July 18, 2018


 Societal values are collective patrimony of mordern civilisation  .Here the blogger examines the significance of societal values to mordern civilisation.

 There can be no empirical evidence that societal values are not by
norms like medes and Persia,immutable.Sometimes,

even much more often
not to discontent ourselves with Immanuel Kant 's perusal who denied
that mortals could have a clear cognition of the innermost secrets of
nature and therefore admitted that there exists some sort of
unattainable truth.Whereas Hegel postulated the subjectivity of truth
and disputed epistemological possibility beyond the confines of
rationalism.He did not believe it was feasible and had defended also
the basis of human cognition changes from generation to generation and
with no eternal truths or no eternal values,the only fixed point
philosophy can lay hold of by itself is history.The Sophists had
flexed muscles over similar contraption with Socrates and the
changeability of history is not barred of its reflection to influence
the constant flux of societal values.So therefore the sanctity of
history overrides the sanctity of values and not able to usurp the
evidence of change.
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Image result for photos of developed places in new york

 Collective patrimony is a core basis of modern civilisation

To be armed obliviously in this thraldom of ambiguity clearly
demystifies the tenets of this sacred gospel and a vivid
contraptionthat mystifies this labyrinth.Hence,this ignobility is
immensely exploited by the bucanneers of justice to outflank this
medesian axiom that millennia having been yoked by them had lived to
refute,let alone sanctifies its impecability.In this context of
debased values masqueraded as virtuest often times in the long run
demystifies the recoup of humanistic purport whatsoever and betrayed
by the byzanthinous change.Obviously,values especially sovereign
values or collective patrimony are nevertheless by dormancy or
practice sancrosanct;be it its showmanship inhabited within the
spectre of dynamic lanscape that make concession to its technological
necessity and advancement tied to the stronghold of this
strobelight.Then values stride in this guise where they are stoked,for
the prophetic discharge of its ministry of purpose strategic
intent.Mortals are bullied,thrashed and repressed

Such repression and brutish spank from their fellow but superior

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humans sometimes a ridiculous tragicomedy to behold.Every meaningful
strategic impact,a judicious course of history,could lay hold upon in
the ecosystem of change for the upteempth time can only be spoonfed by
preferential scale of necessity.Emergent values from its brew are tied
to the transition or mutation of this ecosystem to be able to
subscribe to an ambitious virues sporadically gathering
pace,periodically altering sportish poors that the influence of
necessity is riveted to control in the mutation.Changing values can be
spoliation of time bound by virtues of alterable necessity which could
revoke or revivify an existing order either to tame regression or
proactively muses progression.But its strategic direction,impact and
time tested reward would be determined by the gross orientation,that a
transition of arts subscribed to this flux of alterable order
necessity.So,societalvalues intrinsically and extrinsically,implicitly
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When properly revised or revivified or jettissoned are tied to the
preferential rudders of this ecosystem bankrolled by changing caprices
of the necessity of times.In this context unveiling its purposeful
essence,it communicates the alterable effect that reflects the timely
incorporation of this metamorphosis.Intrinsically,it is apt to say
that values like public amenities are psychosocialcultural
utilities,setting structural politics for socioeconomic system upon
which the standard of social utilities by its umbilical cord,are
tied.This variation is timely enhanced by the ratio of societal
changes and the retarded capability sometimes needed to alter the
ambiguous effect of necessity and liability,in that the resistance of
existing capacity might be inadequate to its pristine but purposeful
strategic intent.It underpines that socialvalues are incapable of
battlingsocial crisis,in the first place,unless theinherent social
virtues,its byproduct as thought possible are properly defined to

The bankruptcy of ethos entrenched in the valency and vagrancy of
values,commands this alterable effect,when its strategic intents and
purpose in the ministry of mission are not well aligned.In the
pedagogical patchwork of collective patrimony,value itself can be
defined as the general worth of human existence or nature at a
particular period and provided all other components of culture are
strategically held constant.Values at a particular period when traded
as a bulk cargo in its cultural metric tones are sacred prime worth of
ontology predestined to be outmoded or wipe out in its extant mode
when its liabilities exceed the operative value of necessity.That is a
tragedy of change popularly as tragediasis,a defective condition made
extinct bytragedymeter,a scale of neccesitywhen the exceed is muted.In
this patchwork scenario,the quantity and quality and extant impact of
change and discarded values can be measured. A true valuation can be
done to unravel how much tragiadiasis or assymeter has really lapsed

