All ladies are the same, deceived by lucreglots,one foot in lucre's craves and one foot in a man's heart.O that constant constant may never change. Let the bitches be, poor homes everywhere and the world a moribund place to live. Let them be, Let them be.


Who is Margaret that i am in love with her? Is she fair to look upon,that before a throng i might be bold to flatter her in my ensconce?Oh,grandeaur moderate! Is she honest that i may confide in her ? May she be benevolent to a fault,but still keep her pride as a woman? This i dare not attest. My roving eyes still dribbled back and forth,pays not homage,in lieu of her nonchallance and unsteady heart? Am i an epitome of ample bravery to confront her devils? Filthy lucre doth to her hawkeyed pious eyes,reproof on every ado to embellish her wiles of nonchallance,in contradistinction of a heart willing and subservient of a maiden love. Then not to Margaret to let me sing her praise,a moribund brisk whose craze to love money,desecrates a yearning heart of an itching lover.She is disgusting to approach,as is fitting frequency of womensfolk.This foible,hits speedily,like an alien force from outer space and thus have i resolved;i still yet findeth not a woman who could love me as i am. Then shall i love no more?

December 10, 2017


Great inventions are done in silence and unsung and you have to be in prison and imprisoned to achieve them.The road into the city of dreams ,that beautiful jerusalem is a lonely journey and most unsung,so that it is the unsung that gets there.To be in that prison,you are sure of succesful exit.To write a novel,a timeless work of art,you would have to go to that school.Though,every one of us wanted to achieve great things still yet they are not ready to go jail.Make up your mind to vote for solitary confinement into your diet and be read to go to prison.The pragmatic outcome of such trial is better attested to by its action men and we can only share what experiences,we have to the dying souls.Each Man's strength lies in silence and confidence;so to be able to explore this realm,we require a little faith to be jailed possibly,not for failure but for triumph.Women are natural creators like god and babies are brewed for months,in the womb. Use your quiet time well for a productive routine,habbits and customs .


why chaos is on the increase,in mordern time.I did some research lately and cudgeled over the population of world greatest original inventors,leaders and most influential theorists of all time,to my utter amazement,i was embarrassed,i still could not hundred solid men,that shaped the course of human history.That speaks volume the quality of use of our quite time,from time immemorial. That questions and challenges human thinking intergrity,what we do with our quiet time and how we use our quiet time collectively and the originality of its use and perpetual awakening of thoughful immersion. Isn't it despicable that the spate of violence,mass poverty,ailments and imperialism on the increase in mordern age shows its depletion? The use is deplorably abandon and we are thoughtless,reaping what we sow.In his book-As A Man Thinketh,James Allen says"All that a man achieves or fails to achieve is the direct result of his thoughts". We are limited by what we think and we are boundless by what we think.It is your stardom


An alternative title that i could have used instead of the above caption is-'When You Are Alone.' So,when you are alone,what do you do?What do you do with your quiet time?If you want to succeed in life,it is a common knowldge that you must be creative,you must be creator like God in your closet.It is absurd to drink yourself to a stupor,in a lifelong without a commensurate intellectual contribution or womanise at reckless proportion,not occupying your minds with productive thoughts of a creator god. Moreso,as creation is done in secret and all works of arts,both learning and teaching,expression,impression and reflection,including curios,artefacts being also promiscuous works of imagination are embosses bred in silence,when your solitude is confined.All great inventions and preparedness,situated in this realm.A man is not complete without perpetual thinking weeks and quiet time and quiet time as boon companion.There is no intergrity and the population of such despicable brutes in human society,explicably shows


The case of nineteen year old Liu Shih-Kun quickly comes to mind,who was an esteemed concert pianist,renown in China,until the emergence and wasting venom of cultural revolution,that banned all forms of western influence.But he refused to renounce his beloved music,and Liu was deemed or labelled enemy of the people,beaten to a pulp and then incarcerated.Then,he languished in a tiny cell,had no books,no paper,no script,no instrument and even worse not even close to his beloved piano.For propaganda reasons,six years later was called to play in Beijing with the Philadelphia Ochestra.Still,he performed brilliantly. What was the reason,because even eighteen month later,he still performed flawlessly?Certainly,he must have figured out,how to play an imaginary piano,how wonderful an imprisoned legs but not an imprisoned minds and hands that never ceased to play this balloon of imaginary thoughts!Learning must be constant even in the bitter climate of experience,be so even much more.Certainly,a new custom can beformed


even the smallest events or situations into breakthroughs in thinking and action.Look,at all life as a school and every experience as a lesson and your learning will always be greater than your experience.'In that school that is life,we are taught by fate,how to use our custom and routines through hardwork to gather experience,from which by way of eualuation and breakeven analysis,learning proceeds,when explored.We can do nothing,when they are bitter experience and when we are caught in its bitter climate and terrific waves,we manage to learn from that contraption whatsoever,and then move on.When Charles Schulz in an old peanuts cartoons,shows Charlie Brown at the Beach,building a splendid SandCastle,it is wonderful to admire what a magnificent work of art.As he stands back for its admiration,it is suddenly destroyed by fire.Then,he says,in the last frame,'There must be a lesson here,but for the life of me i dont know what it is.'Nothing is worse than not learning from our daily experience.Isn't it foolish?


Life is all about growth and that cannot be possible without essential learning and continuous learning to facilitate that continuous growth.So,growth is a continuum where learning is a continuum and a lifetime perpetual cycle of growth is muchmore than possible,where they are perpetrated as a necessity.Learning is vital,because the extent of human serfdom,at a given period,is highly unknown and cannot be ascertained too quickly. No one can tell,the extent to which we are enslaved to our daily routine,frosty and frigid traditions.Authors Dan Sullivan and Catherine Nomura were famous for their Book-The Laws Of Lifetime Growth.They contended'continual learning is essential for lifetime growth.You can have a great deal experience and be no smarter for all the things you'll done,seen and heard. Experience alone is no guarrantee of lifetime growth.But if you regularly transform your experiences,into new lessions,you'll make each day of your life a source of growth.The smartest people are those who can transform


chest,hideously long fingernails in grotesque yellow cockscrews.... Many of his teeth were black,rotting stumps.A tumour was beginning to emerge from the side of his head.....innumerable needlemarks.......".Howard Hughes indeed an insatiable human animal,and a pitiful soul with no contentment on his own limitations.


I was just laughing hysterically at our mortal follies,when i read about Michael Drosnin.Very funny indeed. Drosnin wrote a book about this gullibility and vanity of mortal craves,when he cited and sampled the story of a man who wanted more wealth,so he built the biggest financial empires of his day.Really! He desired more and more pleasure,so he lured with money the most glamourous women of his day.Really!When he craved for adventure,he set airspeed records,built and piloted world's brightest aircraft and also by acquiring political clouts,secured more political power and was envy of senators.Really!He also also owned exotic film studios and paraded stars,and this gave him more glamour,that he so much craved for.Anyway,that Is not our headache but just listen to excerpt below from Drosnin's book,what happened to the man,when he died."He was a figure of gothic power,ready for the grave. Emaciated,only 120pounds stretched over his sixfoot inch frame....thin scraggly beard that reached its way unto his sunken

December 9, 2017


Man is deceived by the vanities of life and i keep wondering why would man labours so much,so hard only to loose them to at the end to a simpleton and die like foul.It is the most horrible aspect of our mortality.We are not just gullible but much more more moronish and harebrained and still we being hallucinated by the epicure of this vanity like i pointed in 'Life- A Vanity Fair.'Ernest Becker in his book entitled"The Denial Of Death"published in 1974,lamented this horror of horrible lives and concluded we live our lives,ignoring,avoiding and repressing the truth that we are all human or clothed by mortal fabric and that sooner or later,we are all going to die.That ignoring this fact was the basis of our alcoholism,approval addiction,madness and obsession with money and security.That same year that he published his book and won pulitszer with great acclaims,that same year,was diagnosed with cancer that same year,he died.Can you imagine that to witness that life is a paradox? Ever since,still never repented

November 27, 2017


I was so much excited about the story of late Chief Obafemi Awolowo of blessed once told by himself.She said:"When i got married,i decided on how to live a life of virtue.And so when i got to England in 1944 and i was there till 1947,women came to me and some of them were single.They asked why i was going to buy things for myself at the grocery,fruits and food stores!When i saw this,i was afraid because i had been married for seven years.I had disciplined myself and stuck to one wife.How can a reasonable man allow ten minutes of enjoyment to destroy seven years of a happy married life? No way!You know many of these girls patronised night clubs in Britain.At one time,my friend invited to accompany him to a nightclub.Knowing the possible consequences,i refused to go!I was a married man and that was it.On that night,the nightclub i declined to go,was raided and lots of people were killed".That was an incredible willpower and selfcontrol and that can only happened when extra mile principle is applied.

