December 15, 2015


Save Me The Thought Of Mine Ontology And The Orgy And Libido Of My Cradle , Nor The Hollowness Of My Being And The Shallowness Of My Earth Crust , That They Say Speaks Guille Of My Sovereign Indeterminate Aggrandised Human Superior . At That Sallowed Ends That They Never Ceased To Latch Onto ,bunting Of Hell Grimaces Splenetic Raccooned Soldier Of Fortune ,and the World Is Forever Divided And Forever Unequal. To Buzz Out By-gones Be By-gones At The Bicker Of Clueless Troth Even eternity Wails To Unravel The Byzanthine.Judge Me Not By The Colours Of My Skin But By The Colour Of My Thoughts And Thus Concedes Aryanism To The Dust Bin Of History. They Never Contemplate Loss Of Power And How Volatile A Warped Mordernity There Is To Eternity.The Earth 'burrowing Fields Betrays Me And None Warmth Like Glazebo Or A Summerhouse To Hide My Disdain And In Whose Bossom Would I Burrow For Warmth? Frangible By Burnish ,my Earth Crust Moans For Pending Apocalypse And Burnt Out Not With The Foggiest Bank ,then Beware

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