Assymetry meter or Assymeteric gauges the regressive mode of change
which by itself it supplanted in contrast to progressive mode
supplanted by symeter that crystalises into operative mode when
necessity exceeds liability,to spur overaching or domineering
innovation poised to obtain a redress against the assymetrical
liabilities of the preceding generation of change epoch.The
interaction of regressive assymetric growth mode and symetric
progression is determinant ratio in the trade of sustainable capacity
building and marketing of economic,political and social development
worldwide.To enthusethat the highest portion ofdevelopment over this
variegated interaction is best implanted by tragediasis including its
velocity is to influence a landmark findings and unprecedented in the
field of development ethonomy.Hence most valetidunarian growth is
highlyprevalent with tragediasis,while assymetrical mode that
underpines revolutionary reactions,streamlined by changing necessity
of time,is the reason for changing

  to extinct or be relinquished once the requisite impact aggregation
has been fully exploited to amortise tolerable social debt
outstandings of the previous,present and future generation.

Image result for photos of MANHATTAN SKYSCRAPERS
Image result for photos of MANHATTAN SKYSCRAPERS

Nature s needs hardly satisfy man’s needs operating at polar parity disquitens man’s contentment under sun. As perennially disgruntled element and lethargic mensrea devise technology for  the purpose of securing thisss elusive satisfaction .The consequence is the civilization of mankind. Let me digress abit or perhaps for the umpteenth time that the pasturage of  values is found in the patch components that are responsible for the mobilization of the alterable effect of change  and also for the formation of the of values at a time .As values change ,societal virtues that ought to rest  on societal ideals  subsequently rests largely on the metamorphosis of  values in their successive generations .Societal values are not enjoined to change too quickly, given its potential liability to proliferate societal crisis. .virtues

July 17, 2018


Obviuosly,there can be no doubt that development is by necessity evolved to fill a natural vacuum begging for a n institutional redress,in a pragmatic attempt to revamp social and economic standard of living of the people.The biggest impulse ever contrived in modern history for all time still remains the industrial revolution of the 18th and 19th century respectively.This in real terms,altered the cultural landscape of the western civilization.
However,it must be noted that social and economic demand riding on  the heels of  necessity was instrumental to its success and this signifies why political ,social and  economic values tend to change when  the need for technological values,also change.The great Britain was the birthplace of industrial revolution,beginning from the seveenth century ,at the  county of Lancaster,of a landmark event whose transformations  that later spiraled worldwide took Europe by storm.The textile industry provided the lead and being transformed by mechanisation and industrialisation that was begun in people s home known as the cottage industry .In the 1700s,a series of innovations ,prompted an ever increasing productivity,that required less human energy and manual operations and was spurred by the mass production technology provided by Adam Smith during the same period.
Moreover,the invention of spinning jenny by James Hargreaves-1722-1778 that enabled to produce multiple spirals of threads simultaneously..History has it that by times of his death,there were over 20,000 spinning jennies spread over great Britain.When Samuel Compton -1753-1827,came he was able to improve on the innov
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Image result for photos of industrial revolution

ations of spinning jennies  with his spinning mule as well as later emergent machines. The power loom  which mechanised the process of weaving cloth,came in 1780s  been the invention of  Edmund Cartwright 1743-1823,This moved the world closer to fulfilling the dreams of Adam Smith vision of mass production  and made possible the mobilisation of the mordern fruits of  technology .
While evolution in the iron industry also played a vital role with the vital inventions of  Englishman Abraham Darby I678-1717in the early 18th century which discovered a cheaper way of  producing cast iron through a coke fueled rather using a charcoal fired furnace. An inexpensive process was first developed for mass producing steel,with the invention wrought by Henry Bessemer a British engineer ,in which both iron and steel became significance resources that made mass production possible form aplliances , tools and machines,infrastructure,buildings, to ships,cars among others.However,the biggest invention of the industrial revolution and unarguably was the invention of Thomas Newcomen 1664-1729,that was used primarily to pump water out of
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mines.When in 1770s,came the Scottish inventor James watt to improve on the works of Newcomen,the most profound stage was set to usher in industrila revolution in an unprecendented way.
Obviously it is clear that societal and cultural  values change as technological mode evolves making possible to advance the practice of development and the standard of living respectively.Growth can spurned according to the extant salvos of technologiy and development can be formed when they are sustained and further commercialization of  its  efficiencies is improved.The practice of development though tied its apron string nvetheless can deny the extant values that supplanted it.It should be noted that the voyage of culture existing and  its nherent productivity found in people homes was was subsquently mechanised and commercialised to provide and promote this mass development of the later era.