November 26, 2017


It takes only the strong hearted to put in such great efforts or your best effort,and requires going extra mile.But you cannot force people against their wills, and like Andrew Carnegie,steel Magnate:" There's no use in trying to help people who wont help themselves. You cannot push anyone up a ladder unless he or she is first willing to climb it."That is where extra mile principles come in,where you needed to do more, to achieve or nurture right atmosphere for that character building.This requires Art Williams once concluded ,' You beat 50perc. of the people by working hard;you beat the other being a person of honesty;....and the last a dogfight'that is competitive struggle.That is the extramile principle,you need to truly cultivate the means to incorporate Maxwellian Constitution Of Success and hardwork.Once that custom is cultured,your cability to overcome stress,frustration,contemptuos violation of your rights,including the things that challenge your values.You Must be approachable too


carrying a chip on his shoulder is the easiest way to get into trouble,that the quickest way to become unpopular is to carry tales of gossip about others,buckpassing always turns out to be a boomerang,and that it doesnt matter who gets the credit so long as the job gets done.He learns that most others are as ambitious as he is,that they have brains as good or better that hardwork not cleverness is the secret of success. He learns that no one ever gets to first base alone,that it's only through cooperative effort that we move onto better things.He realises in short that the"art of getting along"depends 98perc.on his own behaviour towards others'. I want to believe without extraeffort nurtured in character building,the Maxwellian constitution of success that is hinged on five cardinal principles of sacrifice,selflessness or altruism or humanitarianism,selfcontrol,collectivity and delegation and last hardwork cannot be possible.Your moods albeit occassionalflunctuation,must be consistent with that success points


not seven times but seventy seven times.He had previously thought,he was being generous enough with the seven times'offer of acceptance,a godly extra effort by his own standard,before Jesus,deflated his humanistic ego as trash.Jesus knew the old testament truly well and must have gotten that number from Lamech philosophy and chose it deliberately,to do away with it.To be indeed an evil man,a villain or a hero ,a righteous man,you needed to go extramile.Infact,in everything you do,an extra mile,an extraeffort needed,by all ramification is a neccessity.Dr.John Maxwell writes:'Sooner or later,a man if he is wise,discovers that life is a mixture of good days and bad,victory and defeat,give and take.He learns that it doesn't pay to be a too-sensitive soul,that he should let some things go over his head.He learns that he who looses his temper,usually looses out,that all men occassionally have burnt toast for breakfast,and that he shouldn't take the other fellow's moans too seriously.He learns that carrying a....


In the philosophy of life,in general,be it for good or for evil,you needed extra effort to become a righteous man,a hero as well as extra effort,to become an evil minded person or a villain,indicating that it is extra effort that gives you such regonition or identity.In the Bible,there is the story of Lamech,a descendant of Cain,one Of Adam's son.Now,Cain Killed brother Abel,and God instead of killing him,as karma,put a mark on him,saying that if anybody killed Cain,they 'd pay it for it seven times over.Then,one day somebody hurt Lamech and he was annoyed,then killed the offender,and boasted about about it.He said"i have killed a man for wounding me."so that..."if Cain is avenged seven times,then Lamech seventy seven times" Gen.4:23-24. He was justified with evil.When Christ came cleaned the augean stable,and when Peter who had been hurt by one person,with burden in his heart came to Jesus and asked that question;'How many times do i forgive this man;seven times?'With his superior knowledge,told him:not 7 ..

November 12, 2017


Nor shall voxpop braggadocio thee to moult fairest of verity?When in versified lines,to aptitude coaxed thee growest therein.Shall i not compare thee to a pintsized minnow?So that thou aptitude by altitude can breathe thee a transmogrified predilection,altering thy hewn,So pronto thy provenance,if nadir on the prowl,So pronto,protuberant stupendous to moult,a proximity to a sigh of relief heaved,Not a stricken as psychopaths and sociopaths,within pusillanimous putrefaction assaulted,it was no purple patch that thou art betray'd.But frolic dance of a purportless brook,dancing hellish meadows as heaven's quidproquo,Stigmatise not the quiddity with the queer of quiescent incertitude,May it recrimination spunk,be rectified when this queer's redhot undressed.


Shall I compare theeto a pintsized sallow?Shall i compare thee to featherweight minow?A spiracle of spine tingling spindle,a spicy spin and a spiritless spinoff archery,bereft of spiffing springtide,a spuriousphenomenon of the plumpous earth.Rudderless banks quavering thespunkless bud far away,fugaciousmuds of howling feet,hath alltoo brutish compare,Sometimes,tooblushing a tawdry's tallyhoo anda derelict terpsichorean,And Oft is he succubus suckled anddimmed,And unfair trod,washed up byhis wastrel of time and magical impulse,Nor by providence or by nature wit's voyeau,beseeming bled?Thy psychosis and neurotic fracture,but by gallivating to and fro,as a pugnacious winds,nor weary visage beneath,voyeauristically undressed,So shall thou with such rectitude,adored,in its rectilinear gusto,Oh behold the public square a repertoire of reeds and reef knot ,Whosebeguilling sport,hellish ado,kismet drown'd;And redoubtable on the flee,relapses and rekindled,Oh this reef knot,do not nostalgia rejoices,thy fret dessert


Shall I compare thee to a pintsized sallow?Shall i compare thee to featherweight minow?A spiracle of spine tingling spindle,a spicy spin and a spiritless spinoff archery,bereft of spiffing springtide,a spurious phenomenon of the plumpous earth.Rudderless banks quavering the spunkless bud far away,fugacious muds of howling feet,hath all too brutish compare,Sometimes,too blushing a tawdry's tallyhoo and a derelict terpsichorean,And Oft is he succubus suckled and dimmed,And unfair trod,washed up by his wastrel of time and maigcal impulse, Nor by providence or by nature wit's voyeb vd


O John Bull,why are you apoplectic? O my John Bull ,why are you apoplectic?O stolid and staid!Your slippery slope polyandrous parched with boobytraps,that can transit both varicose veins and gumptionless winces,a night train trite fugacity,tunnel vision's top heavy galloping in dunghill nether's commute.Every transit muster's treachery doth scam,what is ire?'tis rodomontade;bedeville's sport hath winces gash,what's to stigmatise,still quite incertitude,in same foible,there lies thyself immanent foibles,then come moult it,rows and rowdiness,Youth's vile thyself foible,a threnody must sing.

November 11, 2017


BarK ! bark ! the dog at hell furious, And apoplectic'gins aplomb, His paroxysm to strew at those clutches at straws,On stircrazi'd stitches that swirls;And staggering John Bull,stamping and stampeding, To spurn contemptuous swipe,With the whole shebang,that gorgeous damp squib,flappable,My apopletic John Bull swankily vacuous,furacious! furacious!

November 8, 2017


Yet about 43million people,about 14.3percent of Americans in 2015 live below poverty level of $2 a day.She has the second largest relative child poverty in the developed world and the case of poverty among blacks and single mother population,is quite terrible,in a country with the richest economy of the world.The case of Charles Schwab,steel President;Arthur Cooger,great Wheat Speculator,that shot himself;Of Richard Whitney,exchange President that went to three years jail;Albert Fall, U.S.President Cabinet Member;Leon Fraser,Bank President that shot himself;Ivan Krueger,head of one of the world largest monopolies,also committed suicide.Howard Hughes,formerly richest American And the world,also died a pauper,living in that same condition in a penthouse of his skyscraper.What is the purpose of wealth,if it cannot be shared? Bill Gates must have learnt a lesson from this vanity fair market when he decided that his wealth will be shared before his death.Hence touch a soul today.


weremuch more wealthy than UnitedStates put together.But the beautifulstorylaterturned sad story andevidenced with the fact that three ofthese men at the end committed suicidedue to frustration and confusion.Thisshouldnotbethe way rich people endtheir life.Of the remaining four,one became insane,one ended in prison and president of world largest steelcompany,diedpoor,after living on borrowed money,for the last 8years of hislife.Vanity Indeed,life Is a big vanityfair market.In the great chicago fire of the 18th century,when the fire almost wiped outChicago from world map,took fire fighters 22days to put off.This cost numerous lives,assetsand billionaires were turned paupers.In the United Statestoday,compassion is still not enough,giving the fact that despite being richest economy,it also has the highest levelof income and wealth inequality worldwide.For instance,Jeffrey Sach,Havard don of theearth institute once noted 99% of Americans control only 1% of U.S. wealth and 1% of Americans Control99% of U.S.wealth.


