November 20, 2018


Given that for the first half of 20th century,the behaviouralists focused so much of their theories and practices on the study of rats and pigeons.How then do you then juxtapose the reflection of rats and animals with the study and characterisation of the real nature of mental processes and human behaviour respectively?Moreso,for well over a hundred years of bickering,since Wundth became the first mordern psychologist and opened the first mordern lab in Germany,as they could neither define nor clear the conflict of interest,surrounding their profession.Was it not because of this conflict that the american psychological association fell?Inspite of the socially distinguished forays by Freudian School of psychology and Maslow and Rogers'humanist school,the gliding nebula still persists.Does it not sound too irrational,puerile and infantile to interpret rats'responses as the mental processes and to reflect human behaviour?Does it make sense as enthused by behaviouralist Skinner that"thoughts are internal coverts


In the pages of history,the true nature of mankind and reflection is known,and ever since the ages wear the rainment of eternal sojourn with time and wind,has remained the same.We are judged by its pagination that documents ordinarily human reflection especially the antecedence of its mental processes.I doubt that human psychology exists beyond the nebula of coinage by mordern psychologists ever since William Wundt at the University Of Leizpig in Germany,in 1870s became the first psychologist.The teaching of philosophers from Socrates down to the mordern times have been heavily relied upon.And virtually all fields of psychology including the fifty three divisions in the united states,have not changed abit,the research pattern left behind by Wundt's Structuralism and William James'Fuctionalism.The introspective process that relies heavily in breakingdown experience into smaller component units.The successive times have not been too constructive,for this nebulous profession and still,they sound too irrational