February 26, 2018


Breathtaking-unbowed chins,supporific flames,a passing streams,A spot gangrened grey tumour,from the seasons' engrossed crucifix,batterring through the darkest clouds, Pensive have i not motheaten,pensive have i not motheaten, Thoughts that outgrow days,days that outgrow thoughts and the gulf like eternity,my pensive mind breathtaking.


I aggree."thus with gallantry smilling,he alluded to get rich quick syndrome and the oracle was sealed. His bravado,threw up his fellow friend a Yoruba,who took him down to the herbalist,off his balance,and at some point,interrogated him," Emeka,you were so rash to exchange your life for vanishing wealth.That was too harsh.Dont you think so?"he bombarded him in suspense," My friend,that misery or penury exceed,what i could bear.Let money come,i will find my way and my children would enjoy."he noted with satisfaction.Almost three years Emeka was so rich and had erected eight two stories buildings. He was bounteous with him and showered him with eleemasynery including medicineman.He was fond of countingthe time and seasons,even prior to the death.Intergrity dies,when misery or penury batters the living dead jonesses,Oh we were so lucky when we neplusulstra dances at our ensconce,my brother regains its intergrity,abstemious wight no more sunken,though my sister's frequent adamantine,abide still the darkest hours