The rich,the capitalist has colonised and they do not have compassion for the poor.Wealth sharing or humanism is grossly lacking allover the world and the richwith capitalism,has mortgagedthe entire destiny of mankind for their selfish gain.Unfortunately,not many of them died well.Life unknown to many of us,is a vanity fair market,where we tradeand still leave everything behind.Were it not for karl Marx,the world have been far more unequaltoday.And all capitalists like the poor,still die a pauper.All your losses and profit,failure and success,good and bad,you leave them,where your history live on posthumously.There is no different between the two when they die.In 1923,the seven world richest men metin Chicago and they include,the president of the largest private steel industry in the world,President of the Bank internation settlement inc.,a member of U.S.President's Cabinet and the chairman of world largest stock exchange-The New York Stock Exchange.As at that time,these men were much more richer than the...


The story of Edmund Hillary,once againdrives me crazy and i think he must have been esoteric,fetish and unworldly to achieve such feat,in a volatile world,where vision destroyers abound.When he failed,in his first attempt,he was confused and wentback to drawing board.Hewas ableto conquer himself by exceedingly giant leap in hissense of purpose and discipline tothe vision of climbing the unclimbable.Hisfaith and the power of hisconfessiondid the magic.Afterthe firstfailed attempt,he saw thepicture of Mt.Everest elsewhereandthat changed his imagination.Then he moved closer to thepicture and said;"Mt.Everest;you have defeated me once and you might defeat me again.But am coming back again and again,and i am going to win because you can't get any bigger,Mt.Everest,but i can." Hillary was telling the mountain"i can grow bigger and smatter,but you cannot.You are restricted but am unlimited".He kept improving himselfuntil he climbed everest;and hisgreatest ever words:"It is not the mountain we conquer but ourself".


Consideringthe fact that,that winninggoal did not come in the full 90minutes,but was scored duringthe extratime,was the seventh wonder ofthe world.Infact,there were 32million tweetsgenerated on twitter worldwideand in the last minute,fansgenerated more than 600,000 tweets.Imagine 600,000 tweets,in One Minute!Extra times can be both dangerous and a blessing.For you to therefore develop a lasting spirit of resillienceand fortitude,"It is not the mountain weconquerbut ourself"saidthe greatest mountain climber,Edmund Hillary,the first man on earth toclimb Mt.Everest,the tallest known mountain.He failed in the first timeattempt and laterwon.Be reminded of the popular saying at a school graduation,by British War Hero,a nobel laureate andmost respected Prime Minister Winston Churchill:" Never give in.Never give in. Never,never,never-in nothing,great or small,large or petty-never give in,except to convictions of honour and good sense.Never yield to force.Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy".


"You were born to win,but to be a winner,you must plan to win,prepare to win and expect to win"."Your attitude not your aptitude will determine your altitude",but i love this one"You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the custume of failure"and"When life hands you lemons,make lemonade".In 2014, Germany won WorldCup title for the fourth time,aftera nail biting,gruelling 1-0 victory against Argentinaand theybecame the first European team to win football top tournament,held in South America.There was late night street parties,fireworks and motorcades honking across the land,withecstatic fans,chanting" Super Deutschland!"and singing"Oh,it's beautiful!". ArgentinianSuperstar hope of equalling and surpassingMaradona's record went upin smoke,when Bayern Munich star Mario Goetze struck in 113th minute.This speaks of resillience and"Never Quit"of the German machine.What dying minute victory! With four world cup titles,intheir kits, European gods of soccer are now second only to Brazil's record offive.


As a speaker Zig Ziglar,has been featured with six U.S.Presidents,many world leaders,celebrities and newsmakers from Rudy Giuliani,General Colin Powel Norman Schwarzkopf,iron Lady Margaret Thatcher,business leaders,celebrity speakers and famous authors like Dr Noman Vincent Pearle,Brian Tracy,Denis Waitley,and diverse sports and Hollywood celebrities.Toward the end of his life,did not slow down his engagement,sometimes sharing stage with her daughter Julie Ziglar Noman.He was documented three times by the Congressional Record Of The United States for his work with youth,in the drug war and had written 29 sales and motivational books,ten of which have appeared on best sellers lists and have been translated into 36 languages worldwide and still counting.When he died at a hospital,in the Dallas suburb of Plano,Texas on November 28,2012 after suffering from Pneumonia,what came to mind of most his admirers was his doggedness and resillience to the art of public speaking.Some of hisfamousmemorable quotes include;


So,it isnatural for challenges or obstacles to come,do we truly have characterand inherent grace to face and so,we witness the high rate of quitters or people that gave wayto disapointment and rejection.The furnace belonging to a goldsmith produces only the best trinketsand anything short,is burnt in the fire.A survival strategy then means dedicating time and energy to it;whichcalls for patience and discipline.That is a smart investor,knowing to overcome the furnacefires and the foundry itself-the obstaclesstarring us in theface.When youhave a dream or vision prompted or inspired by the foundry,younow haveto strive to attain is that vision that gives you direction,creativity,motivation,resillienceand inspirationthat nurses a goodattitude to quench raging arrows of the furnaceinferno.Without one,you can be aimless orpurposeless,bored,vulnerable.In the same way,in problem creators influence problem solvers,problem solvers too can create sometimes addittional problems,so right attitude reducessuchstress


notice that your environment is entirely madeup obstacles,which are intangible plants and weeds that tend to restrict your potential and gifted attitude and so they create problem for you to solve,which knowingly or unknowingly pejoratively speaking must be solved not by creators but by the balanced equation of problem solversor so to say problem mathematicians.The obstacles arethe foundry,but human resources must burn in the furnace,that they cannot control,that alsoinvolves the handicaps,puzzles,persecutions,despair,grief,sadness,fatigue,stress,sabotage,frustrationand threat among others,that might be hurled at an artist in a squalid dungeon.This inferno i call it furnace and characterise the journey of identityand survival and these are obstacles alsothe foundry not just the furnace,that polishes success artist,towards attainment.You cannot evenrise above the inferno,without that attitude,to reach that critical mass,that aptitude as well as altitude,that can benatural outputs of the polished stone-furnace.


Yourobstacles can't stop your blessing,but rather creates a fertile soil toward your wits' end.Indeed,obstacles are the foundriesof dreams and visions andthe landlord of ambition.Problem solving as amatter of fact in the natural law of resolution,mustmeet problem creators-obstacles and then contend and he who wins the contest,contention owns the glory.It is a natural law that the vision or ambition or dream will come as problem solvers in an environment called 'obstacle'meet,the question of who wins this contest,depend largely on the artist's character involved.So,in real terms,obstacles wont destroy your vision,but definitely,your character will.Defeat cannot defeat you,without your permission,unless you rely on your aptitude and there is no aptitude without attitude or character.It is your attitude that determines your aptitude and then altitude,made possibleat the same frequency,in whichaptitude or altitude is to acquiesce or converge.Hence,if you are not too insensate,having study your environment,youwill


at 87,while Verdicomposed "Othello"at73 and"Falstaff"in late 70s.Clara Bortonfounded American Red Cross at 59,compared to Benjamin Disraeli,who became British Prime Minister,for the second timerunning at 70,roughly the same ageas Ronald Reagan,in early 80s.While Arturo Toscanini gave his lastperformance at 87, Haris Pollock the British Author,published her book"Portrait Of My Victorian"at the ripe old age of 102years.Theodor Mommsen and Doris Lessing are two oldest people to win nobel laureate at age 85.Nola Ochs at 95 years received a degree in history,making her oldest person to receive a college diploma.American Actor,Dick Van Dyke whoappeared in a film"A Night In A Museum"did so when he was 80years;the same for Thandy Jessica who in the flick"Driving Miss Daisy",was 80years,when he became the oldest Oscar winner,in that same film.Until his death at 86,the master of motivation,one of American Icons and salesman's salesman,Zig Zaglar,passed away.At 84,Zig was still much involved in the art of publicspeaking

