February 22, 2011


Truth and Time are the world greatest warlords and the final arbiter under sun—writer—Ibikunle Laniyan .
In the last previous articles we observed the important of grass root development and capacity building persistently maintaining the pace .Empowering people is the only antidote to transform the society and a means for people to fully control the socioeconomic system from social , economic to political issues .In this edition we perused the current revolution in the African political system beginning with Ivorian political crisis .

We do not yet know why the state of Africa has persistently been swung into cataclysm and inundated with protracted crisis and fratricidal wars for a very long time until now . .Indeed it cannot be disputed that this is a carry over trade from the structural distortion of the colonial era which had become her legacies and trade mark and quota contribution to the world development history contrary to transcendental technological development being successfully experimented in the emerging market. Perhaps someday what we do know could become the final arbiter .Electoral quagmire in cote d’voire in recent times had opened a new vista ,infact a ridiculous and sarcastic chapter in the study of modern African politics and the questionable integrity embedded in the make believe effectiveness of alien political system imported into Africa under external aggression had become food for thoughts super-imposed through political duress to the chagrin of the helpless masses who earnestly yearned for development vital to liberate them from the pawn of mass poverty inflicted by greedy leadership ,western traitors and unworkable system .
However given the recrudescence of this dilemma hanging at a prejudiced crossroad , the girth surrounding the study and criticism of African politics and precisely the muddy waters of the Ivorian politics had assumed an erroneous posture and truthful brigandage ,calling for a redress and a relief from psychological trauma wrought by information mis-therapy of an average African who by nature is the most misinformed and most uninformed homosapien under sun .Various media articles and hypercritical reports published over time had failed to categorically diagnose and unravel the root of this problem and the muddy waters ravaging Ivorian politics not even with tolerance adjudged beyond a reasonable doubt to provide a soft landing . Simply put they were far far off the mark or probably deliberately ignored omitted from various specious arguments in the local dailies .In most cases were in support of Alhassane Quatara who claimed the majority some 54 % in the fiercely contested polls and new western bride who perhaps some day could soon be forced to face the same undertaker and fires and brimstone like his embattled opponent and be hung into obscurity and edge of precipice .A recurrent dirty politics that perpetrates itself in Africa AND A FOOLPROOF that the west has no permanent enemy nor permanent friend .
Ordinarily , we need to get down to the brass tacks and put the bridle on before we can build bridges and avert discord apple that western aggressors had supplanted even in the mere exposition of black political history being their major device for abuse and bruises in which they deny their prey or victims any chance of psychological freedom and perpetrate socioeconomiasis [the incurable ailment of capital under-development and mass poverty ].The question is : Who is Alhasane Quatara ? Where did he come from ? How did he made forays into Ivorian politics ? We might need to go into recorded history a bit to review and exhume the beauty of antecedence in the troubled country .with a view to nail the poser once and for all .African media we contended is full of misinformation unlike the rest of the world but somewhat at a pathetic state .which is the basis of underdevelopment.
According to the book ‘Revive Africa ’ part one [pg.96—97] written by a brother of mine a musician and a writer Gbolahan Laniyan specifically nailed the poser .Alhassane Quattara was given Ivorian citizenship under questionable circumstances by the late Ivorian dictator and professionally hailed from Senegal .He was a staunch supporter of Hophouet boigny ’s policy of assimilation and frenchification –an assimilee indigene which ‘the founding fathers and president Hophouet Boigny believed in ’ Both Leopold Sendor Senghor and Boigny were given French citizenship under this cloud of policy initiated in Paris .The rise of Boigny after independence led to the adoption of similar colonial policy through which Quattara among other eight [8] identified obscure citizens mainly from west African countries were given controversial citizens and appointed these aliens as ministers in his government .
I s that rational ? can such a thing happens in Nigeria ? Anyway this move reciprocated what France EARLIER DIDTO HIM .That sounds truly unfair and the beginning of the incursion and forays of domestic colonial lords in the country and the basis of today ’s hurly burly .Alhassane Quatara of Senegal ; Muhammed Diawara of Mali ; Ibrahim Savadogo of Burkina Faso ;.and Abdullahi Thiam a Senegalese by origin among others benefited from this priviledge and were drafted into the country that they neither lived nor worked or paid tax before and given fame that many civil servants and politicians who labored for years of meritorious service could never enjoy.
According to the book feeding from recorded facts and various interviews at the Ivorian embassy among other reliable sources .Alhassane Quatarra by status originated from BURKINA FASO and not Senegal where he professionally hailed from .LIKE Savadogo and Thiam he too ‘was believed to be a Burkina be by true status ’ He rose to prominence when Boigny appointed him as Prime minister .But before then he had antecedence that stretches from earlier position as the deputy Governor of BCEAO A FRANCO PHONE BANK with headquarters in Dakar Senegal but served originally As Burkina be citizen under the umbrella of cote d’ivoire in the same bank .He was later promoted to the position of Governor while serving as prime minister in his regime . Not many knew he was a Burkina be until the death of Boigny .
It can be contended that with the exception of Nelson Mandela ; Thomas Sankara in Burkina Faso ; Patrice Lumumba in Congo , MURDERED BY THE Belgians ; Samora Machel in Mozambique , hardly will we find a credible African leaders with solid foundations and high moral background that stood the test pof time especially at the exit of their tenure

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