January 29, 2017

Awe: A Poem by Ibikunle Laniyan

My Being I Cannot Know And Because It Can not be known with certainty,posterity hangs in the balance. And all the colours of rainbows are smitten before dawn. Grill now thy sinew to coy the heavenly moisture at thy boon.When mortal gems in their ignoble den betrothed,callous biles,a good samaritan becomes. We are appalled at the indignities of time,to pulse this inscrutable,but nevertheless,impulsed to racketeer morbid modicum of mortal fair share of grief and despair.His grail spared no womb,to hersel And in this aw. Man's

January 10, 2017

Elegy To A Sadomasochist-Part one

Wail OnThetrough,twinkle,twinkle spangled stars,
Dainty twerps and sadomasochistic tyros of trumpery,
Babylonian ligaments cloned by lascivious guiles a
 freebooter par excellence.
And I,with My gritstone gong,forbearances pluck,
To insulate thee from the sordid plough of fairest creatures
To thevilest and dumbest species.

With her heinous willes,she sleeps on queer street,
Gaudying with,hurdy-gurdy and like a hussy-harlot,
dances huzza of her sullen earth.
Does she dies intestate?" misty eyes moped as bleary 
inquisitorial hectored,
"Well,moderator,dost thou mean,heirloom,a primogeniture
 for an intangible puppet of nature?"
Fuddled with frosty plaudits and intrigued with its interogative wiles
"Yea,may l poach?"frenetic"O wimble"indorsed"pretty simple.

Licentiousness,o salacity,as renegade of the bulge,flung over its
 direst clouds.
Cast away your bile,thou blighters,honking my betternoire.
Woe betides thee by its anathema;as black clouds betoken by storm,
Still thou bewaileth not,to remorse,thy bewitched sands of time."
Volatile panorama,belched upon the crust of its seductress libido


Hollistic but golden feet of clay,itself,melt into boggy swamps.