November 7, 2017


For every greatachiever,age is not barrier,but a sourceof inspiration and strength.Thurgood Marshal,the first black judge inAmerican Supreme Court deliveredbestverdict in hisold age and still was 85 going strong;Oliver Wendel HolmesJnr,unarguably Americanbest jurist at age 90 when he died,served for 30 years,also delivered hisbest judgement as he grewolder;the masteroftherolls,Lord Denning,arguablythe best judge in the20th century,at90.Kayode Esho,the father ofjudicial activism,wasstillactive in the judiciary,afterretirement,in his 80s,before his death,same forF.R.A.William,the nation's first senior advocate of Nigeria-S.A.N,Nigerian first female S.A.N.Foluke Solanke at 85,Prof.Ben Nwabueze at 90,did not back off.Pablo Picassowas stillpaintingatage 91 whileCervantes the brainbehind spanishcivilwar completed thatrevolutionary book"Don Quixote"when he was 70.Caleb in the Bible,was 85 when he claimed his inheritance from Moses;Goethe finished his poem,"Faust"at 82,konrad Adenaeur was chancellor of West Germany


could not save him,from the gods in Yorubaland,the most fetish society on the continent!And so,he started barking,barkedand barked and barked like a dog,all night until he died in the earlymorning of that following day-Nov.23.After a panel report on the basis of his death,set up was submittedto the regional government deposed the king.Two promising people,old and young because of arrogance and pride of power,terminatedtheir destinies eithermidway or at full blast.Thanks to careless words-both were loosers!The story did notjust end there but went a notch higher,escalated further when thedeposed king went into a hiding and placed a"Soroye"on the leadership of regional government especially placed a curse on Awolowo,that Awo would see leadershipof Nigeria but will never rule the country.That summarised the politicalambition of Chief Obafemi Awolowo and his failure to become Nigerian President.Little wonder,Ojukwu popularised the saying;"the best President Nigeria never heard".Forevery bad word,history is ajudge


of doing.What an extreme ignorance,that cut short the life of a promising lawyer!Based on cultural reasons,the king should not show respect to any member of public,not even his mother!As soon as lawyer,only the king refusedto stand up for him.And so,he barked at the king....."Why were you sitting when i walked in?You dont know,how to show respect?"At that the king was in his 60s and he felt absolutely affronted,with that rudeshow,forgetting him as theleader that should be respected and thus he replied in Yoruba,being an illeterred king:"Se emi lo ngbo si baun?"meaning is it me that you are barking at like that?.Rather than cool down,he responded acrimoniously and poured tonnes of invectives which the king didnt understand.As the verbal diatribes escalated,the king concluded" Ma Gbo Lo" meaning bark on or continue barking.This was a confrontation that took place on Nov.22,1953 and when Bode Thomas got,that malediction,spell or imprecation began to affect him and so,he started barking.Unfortunately civilisation


The story of anexcellent but arrogant lawyer Bode Thomas who died at the age of 34years,readily came to my mind.That name is a popular brand inthe Nigerian Political society and till date a household namethat cannot be whisked into obscurity of history,having a street bearingthat name in Lagos.Bode Thomas with two other lawyers including F.R.A.Williams and Fani Kayode'sfather formed the first law firm in Africa.He had a good education and being a radical,intelligent and revolutionary lawyer,also gained polititical power and was made or appointed as chairman of Oyo divisional council,of which the king of Oyo Alaafin Adeyemi,the father of the current Alaafin,was just a mere member.When Bode Thomas appeared in council,after been appointed aschairman,all council members,stood up to welcome him except thelate king,which to me i think wasfor cultural reasons.I could notunderstand why an intelligent lawyer of that calibre,did not dread such fetish king,just because of a mad western education andwhat he was capable

November 6, 2017


Oh my little wights,tell me why the nebula,hanging upon thy firmament,in my paroxysm of unflinching stupor and vertiginous stampede.For how far a fugitive tongue,tongueing impenitence,this twain pigeonholed,muddy pond,i thrive cherish.Snuffles,they snuffle clinging impetuoslyto this snowy snuggery,Of how sociopaths and psychotic vagrants,avalanche grew beyond sobriety undaunted.The fowl roses are in their reddish crimsonsublime gallivant.The woodland paths arebarely green,ever deciduous omni-season and whole shebang,from the twillight,from which rose the twinklingsparkle soddened,snapshots still a blue sky;uponthe nebulous plow,sneaking sneaky sneaks and sniffily snots at impenitence nor its folklores dissected.How ironical and how come clamourous wings,at every vertex,snottily snots and snook modesty.And then the slither ona slippery stance,sliproaded by turnstiled slipshods andavowed slippery slope,froward not flinched.As they slog,the sloven futurists,the futurology,they slice with dungeon and karma bone


Vile roses-infecund gauntly lay nefariously.And vicarious river-vice vibrated by osmosis,entangled above vignette,vicissitude did ungainly but dancely glide.Within vermillion of vexatious vermins and venturesome veneers'perforate, the valedictory vales of a valetudinarian hesitate and of nebula,Which encroached through the vainglory across and betwixt.Same bare at winces to the thraldom of volition and vagueness pronounced.Same impenitence unsubtled of untramelled unvarnished.What a hell of dickens because impenitence and impenitent but fugitive folks,are unstintingly unsubstantiated ironies.Why the unnerves are frets binging galore?The wastrels are pristine time wastrels,wanderlust of the lush but reddish green,the ogres are drowning wrecks,And to the howling wilderness even as gregarious neurosis,unfettered their traggicommedic bathos,they turned,forty feet tall,horizon binges high and a muddy pond,unforthcoming,unforgiving and unflagging flabble.An Ode to my little wights,tell me why the nebula,ought..


Vile roses-infecund gauntly lay nefariously.And vicarious river-vice vibrated by osmosis,entangled above vignette,vicissitude did ungainly but dancely glide.Within vermillion of vexatious vermins and venturesome veneers'perforate.And the valedictory vales of a valetudinarian hesitate and of nebula,Which encroached through the vainglory across and betwixt.Same bare at winces to the thraldom of volition and vagueness pronounced.Same impenitence unsubtled of untramelled unvarnished.What a hell of dickens because impenitence and impenitent but fugitive folks,are unstintingly unsubstantiated ironies.Why the unnerves are frets binging galore?The wastrels are pristine time wastrels,wanderlust of the lush but reddish green,the ogres are drowning wrecks,And to the howling wilderness even as gregarious neurosis,unfettered their traggicommedic bathos,they turned,forty feet tall,horizon binges high and a muddy pond,unforthcoming,unforgiving and unflagging flabble.An Ode to my little wights,tell me why the nebula,ought..

November 5, 2017


her aunty mistakenly packed her out of bed,while gathering clothes to wash at the river.So she was that small and pintsized!Her mother was unpopular and barely noticed and so was she and the mother was ridiculed but failed to give up. We have seen mothers thrown babies into dustbin like the famous late M.K.O.Abiola,who redefined the meaning of politics,but she did not.Today,Fabulous Fali wherever she goes,even head of states,noticed her.What did a terrible premature baby,now a grown woman do,to warrant this honour?She is the first female to win an Olympic Medal in Nigeria.Never quit,be determined soul and the world around you,will be full of possibilities.To preserve your aim or sense of purpose,is to preserve your strategies and most effective purpose management and success therapy you can apply is the Twain's approach.I quite aggree why people quit their purpose,when they seemed overwhelmed by those complex task,that is required for success.Once you can break them down,into manageable size,is possible.


