October 6, 2017


I would have loved to title this piece,"Principle Of Focus"but after reading the amazing story of the best Violinist in New York's Carnegie Hall,how she became skilled in her arts,and the secret of her success,which she coined."Principle Of Planned Neglect",i was propelled in favour of the title.She confessed:"I use the principle of planned neglect"and that when she was still a learner,had planned to neglect everything that was not relevant towards actualisation of her goal.Focus is the medicine and a passionate therapy of effective time usage,a highly geared and a highly leveraged purpose toward attainment of dreams.It is the most effective gospel in the ministry of purpose and infact accelerates the velocity of a becoming especially,the transition between the dreams and the actual pragmatic deliveries.When the momentum downward slopes,indicated by dizziness of the tardy path,a good success aspirant,ought to remember his focus principle,to retool himself. When you fail to neglect distractions,it ordinarily..

October 2, 2017


of getting rid of it nearly breaks my heart".So,hardwork Is the anchor of life ship,the general compass of the human life and to take it away,is to make life painful.But we are all workers at one point of our lives or the other and duration or intensity certainly differs.Yet still some are much more succesful than others and that raises a stink,a foul play-why is it so?In the words of a great man,who wrote in 1928,with the followinglines said it all-"For more than 25 years,i have carefully,studied men with the objective of knowing why some achive noteworthy success,while others withjust as much ability do not get ahead;it seems significant that every person,whom i have observed with noteworthy success has put in more service than that for which,he was paid,compared to those who merely performed sufficient service to get by" This is more than just work but being guided by law of dilligence or as one missionary put it as the'law of put and take'that states perform and render much more services than being paid