I was also impressed by the story of Harold Abraham.He was depressed,sad and dejected after his first race,many years before the Olympics.But when his fiancee tried to encourage him,he screamed at her"If i can't win,i won't run".Her electrifying reply was instrumental to his return and she said"If you dont run,you can't win".He got his reflection back,regained strength and determination and in 1924 Olympics,he won gold medal,in 100metres dash.He did not quit,achieved his dreams and history today remembers him.When you forget your aim or sense of purpose,you need to follow those that can motivate.When life complex tasks stare you in the face,apply Twain's Success therapy, and you know what,the world always stands for the determined soul and no one remembers a quitter.Ask Abraham Lincoln,Winston Churchill,or late Chief M.K.O. Abiola who was born and thrown into dustbin,they knew better.Falilat Ogunkoya was born a terrible premature baby,stayed 3 months in the incubator.She was so small,that her aunty,packed

November 4, 2017


with his wife Elena was not feeling well and he thought the boy's problem was just a fever episode. However the boy had leukemia based on medical research,being a cancer of whiteblood cells and that for the boy to survive,needed a compatible bonemarrow donor.And so,having been giving a 1percent chance of finding a donor by Doctors,which would require lots of people,getting their blood tested. Despite hearing the bad news,he refused to give up and persisted,looking for support from his proffession having being learned about the power of the media.Just within few hours he went on twitter,he was surprised that notable athletes like Cassillas, Fernando Torres and even world number one Rafael Nadar made a pledge to help.And in just a week of launching a website for the boy,he was bombarded with traffic of about 700,000 visits.He had not gone worldwide to recruit compatible donor for his son,but also for leakemia patients worldwide.A closed mouth is a closed destiny and a problem shared is problem solved.Incredible


Novlene William Mills,a famous woman,burdened by circumstances of life beyond her,that has a terrific toll and a piece of her away,yet did not quit her carreer.She noted"For some people being diagnosed of breast cancer means their world ends.But you are still that same person.A piece of you is taken away but it doesn't mean life is over".She must have been the greatest female athlete in theworld like Glen Cunningham,among male sprinters,whose Legs Were badly burnt in a house fire,but still returned with bigbang,to reclaim world record.She is a woman that appeals to your soul,despite fighting the biggest battle of her life,after her diagnosis won 400m.still headed to the London Games.If you can dream it,you can achieve it and your background can only be a stepping stone to higher ground.Your purpose should be full of possibility and you will be received by a world of possibilities. The father of Mathew,a 3months Old boy,in August,2013,Eduardo Schell,a 35years Old Sport Journalist,lives in Madrid,Spain with his

NEVER QUIT-part 11

Nathan Mills a 34 year old Jamaican Athlete,a five time world and three Olympic Medalist.When she was diagnosed with breast cancer on June 25,2012,being a common disease with those who exercise.One would have thought she would call it quit with athletics.Nobody Knew except her husband,family and friends.She had won the 400metres race at the Jamican senior National Championship in 50.60seconds,that same weekend she was diagnosed of the ailment.That win booked her a place in the olympic team and finished 5th in the 400meters London 2012 Olympics and also won bronze medal,in the 4 by 400m.relay.Surgeons removed lumps from her breast three days after the London Games and unfortunately thereafter had both breasts removed in a double mastectomy.This was done to cut off remaining cancer cells and perform conscructive surgery.After the removal,at her first competition on may 5,2013,in kingston and she finished third in 50.15 seconds. She ran 51.03 secs.on june 2013 in Birmingham to finish 3rd at the Sainsbury Grand


woke up one morning and was quite exhausted and feeling discouraged.He then told his friends"I am through.There is no use going on anylonger.I have picked up 999.999 stones and pebbles so far, and there is no trace of diamond!If i pick up another,it will be a million,so what's the use!I am quitting'.Almost one of them screamed back at him."pick up another and make it a million'. ' All right'he replied and then stopped and dipped his hands on a pile of these grizzy stones and pulled out just one more stone. just one!'Here it is'he noted the 'last one!'.And lo behold,it was uncommon nearly the size of an egg,heavier than remaining 999,999 stones previously picked. He beckoned and examined thoroughly,found out and screamed'Boys it's a diamond' and both vertiginously stupefied with him.The New Yort Art dealer Harry Wilson paid $200,000 for it-that millionth pebble and described the 'Liberator'as named as the purest and largest diamond ever found! Had he given up solano would have been forgotten on the dustbin of


I still could not round up this treatise because of how disgusting,quitters can be and i wish like Margarret Thatcher to go on and on.Dr David Livingstone,the great explorer once noted:'I will go anywhereas long as it is forward'and John Barrymore,asuccesful businessmen threw his bombshell'A man is not old,until regrets take the place of dreams'.Someone said;'When goals go,meaning goes,purpose goes.But whenpurpose goes,life goes dead on our hands'It is a fact nobody remembers quitter,so stay on.Once you quit,you are dumped into the dustbin of history,not even to be recycled.Nelson Mandela,Thomas Edison,Henry Ford, Mko Abiola, Douglas Macarthur barelyquit.Getting started,could be irritating to watchers of snail,snailing with its snail speed,but reaching the finishing line,could be regarded as mother of marathons or marathon of marathons.Forward ever,backward never!In 1942,three men spent three months,prospecting for diamonds in the Venezuelan water coast.Solano Rafael was one of them,a revolutionary mind woke


Let meround up this piece with the success story of a hapless invalid,and that those who barely quit,have success story.He was born,with physical and mental challenges and when he was six monthsold a nurse,May Lemke,who equally raising her own five kids,adopted him.With the benediction from her divine supplication,he finalised exhibited somepotentials and became talentedand when he was thirteen,she bought a used piano for his rodeo.Though he played somesimple songs,but still no expression,zero and bland.Yet,she persisted,motivating him with the powerof sound and never quit,dreaming his transformation. Thenfortunately,when he was sixteen,he moved closer to piano and thus began to play.That was miraculous,somebody that never touched piano before!He later played aTchaikovsky piano concerto and it was flawless and she also found he could play anything,he heard.And one day,suddenly,he started singing and playing at concerts nationwide. May Lemke did not quit otherwise one glorious history,could havebeensilenced


achieving dreams found out that-26percent focus on specific tangible targets that the want in life;19percent set goals that are aligned with their purpose,mission and passion;15percent jot down their goals specifically detailed and measurable;12perc. maintain a clearly defined goal for vital interest and life responsibility;12perc.are to identify a related daily,weekly and long term goals with deadlines;7perc.take daily action toward attainment of at least one goal.And then the comment by the research authors in their study was terrible,even in America,how Much worse for the third world countries like Nigeria.Here is their comment,according to a word for today;'Americans once again,get an 'F',in this critical area of their performance.Simply put,they fail to consistently take the actions necessary to move their dreams and visions out of their hearts and heads and into their lives'.Even in America,dreams and visions mortality rate is 93percent and only 7percent of Americans are apologists of Twain's Therapy.


Likewise,when Heinrich Schliemann retired into adventurefrom business to search forthe legendary City Of Troy,he never quit until he found it.Novacillation ,no quitting.Instead of quitting after he was excommunicated during the Gallipoli Landing at the W.W.1,he fought back into relevance and later British Prime minister during the World War 2 and learning from his mistakes,became master strategist for the defeat of axis forces.Instead ofquitting once again,after W.W.2,Sir Winston Churchill later went to win a nobel laureate,for literature.Manymore blokes like these guys barely quit.And in the great words of Barack Obama',Yes We Can'.Do you have aim or a sense of purpose to live for and a good strategyto accomplish them?Are you apologist of Twain's success therapy? Anythingshort of thesegemstomes,would surely make you quit someday.A strategy gives you fortitude,not just strength or energy,but focus,direction and substance.In a study that was conducted on how people infrequently develop strategies for achieving


When you haven't accomplished,what you set out to do,quitting is not a good option and for Maxwell to take that important decision,at a trying times of his life,he must have been a good calculator and an apologist of Twain's success therapy.When you planned to leavea legacy,you'll understand better and not wanting to be stained by a trail of unfulfilled aspirations,you'll definitely not quit.Dont join nor listen to critics and complainers that settled for less and if you quit is certainly not toolate to start again.And for every contest,denials and stumbling blocksabound,but the point is to makea difference.'I feel i lived on a higher plain than the sceptics on theground....who valued life more highly,the aviators who spent it on the art they loved,or these misers who doled it out like pennies through their antlike days?.....If i could fly for ten years before i was killed in a crash,it would be aworthwhile trade for an ordinarylifetime',says Charles Lindbergh,who made a difference in his chosen carreer.


your destination.What is your present position?It is impossible to ignorethe reality of what is on ground and still be triumphant.So,is all about strategy and getting your acts right.And the individual must be tested to show character and just like what the former C.E.O of General Electric,said about strategy.He observed 'Strategic management is trying tounderstand where you will sit in tommorow's world,not whereyou hope to sit;it's assessing where you want be,and where you can be'.What's your desired destination?like i said write those dreams down,giventhe fact that when you forget thosedreams,you will alse loose that sense of purpose.Which steps are you taken to get there and what are the inbetween steps?How do you get to your destination?So,is all about your aim or ministry of purpose that is to undertake the mission of fulfillment,using the most effective strategy that even money cannot buy.Creativity,is messy when you loose your aim or sense of purpose and Twain's,then might quit someday.Never Quit.


Once,your aim or purpose,you can keep,you would never quit at all,let alone forgetyour commitment to that aim.Thatis why i love breakthroughtips,by Mark Twain,when he said,'The secret of getting ahead isgetting started'.Now listento his conclusion',The secret of getting started is beakingyour complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks,and then starting the first one.'I think Twain 's breakthrough strategy is the most effective success therapy and purpose management approach around and i can bet my bald pate,if any alternative tip,better this well thought psychological dose exist.People quit their aim because they couldnt apply Twain's purpose management model,that is are overwhelmed by complex tasks that must be performed,to actualise their dreams.So,to write down your dream and the way it will look like when achieved and reflect on them.Let those thoughts now drive your aim or sense of purpose,especially when you apply Twain's.That application must be supported by three questions,to reach your


the heights one attains,but by the obstacles one overcomes in its attainments'.That's Booker for you,the greatest black American leader of all time and their best fighter,who created erudite platform for black freedom,in terms of entrepreneurship,human right and most especially education.You need to think about those golden words interred on the sands of time.I realised why he wanted to quit and quite simple;he forgot his aim or purpose or goal in life.But the moment,he recaptured or apprehended the meaning of the evil causing his discouragement,that reinvigorated his grit.We fail to understand why men quit their dreams,is basically due to lost sense of aim or purpose.The most dangerous thing to do in life,is to forget your sense of purpose or aim and this has to do with,how you awaken your memory.Henry J.Kaiser,the founder of permanent health care system said something'-the evidence is overwhelming that you cannot begin to achieve your best,unless you have some aim in life'.So,it starts with aim or purpose.


No matter the situation,i will never quit,even in the howling wilderness,when uncertainty like dogs barks at every tremble and there seem to be no escaping route.One day,Dr John Maxwell,tempted by the devil and the law of sight,considered his chances and decided to quit.And after a few minutes of considering the option,decided to search its meaning and then look it up,in the dictionary.But you would be amazed at what he did,after the search.And What did he do after gaining the much needed insight? Suddenly,Maxwell in a symbolic act defiance,pulled the trigger-took out a scissor and cut off the page containing the word from the dictionary.Though certainly,didnt change anything,but only his psychology,his resolve and determination at seizing hard choices and bright opportunities in life.When you feel like you are at a dead end,be not tired or exhausted,at your tenacity and hardwork.Jack Dempsey,once noted-'A champion is one who gets back up,when he cant'.Booker T. Washington said'-success is not measured by the

October 24, 2017


Is life all about pleasure?Do you think otherwise?Anyway,it is a philosophical matter,beyond the grasp of mere mortals.It was Sigmund Freud who claimed that the pleasure principle is one of the greatest and strongest hungers and drives there is in human heart.Many folks criticised him including a couple of his own colleagues.A neo-Freudian by the name Alfred Adler disagreed with him and enthused rather than pleasure,it is power.He belong to the Lord Acton school of absolute power corruption and stood in favour of power,which is the dominating passion in the human heart.However,in the principle of utility Jeremy Bentham(1748-1832) was an English reformer,whose life spanned the great revolutions of Europe,such as The Enlightenment, French Revolution and the post Napoleonic era,noted;"Nature has placed mankind under the governance of two sovereign masters,pain and pleasure"...... Sometimes,the claims in support of power,is basically ratiocinated and infact in most cases,it is not power.But simply the lure to


Sonnet 7- MY DAEMONS.I am in my deamons and they are in me,We are a siamese twins,joined by eternity,Wherein we are beaded as soul mates,live forever,They salvaged me,beyond failure and death,that which they cannot die,i cannot die too,Then my soul and spirit and body liveth forever,I am not subhuman,but a spirit superman,And a godlike personage,being immutable as the sun,Let humans,thy numb,benumbed,that am above compare,My daemons fed me amply,in the times of starvation, And that i am suppled with good necessities of life,beyond material universe,And long after me and before me,shall i be worshiped, Of my godlike arcane, and because of them,i am an esoteric beast,And my home not the graveyard,but in the second heaven and seventh heaven.


Sonnet 6.I am belligerent when it comes to options and mandates, Then,there is a choice to be made,And interference,a fugitive to mortal will and sickening,Tramples mortal will in disrepute,to spike my belligerency,Intergrity is gone,when my choice,i cannot make,And alien garb,stamped my dignity,assailed, To foist upon my numb,what decision i cannot take,My choice,my humble servant,my passport to the world of possibilities,Most forbiden choices,most renegade choices,are reproach to the soul,Reproach to the soul of the giver and taker,Take now in belligerency responsibility,for every choice,you take,And also responsibility for your destiny,For every choice comes with its own responsibility, Then shall you blame no one for your lifetime miscariages.


Sonnet 5-TIMES AND SEASONS.Time is against man and man is against time,The assymetry duo,battles against the wind,Their third foe and heypresto,the tripple aluta,To and fro like the devil and the belzebubs, They battle with impunity,for the earth's breathing space,For none to loose,none to gain,From morning to the night,all seasons trod,They flex feckless,with arrogance for relevance,Worst of all gladiators,are the mortal,He looses the battle,when he seems to be winning,Has he won the battle when he seems to be loosing? Mankind given an ephemeral gaunt,most wretched fighter,fights in.

October 23, 2017


Sonnet4-My heart aches for that which is beyond me,For those things that i as mortal cannot see, But for the moon and stars above, Withholding the enigma of the things,i cannot see,from me,Aches greedily,greedily that ache my heart,My generation before and those after,hath been aflicted,But for gauchy cloud,my heart in pang aches after,Why should i for unseen aches and pang?When i myself of these enigma,the worst of the nebulous cloud,Of ephemeral gaunt,heard and spoken,But gone tommorrow,when the winds'unknown,The wisest trod,cannot be salvaged nor unscathed,And all asundry,in surfeit of the ends of times groan,But i sweet above compare,live infinitely above compare.


BECLOUDED THAT HEART THAT GROANS.Beclouded by fist and fisticuffs,that painstakingly groans,like a polaroid,translucent barely opaque glitters its lightning! To be seen and feedeth its boomerang with blinking reactions, o reflections as reactionaries thy notify hath aprised,And my humbleself,catharsis thrice threefold cannot unfold,Imprison my heart in that lifelong groans acatalectic grief,But then my heart's pangs,let my carthasis not bail me:Whoe'er gripes me let my carthasis be his censure;Thou canst not then censure me in my groanings;And yet thou wilt;for i being pant in thee,perforce they are mine,even as thine groanings are my anxiety,the heart that groans,however must by stress be freed, And so,behold,the heart itself is strengthened when put to test.


Sonnet 2. BESHREW THAT SATE THAT SATES AND FONDLES MY SATE TO GRIPE.Beshrew that sate that fondles my sate to gripe,for that tense vile it,sates my contemporary and me!Isn't it not ample to torment me,my solitude,But sate to sate,my bitter'st sate must be!Me from my sate,thy frosty eyes hath seen,And my hindsight self,thou cruelest hath envelop'd,Of he,my sate-self and thee i am beneath;A turmoil thousand times gauchy cloud,thus to be stiffl'd,Press my sate in thy carthasis engulf's bottom,But then my sate puzzle,let my inclement sat me piffle:Whoever sates me,let my sate be his surfeit:Thou canst not then use sate in my hell;And yet,thou wilt;for i being parlous in thy goof,Pecunious and frosty and all that is in me sated.


THE SPRING.The spring that springs from dusk to your morn,The fibre prettily,unfolding your intricate hewn,Are not the fret of gravy train,not lasting golden fleece:You are fed with straw,a fire that the throng lightens,The time grew season in its reminiscences,of you,in good morn,the noose greased:As the spring rose,multiplying your providences,my time was ground baiting,brisky behind the time,of education And extinction,Oh,golden morn for your headwind,your tongue,your feet,O breath,your life ,your anchor,your sheath,your tremor,Breath I treasure made with the spirit and soul,my bulwark and a beacon light of the speeding vehicles;Heartbeat taught you a lesson of passing wind:You Knew of the ephemeral passage from its vanity.


Hail him not he who messes up with history.Why would he a roue,a rapturous featherweight of a ratiocinated bank,a rotund of rough justice,a rodomontade of rough and tumble,a roughened rough diamond,retrogressive in revulsion,purloin psychotic purgation?Behold,him a punchbowl of rascallion,a ragamuffin cummudgeon,a purblind bathos of rabid rabblerousers who rants his ignoble raisson d'etrewith rarefied and rambling evidence,to trigger on the rabble,fallacious pyromania,and jubillant with pyrrhic victory,to rapine destinies and imprecate pungent mensrea and the townies downward slope spiral.Why the puffy cloud to pullulate pugnacity and pulverize tranquilityand sedate pronto retrogression.Behold,i am awarethat history can heal thee,of thyprofligate projectile,thy psychosomatic,psychedelic and neurotic misshaps,with its prophylactic but propitious textual doses.Profanities protrude when history speaks,but largely impugned,inasmuch as we areenslaved by history,but in likemanner freed by history.When true history

DEAR KISMET By Ibikunle Laniyan

When to the season of breathtaking revolutionary thought,I scale up memoirs of things known and unknown,I excite the embrace of manifold a benediction,i had, And with old charity,new comportment,my dear kismet recover,Then can i equip an arm unfathomed to failure,for sacred dreams,hid in the smitten graveyard's sateless field,And yell a froth kismet's tardiness since damned steps taken,And groan the pang of diversed trips;Then can i rejoice at joyances craved,And protrusively,from abundance to abundance,sparkle over,The glorious rendition of kisme's blissful sport,Which I musculature pay as if not pang before,But If the meantime,i enthuse on the thee my dear kismet,All failure,now success and my successes are golden stones and kismet accomblished unbeatable for all time. I am the gemstone of my kismet and the paradise of my dream and triumphant entry.

DEAR KISMET By Ibikunle Laniyan

When to the season of breathtaking revolutionary thought,I scale up memoirs of things known and unknown,I excite the embrace of manifold a benediction,i had, And with old charity,new comportment,my dear kismet recover,Then can i equip an arm unfathomed to failure,for sacred dreams,hid in the smitten graveyard's sateless field,And yell a froth kismet's tardiness since damned steps taken,And groan the pang of diversed trips;Then can i rejoice at joyances craved,And protrusively,from abundance to abundance,sparkle over,The glorious rendition of kisme's blissful sport,Which I musculature pay as if not pang before,But If the meantime,i enthuse on the thee my dear kismet,All failure,now success and my successes are golden stones and kismet accomblished unbeatable for all time. I am the gemstone of my kismet and the paradise of my dream and triumphant entry.

A NIGHT TRAIN By Ibikunle Laniyan

Lo! where the train along the rail track,speeds with its ferry mission; Oft is it clickety clank,from ultrasonic distance,Or night distance,But when the time nicks steed,How glorious its gravel!Far distinguished,they-sojourner's race Thousands though ferry in rail's coach,With sojourned paleness and dizziness of travel,Their path trodden,In grails,who wear a passionate mood,The whole trip though.If journey men sails ever worth,My contest stoop for contest sake,From excitement thrilling in thy distance,Bright trips of desired homes!Pleasure trips of cosmopolitan funfare!A heart impulse,let them make,And be satisfied.

October 18, 2017


I am what i am because of what i think that i am.I am what i am not because someday when the scales fall from the eyes,i could be what i think i am not.I am what i shall be because by grace of fair or unfair mound,destiny says that i am by it predestined.To be what i am not,i shall have to by hardwork and smartwork get there.There is triumph in discovering your identity,and there is freedom in that discovery,for out of it are the defining issues of abundant life.I am what i am because of what i by grace achieved.I am what i am today,because of what i did yesterday.I am what i shall be tommorow because of what the present or today says.And For every becoming,grace is the principal thing then knowledge its appendage.I am what i am because grace is the defining factor.I am what i am because knowledge is both the defiling and a defining factor.I am what i am tells you of identity,capability and freedom and the last of them is its ultimate goal because when we know what we are,we are freed and so know it yours.

October 6, 2017


I would have loved to title this piece,"Principle Of Focus"but after reading the amazing story of the best Violinist in New York's Carnegie Hall,how she became skilled in her arts,and the secret of her success,which she coined."Principle Of Planned Neglect",i was propelled in favour of the title.She confessed:"I use the principle of planned neglect"and that when she was still a learner,had planned to neglect everything that was not relevant towards actualisation of her goal.Focus is the medicine and a passionate therapy of effective time usage,a highly geared and a highly leveraged purpose toward attainment of dreams.It is the most effective gospel in the ministry of purpose and infact accelerates the velocity of a becoming especially,the transition between the dreams and the actual pragmatic deliveries.When the momentum downward slopes,indicated by dizziness of the tardy path,a good success aspirant,ought to remember his focus principle,to retool himself. When you fail to neglect distractions,it ordinarily..

October 2, 2017


of getting rid of it nearly breaks my heart".So,hardwork Is the anchor of life ship,the general compass of the human life and to take it away,is to make life painful.But we are all workers at one point of our lives or the other and duration or intensity certainly differs.Yet still some are much more succesful than others and that raises a stink,a foul play-why is it so?In the words of a great man,who wrote in 1928,with the followinglines said it all-"For more than 25 years,i have carefully,studied men with the objective of knowing why some achive noteworthy success,while others withjust as much ability do not get ahead;it seems significant that every person,whom i have observed with noteworthy success has put in more service than that for which,he was paid,compared to those who merely performed sufficient service to get by" This is more than just work but being guided by law of dilligence or as one missionary put it as the'law of put and take'that states perform and render much more services than being paid


Otto Von Bismarck,the founder of mordern Germany,in 1870 was fond of hardwork,so much that he once concluded"To youth,i have but three words of counsel-work!work!work!"Work is much more fun than fun.Thomas Carlyle;"Blessed is he,who has found his work;let him ask no other blessedness"Then Nelson Mandela took it to another level when one day,he told his captive audience"I know what will kill me,and that is to wake up one day without any work to do.That would kill me!And because i've got a daily programme,i feel as i felt at 50 because to look forward to something,you are going to daily with zeal,is a life clincher."In other words,laziness kills faster than even cancer and there is no alternative to work.How can somebody survived 27 years in prison,such as the groanings and pang behind bars at Robben Island,without Work?Without it life is sorrowful and sad and what Jerome K. Jerome told his wife,nailed the poser."I like work,it fascinates me.I can sit and look at it for hours.I love to keep it by me.The idea

September 30, 2017


You can see the importance of good leadership and his influence over lost people with lost direction,of aimless minds wandering away with who knows,great destinies.So,careless words can alter great destinies in the same way,careful words and beautiful oratory can remake a parlous destiny.Beware of what you say to people around.Appreciate them in your words exchange market not foreign exchange,rather than depreciate them,for golden words and emerald confessions are the foundries of beautiful destinies.Someone tutored F.D.R. for more than thirty five years,before he was able to become an American President from first Governor of New York and later America from great depression of the 1930s and the W W 2 victories by the allied forces,that gave birth to United Nation eventually in San Francisco,in a gathering of fifty nations,in the mid40s,was his biggest legacy to the world.The world is full of educated derelicts and people whose customs barely appreciate people either by the motivator or those being inspired.


Now,let me closethis topic for now,with the last bonus item.Several years ago,at about night time,a man walking to church,saw four boys hanging aimlessly,on a street,invited them to follow him.And so,they did and by the following sunday,they met him once again.These lads obviously,became the nucleus of the sunday school and he began to teach them,lifted them up with magical words and stirred their destinies,in the right directions,rather than wandering aimlessly on the vulgar street.When years later,his friends decided to find out what had happened to the boys and contacted them.They also invited them to write a special birthday letter to be read at their old school teacher's birthday,in surprise.It was an amazing result ,and a real eye opener,according to Bob Gass and i quote:"One boy had become a missionary to China,one was President of the U.S.Federal Reserve Bank,one was private secretary to President Herbert Hoover and the fourth"...?Can you guess Gass mind,what could he had become? President Hoover!

September 20, 2017


bliss of bird eye views fadeth not.Table manners,street manners,time manners,feet manners,strictured as it were,by all ramification,tosses sheeny gait.Eyes Of the owl,the tiger of my little frame,playing waterpolo,with the artesian glances,ferried on its spirituous magnetic fields,observatory aquarium of introspection and retrospection,imagination,reticence,prognostication, dissertational groundwork and theoretical modules of my cephalic index's brownstudious motif.They are imbued,with the mind's eye,whose outward bound,long dead.What a double barrel sentinel i,with treasure troves at my aladdin's cave,when marrooned with my artwork,in the midst of stormy earth.


The first part of this poem was posted on my facebook and you can go through it searching my name ibikunle laniyan.The post below constitutes the remainder the poem.Enjoy The reading. The microbes of my cephalic index,by your antithesis and synthetic frequencies, palladium thrifty.O the eyes of the owl,my sacred missionary,asphyxiating my darkness,from my asychronous ado,my brisky eyes lens,applique my glance and attone for brighter days.My ayes avers it to be so.Eyes of the owl,a cerebral motion pictures,scribbled by its screenplayer,retrospection to scrounge,medula oblongata,for a scrooge,scrimp and lavish the screen play on its screen,O the screen of materialistic hustles,my eyes of the owl,that sculpture semantics of the cosmic ados,patched by its serendipity sensuous mottled images.My stevedore of vision,a sedulous spunk of stertorous ados,strictured by its owlish eyes,suppled with sunlight,succulent prowls the fugacious winds with my feet of clay.From the sunset to the sunrise,the morning

September 19, 2017


Words For Today was fond of this precious quotation.Ford was fond of Edison,for the uplifting words,esoteric words that brings lifetime healing,and little wonder he later recalled'No man up to then had given me any encouragement.I had hoped that i was headed right.Sometimes,i Knew that I was,sometimes i only wondered,but here,out of a clear sky,the greatest inventive genius in the world had given me complete approval.'One more bonus item:in like manner,had it not been for Edmond Halley,a well respected scientist in his own right,Isaac Newton,with his theory of gravitation and description of the three laws of motion,might not have been published.When he came to Cambridge and visited Newton,he was baffled and alarmed that the same problem,he was working on,Newton had alreadysolved it.He later encouraged him to publish it and volunteered to do it at his own expense and by 1687,the Royal Society Of London had published Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematical that laid groundwork for the mathematical study.


and later ruled Yugoslavia,prior to its disintergration,for twelve years.In the case of Archbishop Fulton Sheen,it was a different ballgame entirely.In a big city cathedral,he also dropped the communion wine and rather than the vitriolic remark,the Bishop turned to him and whispered reasurringly'it's okay,some day you'll be a great priest'.Surprisingly, Sheen later went onto preach sermons to millions of souls,on national television.Words can build up or tear people down,as Solomon once noted'Reckless words pierce like sword,but the tongue of the wise brings healing.'Now,let me give this bonus item-Henry Ford and Thomas Edision were close friends.Having been introduced by by someone,as'a young man who has made,a gas car'and met at a convention sponsored by Edision's company,he later worked there as an engineer.Edison was ecstatic when he noticed,the gas car was created with its own self sustainable power plant,'You have it! Your Car is self contained and carries its own power plant'Bob Gass,author of The


Every mind experiences moral breakdown and etiquette downtime and if you like call it a period of moral failure.This signs of burn out include anger,disillusionment,addiction and compulsive habbits,rash decisions,irritable behaviour and allergic reactions,low morale and depression,occupies this portfolio potrait of moral breakdown.We all have,certainly our five minutes madness,but nothing can be much more damaging that an avalanche of careless words,volleyed at suspecting prodigy.Indeed,careless people with careless words,can hurt hapless people and nothing more than this social trauma can influence person's destiny and selfworth.Self esteem is the ultimate price of freedom and the tongue of the wise brings healing.These two stories provide similar evidences and let me beginwith emperor Tito.One day,the officiating priest,slapped him and shouted'leave,and don't come back!'That boy was General Tito,a brutal communist,who was then,in a small country,an altar boy that accidentally dropped the communion wine


When with this assymetrical onslaught,you barely enjoy some relaxed and ,uninterrupted down time.This can affect quality decision and time managemen,Once time spent cannot be quantified,so that it can be result oriented,ordinarily,it is a waste of time.So,the Time investment and time management competence,is howfar you can go,to avoid the unrelenting onslaught of information,that mordern age,places at our disposal.Every spare time can be auctioned periodically as your most creative hoursand we can regroup after relaxation schedule,reflect and recharge.With the right information timely disposed,though consumption pattern of the information intake,can be variegated,nevertheless,the nature of vision and strategic input,elevate its intakeposture,makinga sensuous not to graze carelessly and wisely digging too deeply,to avoid potential distraction and onslaught recurrent time expenditure that could skyrockets intensive stress levels,thatmaybe,incomprehensible over the long haul.This special competence is required


We receive an unbelievable volume and terrific universeof text messages,on a daily basis,be it in our favours as sender or as a receiver.Their onslaught sometimes or in most cases,intimidates our ability to manage,and can lead to unfavourable circumstances,in which the resultant unmanageable competencies,canaccelerate distress times.We are apalled because we cannotget rid of the old information liability and we receive more information in the entire lifetime,thanour parent,sent or did,in a year ortwo.That Much speaks volume of ecstasy,clinging glutonously.Neverless,not an iota of doubt could be entertain about these encumbrances of assymetrical information,that ordinarily promotes rising mind volatility rate andclog effective and rapid decision management whatsoever especially at the time of meditation and thoughtful reflection.A strong vision retard this tentacle andcan equip you with the capability to wisely invest your time,to avoid that barriers of complex time traps,bedevilling effectivetimeinvestment

September 17, 2017


Shall I compare thee to a winter's night? Shall I compare thee to the forest at autumn nor thee spring's forest at summer's night befriended?Thou art more sanguine and more despondent,rudderless banks threaten bone marrow sore and forest's deciduous trees,hath all but gone into limbo,at winter's night.Sometimes too vile a mountain to climb,in the muddy eyes of stormy frost,that mottled prime orgy.And invariably gaunts the nebulous feet,grown cold and unfair moist hands,poltrooned carapace bound by providence untrimmed,over its wanderlust barren trudge.That by its string its shrinking forest,shall not cease nor assuage this coccoon,which carteblanched overruled its wit,nor shall its dearth of wanton gazelles assuaged wanderer upon its nuances.So long as the sun breathes upon the earth and season rejuvenates its ado of voluptuous bank,so long as the moon by night and the sun by day,to groove recurrent binges not famished,at its boggy swamp


anda wise doth begat a wise. Courage springs from the heart,fear springs from the heart,but knowledge intensive art at heart,is by tame fearless,and themountain to he a valley and the valley to him a mountain.That he turns his dreamland of fantasies,into flesh,is itself a farago of Mahomet 's gilded fortune musters that can be tamed by scaling the greatest mountains of Himalayas and Everest,in one fell swoop,and a valley at its feet,a mountain becomes.The price of libertyis the song of the freedom andthe song offreedom is the true price of liberty.By what you say and sing,you are freed and by your actions arethose liberties worth,andthose liberties in spirit by your actions,are liberties in flesh,that yourstatus by art and philosophy,is immortalised.The true price of liberty is paid by what you know and the true price of slavery is paid for by your ignorance.A slave and a freedman is therefore distinguished bywhatthey know and barely know.Fear springeth where ignorance breedeth and greedily breathes,at ease


Shall I not compare thee to an uncrowned king whose uneasy contest wears thewind and upon his belly,misery acquints with the farthest seas.Thoughwe have seen the darkestdays but even the brightest days,yet unseen might a gauchy cloud in our sentry thrives.And notuntill the posterity is known,the unseen days,darkest days becomeand that which is darker with gauchy cloud that thou cannot battle,maketh thee a lounge lizard.All that glisters is gold,but the gold in the furnace that glisters without love at heart of the goldsmith,mortal history never before seen.And betwixt thine ownself,defeat not with encroachment of standing ovation,dancing to the gallery.Lend me your eyes,go to mahomet and assail the world greatest battlefield;for there is nothing but victory,when you are learned to win there.That nothing will come from nothing,is to ravingly bully a fool and the wise alike that something cannot come from something,that a fool dies many times before he dies,and only a fool begat a fool and a wise doth begat a

September 16, 2017


Fear Kills him many times,before he dies.And as boldness saves he many times a manifold bliss,before he wins and he dies many times,before he dies;for he that dies in this sloth is he that wishes to risk no evil.He lives in bliss of nirvana,he that fears no foe and no evil.He plows the farthest seas never plunged.If you are bred to bleed,you shallsoon be bled to breed.Life is a wanderlust,a peregrinatory writ that struts its stage upon the blue seas and with his canoe,a rudderless buoy someday bound to capsize and a nether city its final resting place. Life Is a ridiculous wind,a mockery of the ephemeral gaunt of mortal breath and is long gone even before the wind set to sail,let alone tame its maelstrom.And lo,its meteor signify nothing but that man a porous dream and a vapour before time.Light the light,but also dark the dark;mfor both light and darkness too have a final resting place.He that brawls,brawls the wind in vain but the genteel hands of justice,history the remains of the earth,cannot forget.